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Lesson 3 - Weather


Mino-giizhigad - It is a good day.
Mino-giizhigan - It is a good day.
Gimiwan - It is raining.
Gichi-gimiwan - It is raining hard.
Zoogipon - It is snowing.
Gichi-zoogipon - It is snowing hard.
Noodin - It is windy.
Gichi-noodin - It is very windy.
Gizhide - It is hot.
Gichi-gizhide - It is very hot.
Gisinaa - It is cold.
Gichi-gisinaa - It is very cold.
Zaagaate - It is sunny.
Gichi-zaagaate - It is very sunny.
Ningwaakod - It is cloudy.
Gichi-ningwaakod - It is very cloudy.

New Words:

mino- - good
giizhigad or giizhigan - day.
gichi- - big, great, very.


All weather words in Ojibwe are verbs. All the verbs listed above are in the present tense.

Grammar note.

All words used in this chapter are verbs. Many words which we define as adjectives, adverbs and even nouns in English, are verbs in Ojibwe. Verbs amount about 80% of the Ojibwe language vocabulary.


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