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Ojibwe-English Wordlist

(last updated 06.16.04)

Some useful info.

Parts of speech are not marked in the wordlist.
Almost always it’s clear from the translation to what part of speech the word belongs.

1. Plural endings given in brackets after some words: (an), (ag), (wag), (oog), (oon), (iig) (iin) etc [e.g., aabaabika'igan(an)], indicate nouns and their gender / animacy. Those endings must be added to the basic form using the word in plural.

2. Those with plural ending (..n) are inanimate nouns, those with (..g) - animate nouns.

3. Translations starting with: he (is)... - indicate vai verbs (verb animate intransitive).

4. Starting with: it (is)... - indicate vii verbs (verb inanimate intransitive).

5. Translations containing a verb in the third person + him - indicate vta verbs (verb transitive animate).
'Him' is placed to indicate the verb category and is not a part of the form translation used in the wordlist.

6. Translations containing a verb in the third person + it - indicate vti verbs (verb transitive inanimate).
'It' is placed to indicate the verb category and is not a part of the form translation used in the wordlist.

Verbs are placed in their basic forms mostly (=verb stems).

7. Some words (vta and vti verbs) end in a dash (-), which means a personal suffix must be added (as well as personal and other prefixes) to flex the verb.

The dialect is used from FDL, Minnesota. As well as the most part of words was taken from their wordlist (with several hundreds added). The wordlist contains about 3,760 words.

Fiero spelling is used.

I decided lately to add words with special marks (á, é, í, ó) after translations (e.g., [aabáábiká'igan]) to show stress in words according to Wilson's Dictionary (1874), where it is marked in his book, or available audio and other language materials.
Keep in mind that stress could float from syllable to syllable when flexing a word. It's also usual for long Ojibwe words, or words with several long vowels to have several stresses at a time.

a'aw - (see: aw) that (animate)
a'awedi - (see: awedi) that over there (animate)

aaba'w- - unties him
aaba'- - unties it
aabaabika'- - unlocks it
aabaabika'igaade - it is unlocked
aabaabika'igan(an) - key [aabáábiká'igan]
aabaabika'w- - unlocks him

aabaakwad - it clears after a storm

aabadad - it is useful
aabadizi - he is useful
aabaji'- - uses him
aabajichigan(an) - tool [aabajíchigan]
aabajitoo- - uses it

aabawaa - it is warm (weather) [áábawaa]

aabiding - once; at one time [áábiding]

aabita-niibino-giizis - (also:aabita-niibini-giizis) July
aabita-zhooniyaans(ag) - nickel
aabita - half [áábita]
aabitaa-dibikad - it is midnight [áábitaa-díbikad]
aabitawaabik - half dollar
aabitawayi'ii - halfway on it; halfway along it
aabitoobadoo- - pours it half-full (liquid)
aabitoobii - it is half-full (liquid)
aabitoose - it is Wednesday [aabitóóse]
aabitooshkine - it is half-full

aaboodinagizhii - he is tumbling (acrobatic)
aaboojibizo - he is doing handsprings

aadizookaan(ag) - traditional story; legend [aadizóókaan]
aadizooke - he tells a traditional story or legend
aadizookewinini(wag) - story-teller; author

aagask(wag) - prairie chicken

aagawayi'ii - out of sight; behind
aagawi-minis - behind the island

aagim(ag) - snowshoe
aagimose - he showshoes

aagimaak(wag) - black ash (ash with light bark and dark wood)

aajigade(g) - coot; mud hen [áájigadé(g)]

aajikode - it is notched (in marking)

aajim- - tells of him
aajind- - tells of it

aakoshkade - (also: aakwashkade) he has a stomachache
aakozi - he is sick [áákozi]
aakoziiwigamig(oon) - hospital [áákoziiwigámig]
aakoziwin(an) - sickness

aami - he (fish) spawns

aamoo(g) - bee [aamóó]
aamoo-ziinzibaakwad - honey

aanakwad(oon) - cloud [áánakwad]

aanapii - when
aanapiish - when

aanawi - just; anyhow; despite; but

aandeg(wag) - crow [áándég(wag)]

aandi - (also:aaniindi) where
aaniin apii - when
aaniin iwapii - when
aaniin minik - how many; how much
aaniin! - hello!; greetings!
aaniin - how; why; in what way
aaniindi - (also: aandi) where
aaniish apii - when
aaniish - how; why; in what way [aaníísh]

