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Lesson 23 - More Open and Close


Baakinan waasenigan - Open the window.
Azha ningii-baakinaan - I already opened it.
Gigii-gibaan na izhgwaandem? - Did you close the door?
Gigii-gibaan na? - Did you close it?
Gaawiin ningii-gibaanziin - I didn't close it.
Awe na gwiiwizenz ogii-gibaan? - Did that boy close it?
Gigozis na ogii-baakinaanan waaseniganan? - Did your son open the windows?
Ogii-baakinaanan - He opend them.
Gaawiin ogii-baakinanziinan - He didn't open them.
Gigii-baakinaanan na? - Did you open them?
Ogowe ikwezenzag ogii-baakinaanaawaan waaseniganan - These girls opened the windows.
Ogii-gibaanaawaa na iwe izhgwaandem? - Did they close that door?
Ogii-baakinaanaawaa - They opened it.
Ni-wii-gibaanan izhgwaandeman - I am going to close the doors.


Independent indicative for VTI

i, meni-(verb)-aan/-nni-(verb)-aanan/-nan
you singlgi-(verb)-aan/-ngi-(verb)-aanan/-nan
we (exc)ni-(verb)-aamin/-minni-(verb)-aamin/-min
we (inc)gi-(verb)-aamin/-mingi-(verb)-aamin/-min
you plgi-(verb)-aanaawaa/-naawaagi-(verb)-aanaawaan/-naawaan


Independent negative for VTI

i, meni-(verb)-anziin/-siinni-(verb)-anziinan/-siinan
you singlgi-(verb)-anziin/-siingi-(verb)-anziinan/-siinan
we (exc)ni-(verb)-anziimin/-siiminni-(verb)-anziimin/-siimin
we (inc)gi-(verb)-anziimin/-siimingi-(verb)-anziimin/-siimin
you plgi-(verb)-anziinaawaa/-siinaawaagi-(verb)-anziinaawaan/-siinaawaan

There is a flexible word order in Ojibwe which can vary without changing the essential meaning of the sentence. Both sentences below mean these girls opened the windows.

1) Ogowe ikwezenzag ogii-baakinaanaawaan waaseniganan.
These girls (the subject) they-opened-them (VTI) the windows (the object).

2) Waaseniganan ogii-baakinaanaawaan ogowe ikwezenzag.
Windows (the object) they-opened-them (VTI) these girls (the subject).



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