aanimad - the wind blows wildly; there is a disturbance/danger

aanimendam - he suffers in the mind
aanimizi - he is seriously ill; he suffers [áánimizi]

aanind - some

aanish inange - surely; without a doubt

aanishim- - discourages him

aanji'- - changes him; makes him over
aanji- - change
aanji-bimaadizi - he changes his own life
aanjitoo- - changes it
aanzik- - changes it (clothing)
aanzikonaye - he changes clothes

aano- - in vain; without result

aanziyaan(an) - breechcloth; diaper

aapideg - (also: aapidekamig) without a doubt; certainly
aapiji - very; quite [áápiji]

aapijibatoo - he runs away; he skips the area
aapijishin - he has a bad fall; he dies from a fall

aasamisag(oon) - wall

aashkwanendaagozi - he is too smart for his own good

aate'- - puts it out; extinguishes it
aate'igan(an) - fire extinguisher
aate - it is extinguished
aateshkodawe - he puts out a fire
aateshkodawewinini(wag) - fireman

aawadaaso - he hauls something
aawadoo- - hauls it
aawan- - hauls him

aawan - it is [ááwan]
aawi'idizo - he makes himself to be such a one; he pretends to be this or that
aawi - he is [ááwi]
aawikaazo - he impersonates

aazhawa'am - he crosses my canoe
aazhawa'o - he crosses the water by canoe or boat
aazhawaadagaa - he swims across
aazhawagaazii - he wades across the river
aazhawayi'ii - across it; other side of; behind

aazhibik(oon) - cliff of rock [áázhibik]

aazhogan(an) - bridge
aazhoge - he crosses the water by bridge

aazhoningwa'igan(ag) - bandolier bag

abashkwebiigininjiishin - he gets a blister on his hand
abashkwebiigizi - he has a blister
abashkwebiigizideshin - he gets a blister on his foot

abaabasw- - censes him
abaabas- - censes it
abaabaso - he censes oneself

abaagamiz- - warms it (as a liquid)
abaasandeke - he basks in the sun
abaaso - he warms up in the sun
abaate - it warms up (of the weather)
abaawiganezo - he warms his back

abi - he is there, at home
abiichigaade - it is occupied
abiitaw- - sits up with him (e.g., the deceased at a wake)
abiiwigamig(oon) - living room

abininjiizo - he warms his hands

abinoojiinh(yag) - child [abinóójiinh]
abinoojiinyikaazo - he pretends to be a child
abinoojiinyiwi - he is a child
abinoojiiyens(ag) - baby

abiwin(an) - room, living room

abizw- - warms him at the fire
abizamaw- - warms (it) for him at the fire
abiz- - warms it at the fire
abizidezo - he warms his feet

abwaad- - roasts it, cooks it over a fire
abwaajigan(ag) - bread cooked over an open fire
abwaajigan(an) - roasted meat, roasted fish
abwaajige - he roasts things
abwaan- - roasts him, cooks him over a fire
abwaanaak(oon) - frame for holding pots over a fire

abwe- - cooks it over a fire
abwe - he roasts, cooks over a fire

abweninjii - his hand(s) are sweaty

abwewin(an) - frying pan [abwéwin(an)]

abwezide - his feet are sweaty
abwezo - he sweats [abwézo]

abwi(in) - paddle
achaab(in) - bowstring

achigaade - it is put in a certain place
achigaazo - he is put in a certain place
achige - he puts things in a certain place, places a bet

adaam- - buys (it) from him
adaawaagan(an) - fur for trade
adaawaage - he sells
adaawaage- - sells it
adaawam- - borrows (it) from him
adaawange - he borrows
adaawange- - borrows it
adaawe - he buys [adááwe]
adaawe- - buys it
adaawetamaw- - buys (it) for him
adaawetamaazo - he buys (it) for oneself
adaawewigamig(oon) - store
adaawewikwe(g) - female store clerk
adaawewinini(wag) - male store clerk; male trader [adaawéwinini]

adik(wag) - caribou (reindeer) [adík]

adikameg(wag) - whitefish

adim- - catches up to him, overtakes him
adima'w- - catch up to him in a boat, overtake him in a boat
adind- - catches up to it, overtakes it

adoopowin(an) - table [adóópowin]
adoopowiniigin(oon) - table cloth [adóópowiniigin]

agaamakiing - overseas, in Europe
agaamashkosiw - the other side of the meadow
agaamayi'ii - on the other side of it, across it
agaami- - on the other side of, across
agaamikana - across the road
agaamindesing - on the other side of the lodge
agaamishkode - on the other side of the fire
agaaming - across the lake

agaasaa - it is small [agáásaa]
agaasaabaminaagozi - he appears small, looks small
agaasaabamimaagwad - it appears small, looks small
agaasaatoo- - makes it small
agaasade'- - makes him narrow
agaasademo(n) - the road is narrow
agaasadengwe - he has a narrow face
agaasadetigweyaa - it is narrow (as a river) [agaasadetigwéyaa]
agaasadetoo- - makes it narrow
agaasadeyaa - it is narrow [agáásadeyáá]
agaasadeyoonagad - it is narrow (a boat)
agaasadezi - he is narrow
agaasadinaa - there is a small hill
agaasate - it is small (room or house)
agaasend- - thinks little of it, consider it insignificant
agaasendaagozi - he is considered insignificant
agaasendaagwad - it is considered insignificant
agaasenim- - thinks little of him, consider him insignificant
agaashiinyi - he is small
agaasi'- - make him small
agaasininjii - he has small hand(s)

agaawaa - hardly; barely [agááwaa]

agaawaad- - wishes for it, desires it
agaawaan- - wishes for him, desires him

agadendaagozi - he feels ashamed
agadendaagwad - it is considered shameful
agadendam - he is ashamed (in thought)
agadenim- - ashamed of him
agadend- - ashamed of it
agaji - he is bashful
agaji'- - makes him ashamed, embarrasses him
agajishki - he is a shy person
agajiitaw- - he is shy in front of him, ashamed before him

agamiing - on the shore [agámiing]

agawaate'on(an) - umbrella [agawááte'on]
agawaatese - he casts a shadow while flying; it (cloud) casts a shadow
agawaateshin - he is shaded, he is in shade
agawaateshk- - covers it with his shadow, shades it, casts a shadow on it
agawaateshkam - he makes a shadow
agawaateshkaw- - covers him with shadow
agawaatesin - it (cloud) casts its shadow, it is in shade
agawaateyaa - there is shadow; there is shade

agazom- - embarrasses him by speech

agidaabik - (also: wagidaabik) on a rock
agidaajiwan - (also: wagidaajiwan) it goes upstream; it is upstream
agidaaki - (also: wagidaaki) on top of a hill
agidaakiiwe - (also: wagidaakiiwe) he goes uphill
agidaakiiwebatoo - (also: wagidaakiiwebatoo) he runs uphill
agidaagon - (also: wagidaagon) on the snow
agidaatig - (also: wagidaatig) on top of a tree; on a log
agidajiw - (also: wagidajiw) on a mountain
agidakamig - (also: wagidakamig) on the surface of the ground
agidasin - (also: wagidasin) on top of a rock
agidibiig - (also: wagidibiig) on top of water
agidigamig - (also: wagidigamig) on top of the house
agidiskwam - (also: wagidiskwam) on top of the ice

agig - phlegm
agigokaa - he has a cold

agijayi'ii - (also: wagijayi'ii) on top of it
agiji- - on top of

agim- - counts him
agind- - counts it; reads it
agindaaso - he counts; he reads
agindaasowigamig(oon) - library
agindamaage - he counts (it) for people, reads (it) for people
agindamaw- - reads to him
aginjigaade - it is counted; it is read
aginjigaazo - he is counted; he is read
aginzo - he is counted, belongs to a group

agogwaad- - sews it on
agogwaaso - he sews something on
agogwaan- - sews him on

agokadoo- - sticks it on
agokan- - sticks him on
agoke - he sticks on; he adheres
agoke - it sticks on; it adheres
agokiwas- - glues it, pastes something on it
agokiwasw- - glues him, pastes something on him
agokiwasigan(an) - glue, paste
agokiwaso - he is glued, he is pasted on
agokiwate - it is glued, it is pasted on

agomo - he floats [agómo]

agon- - holds him / it up against

agonde - it floats, it is suspended in water

agongos(ag) - chipmunk; Scandinavian
agongosimo - he speaks a Scandinavian language

agonjidoo- - soaks it, put it in to soak
agonjijigaade - it is put in to soak
agonjijigaazo - he is put in to soak
agonjim- - soaks him, put him in to soak

agonjoonaagan(an) - net float
agoodakikwaan(an) - kettle hanger
agoodasabii - he hangs up a net
agoodaw- - hangs (it) for him, sets a snare for him
agoode - it hangs [agóóde]
agoodoo - he sets a snare
agoodoo- - hangs it
agoodwaagan(an) - snare
agoodwaaganeyaab(iin) - snare wire
agoojiganaatig(oon) - clothesline pole
agoojiganeyaab(iin) - clothesline
agoojige - he hangs things, he hangs up laundry
agoojin - he hangs, he is in the sky [agóójin]
agoojiwanaanaak(oon) - hanging rack for food drying
agoon- - hangs him

agoozi - he is perched up on something

agwaabatoo - he runs ashore
agwaabidoo- - pulls it ashore, pulls it from the water
agwaabin- - pulls him ashore, pulls him from the water
agwaabiiga'w- - takes him off the water using something
agwaabiiga'amaw- - takes (it) off the water using something for him
agwaabiiga'- - takes it off the water using something
agwaabiigin- - take him off the water / fire

agwaadaabaad- - drags it ashore
agwaadaabaan- - drags him ashore
agwaadaabii - he drags something ashore

agwaagoshi - he is moldy
agwaagosin - it is moldy

agwaagwaabikad - it is rusty
agwaagwaabikishin - he turns rusty
agwaagwaabikisin - it turns rusty
agwaagwaabikizi - he is rusty

agwaa'o - he lands, he comes off the water

agwaakwa'- - nails it up against the wall, posts it up
agwaakwa'igan(an) - sign, notice, poster

agwaanaaso - he unloads a boat or canoe

agwaashim- - takes him ashore, takes him off the fire
agwaasidoo - takes it ashore, takes it off the fire
agwaasijigaade - it is taken ashore, it is taken off the fire
agwaasijigaazo - he is taken ashore, he is taken off the fire
agwaataa - he goes ashore, he comes ashore

agwaawebin- - throws him out of the water
agwaawebinamaw- - throws (it) out of the water for him
agwaawebin- - throws it out of the water

agwaayaadagaa - he swims ashore

agwaayaashi - he is blown ashore, sails ashore
agwaayaasin - it is blown ashore

agwadaashi(wag) - panfish; sunfish
agwadaashiins(ag) - panfish; sunfish

agwajiing - outside, outdoors

agwanem- - puts / holds him in his mouth
agwanend- - puts / holds it in his mouth
agwanenjige - he puts / holds things in his mouth, he chews tobacco

agwapidoo- - ties it on something
agwapijigaade - it is tied on, it is hitched on
agwapijigaazo - he is tied on, he is hitched on
agwapin- - ties him on something
agwazhe - he is covered with blankets
agwazhe'- - covers him with blankets
agwazhe'o - he covers up (with blankets, etc)
agwazhe'on(an) - covering; blanket
agwazhe'w- - covers him (with blankets, etc)

agwi- - wears it

ajidagoode - it hangs upside down
ajidagoodoo- - hangs it upside down
ajidagoojin - he hangs upside down
ajidagoon- - hangs him upside down

ajidamóó(g) - squirrel; red squirrel
ajidin- - holds him upside down
ajidin- - holds it upside down

ajijaak(wag) - crane (sandhill)

ajijibizo - he falls head first
ajijiingwese - he fall on face

ajina - a little while; a short time
ajinawens - a little while; a short time
ajinens - a little while; a short time

akakanzhe - charcoal; coals; coal
akakanzhebwe - he cooks over coals; he grills
akakanzhebwe- - charcoals it
akakanzhekaa - there are red hot coals

akakojiish(ag) - (also: agakojiish) woodchuck

akamaw- - lies in wait for him
akandoo - lies in wait for game

akandoowin(an) - hunting blind

akawaabam- - waits in watch for him; expects him to come
akawaaband- - waits in watch for it; expects it to come
akawaabi - he looks out; he waits for

akawe - (see: kawe) first; first of all (time sequence)[akawé]

akeyaa - in the direction of

aki(iin) - earth; land; soil; place
akii-mazina'igan(an) - map
akiiwe-wiigiwaam(an) - earth lodge
akiiwigamig(oon) - sodhouse; roothouse

akik(oog) - kettle; pail; pot
akikoons(ag) - outboard motor
akina - (see: gakina, kina) all; every
akina gegoo - everything

akiwénzii(yag) - old man, elderly man
akiwenziiyiwi - he is an old man

ako- - since the time; as long as (in time), a certain length, as far as

akoo'- - makes him a certain length, makes him so long
akootoo- - makes it a certain length, makes it so long
akoozi - he is so long; he is so tall [akóózi]
akwaa - it is so long; it is so tall

akwaandawaagan(an) - stairway; ladder [akwaandawáágan]
akwaandawe - he climbs up; he goes upstairs [akwáándawé]
akwaandawebatoo - he climbs up fast (running)
akwaandawebizo - he goes up fast; he goes up in an elevator or escalator
akwaandawebizon(an) - elevator

akwiindimaa - it is deep to a certain extent

amadaji - he wakes from being cold
amadin- - wakes him
amajine - he wakes from pain
amajise - he comes awake

amanj - (also: amanj iidog) i don't know how, i wonder how [amánj]
amanj apii - i don't know when, i wonder when
amanj igo - however
amanj igo apii - whenever, anytime

ambe - come!; come on!; let's go! attention! [ambé]

amik(wag) - beaver [amík]
amikwayaan(ag) - beaver hide
amikwiish(an) - beaver lodge

amw- - eats him

anaakan(an) - woven mat; rug
anaakanashk(oon) - reed; rush

anaam-aki - underground
anaamakamig - under the ground
anaamazhibik - under the rock
anaamayi'ii - under it
anaamibiig - under water
anaamisag(oon) - under the floor; basement

anaamenim- - accuses him (in thought)
anaamim- - accuses him (in speech)

anaamisagadaweshii(yag) - wren

anami'aa - he prays; he is a Christian
anami'e- - (also: anama'e-,aname-) Christian; church
anami'e-giizhig - week
anami'e-giizhigad - it is Sunday
anami'e-mazina'igan(an) - prayer book
anami'eminensag - rosary
anami'e-nagamon(an) - hymn
anami'etaw- - prays for him
anami'ewigamig(oon) - church
anami'ewikwe(g) - nun

anamikaw- - greets him
anamikaage - he greets people

anang(oog) - star [anáng]
ani- - (also: ni-,ini-) going away from the speaker; coming up in time

aniib(iig) - elm
aniibii-mitigwaabaak(oog) - rock elm

aniibiimin(an) - cranberry (highbush)
aniibiiminagaawanzh(iig) - cranberry bush (highbush)

aniibiish(an) - leaf; tea [anííbiish, anííbíísh]
aniibiishaaboo - tea [aniibiishááboo]
aniibiishaabooke - he makes tea
aniibiishaabookewinini(wag) - Chinese; Japanese; oriental
aniibiishaabookewininiiwi - he is Chinese, Japanese, or oriental
aniibiishibag(oon) - leaf
aniibiishikaa - there are many leaves, there is foliage [anííbiishikaa]
aniibiishinaande - it is coloured green (as green leaves)[anííbiishináánde]

anijiimin(an) - pea [anijíímin]

anikamaanan - suspenders

animaadagaa - he swims away
animibatoo - he runs away
animibide - it moves / speeds / flies away
animibizo - he moves / speeds / drives / flies away
animidaabii'iwe - he drives away

animikii(g) - thunderbird; thunderer; thunder [animikíí]
animikiikaa - it is thundering; there is thunder [animikííkaa]
animikiiwaanakwad(oon) - thundercloud

animikose - he falls on the ground face down
animikoshin - he is turned around; he is upside down; he lies on stomach
animikosin - it is turned around; it is upside down

animise - it flies away; he flies away
animishkaa - he paddles away; he goes away in a canoe
animoode - he crawls away
animoomigo - he rides away on horseback
animose - he walks away
animwewetoo - he walks away talking

animosh(ag) - dog
animoshiiwigamig(oon) - kennel; doghouse

anishaa - just for nothing; without purpose; just for fun

anishinaabe(g) - Indian (Ojibwe) person [anishináábe]
anishinaabe-bimaadizi - he lives the Indian (traditional) way
anishinaabe-gaagiigido - he talks in Indian
anishinaabe-ziinzibaakwad - maple sugar
anishinaabekwe(g) - Indian (Ojibwe) woman
anishinaabekwewi - she is an Indian (Ojibwe) woman
anishinaabemo - he speaks Indian (Ojibwe)
anishinaabemowin(an) - Indian (Ojibwe) language
anishinaabewaki - Indian country
anishinaabewi - he is an Indian (Ojibwe)
anishinaabewibii'igan(an) - Indian (Ojibwe) writing; a writing in Indian
anishinaabewibii'ige - he writes in Indian (Ojibwe)
anishinaabewinikaad- - names it so in Indian
anishinaabewinikaade - it has an Indian name
anishinaabewinikaan- - gives him an Indian name
anishinaabewinikaazo - he has an Indian name

anit(iin) - fish spear

anokii'- - makes him work
anokii - he works
anokiitaw- - works for him
anokiiwikwe(g) - working woman
anokiiwinagad - there is work
anokiiwinini(wag) - workman; laborer

anooj gegoo - variety; a number of things
anooj - various; all kinds

anookii - he hires
anoon- - hires him

anwaataa - he finishes (some activity); he lets up on (some activity)

anwebi - he rests [anwébi]

anwi(in) - bullet; shell
anwii-baashkizigan(an) - shotgun

apaabowe - he flavors; he seasons with salt pork

apaakozigan - inner bark of red osier dogwood; mixture with tobacco for smoking
apaakozige - he mixes inner bark with tobacco

apabiwin(an) - chair

apagamiingwese - (also: bapagamiingwese) he falls on face

apagid- - throws it
apagidaw- - throws (it) at him
apagidoo- - throws it
apagijige - he throws (something)
apagin- - throws him

apakwaan(ag) - roofing
apakwaaniigin(oon) - canvas cover
apakwanagemag(oog) - Norway pine

apakweshkway(ag) - cattail mat; cattail

apane - (see: pane) always; continuously

apangishin - he falls down there
apangisin - it falls down there

apatoo - he runs there

apegish - I wish that…

apibii'igan(an) - desk

apii - (see: iwapii) when; at the time that [apíí]

apiichaa - it is so far
apiichi- - to such extent [apííchi-]
apiitaa - it is so high

apiitenim- - praises him; is proud of him

apiizikaa - he goes as fast as possible; he goes quickly

apikan(an) - strap; harness

apikweshimo - he lies with head on something
apikweshimon(an) - pillow
apishimo - he lies on something
apishimon(an) - mattress; bed

apizidebiwin(an) - footstool

as- - places him; puts him down

asaawe(g) - perch
asaawens(ag) - perch

asab(iig) - net [asáb]
asabaab(iin) - thread
asabike - he makes nets [asábike]
asabikeshiinh(yag) - spider [asabikéshíính]

asanjigo - he caches something; he stores something away
asanjigon(an) - cache

asasawemin(ag) - chokecherry
asasaweminagaawanzh(iig) - chokecherry bush

asekaan(ag) - tanned hide
aseke - he tans hides
asekewin - tanning hides

asemaa - tobacco [asémaa]
asemaa-opwaagan(ag) - cigar; tobacco-pipe
asemaa-opwaagaans(ag) - cigarette

asham- - feeds him
ashandiwin(an) - commodity food; rations
ashange - he feeds someone

ashi - (see: shi) plus used in counting

ashigan(ag) - largemouth bass

ashki- - raw
ashkizo - he is cooked raw
askide - it is cooked raw

ashkikomaan - lead

asigin- - gathers it up; gathers him up

asiginaak(wag) - blackbird

asin(iig) - stone; rock [asín]
asiniikaa - there are alot of rocks
asiniibwaan(ag) - Assiniboine Indian

ataadi- - they gamble [atáádi-]
ataadiwin(ag) - playing cards
ataage - he bets; he gambles [atááge]
ataw- - plays cards with him; gambles with him

ataaso - he stores things away
ataasoowigamig(oon) - storage lodge; shed
ataasowin(an) - cupboard

ate - it is there; it is in a place [até]
atoo- - places it; puts it down
atoobaan(an) - large container for liquids; trough

atoono - he makes a canoe

aw - (see: a'aw) that (animate)

awakaan(ag) - domestic animal; slave
awakaanigamig(oon) - barn

awan - it is foggy
awanibiisaa - it is sprinkling (rain); it is misty

awanjish - persistant; stubborn; even though

awasayi'ii - on the other side of it; beyond it
awasagaam - across the water
awasajiw - on the other side of the mountain

awas-biboonong - winter before last
awas-dagwaagong - autumn before last

awashtoyaa(g) - blacksmith

awasi- - beyond, over across
awasigamig - behind the house

awas-niibinong - summer before last
awas-ziigwanong - spring before last
awasodibikong - two nights ago
awasonaago - day before yesterday
awaswaabang - day after tomorrow [awáswaabang]

awegwen(ag) - i don't know; whoever

awenen gaye - who else
awenen(ag) - (also: awenensh) who
awenensh - who

awesii(yag) - animal [awésii]

awi'- - lends (it) to him
awi'ige - he lends

awi- - (see: o-) go over to

awibaa - it is calm

awishtoyaa(g) - blacksmith

awiya - somebody; anybody [awíya]

aya'aa(g) - a being; someone; i don't remember who
ayaa - he is (in a place); it is (in a place) [ayáá]
ayaa- - has it; owns it
ayaaw- - has him; owns him

ayaabe(g) - buck (moose, deer)

ayaapii - every once in a while

ayekozi - he is tired [ayékozi]

ayi'ii(n) - thing; something; i don't remember what

azaadi(wag) - poplar

azhashki - mud
azhashkiikaa - there is alot of mud

azhebizo - he backs up a vehicle

azheboyaanaak(oon) - oar [azhéboyaan]
azheboye - he rows

azhegiiwe - he returns; he goes back
azheshkaa - he goes backward

azhigan(an) - sock
azhigwa - also: zhigwa, zhigo) now; at this time; then

baabii' - waits for him
baabii'o - he waits
baabiitoo- - waits for it

baaga'adowe - he plays lacrosse

baagijaane - his nose is swollen
baagininjii - his hand(s) are swollen
baagishi - he is swollen [báágishi]
baagisin - it is swollen

baagwaa - it is shallow
baagwaatigweyaa - it (river) is shallow

baaka'aakwe(yag) - chicken [baaka'áákwe]

baakaakon- - opens it
baakaakosin - it is open
baakaakozhigan(an) - can opener
baakin- - opens it; opens him
baakise - it is uncovered; it is open; it flies open

baamaa - later
baamaapii - after, after a while

baapaagimaak(wag) - white ash (ash with dark bark and light wood)

baapaashkizige-giizhigad - it is the fourth of July
baapaashkizige-giizis - (see: aabita-niibino-giizis) July

baapi'- - laughs at him
baapi - he laughs [báápi]
baapitoo- - laughs at it

baas- - dries it
baaso - he is dry
baasw- - dries him

baashkaabigwanii - it blossoms, it blooms

baashkide - it explodes; it blows up
baashkizigan(an) - gun
baashkizo - he explodes; he blows up
baashkizw- - shoots him (with gun)

baasisidoo- - cracks it; shatters it

baate - it is dry
baatewiiyaas - dried meat

baazagobin- - scratches him

babaa- - around; no specific direction
babaa-ayaa - he is around; he goes around at a place
babaamaadagaa - he swims around
babaamaadizi - he lives around; he travels around
babaamaajimo - he tells the news around
babaamaajimoo-mazina'igan(an) - newspaper
babaamibatoo - he runs around
babaamibide - it moves / speeds / flies around
babaamibizo - he moves / speeds / drives / flies around
babaamidaabii'iwe - he drives around
babaamise - it flies around [babáámise]
babaamishkaa - he paddles around; he goes around in a canoe
babaamoode - he crawls around [babáámoode]
babaamoomigo - he rides around on horseback
babaamose - he walks around

babagiwayaan(an) - shirt [babágiwayáán, babagiwayáán]
babagiwayaanegamig(oon) - tent
babagiwayaaniigin(oon) - cloth; cotton cloth

babig(wag) - flea

babiinzikawaagan(an) - coat, jacket [babíínzikawáágan]

babimose - he walks about

badagwana'- - covers it up
badagwana'w- - covers him up

badaka'- - sticks / pricks / picks it up with pointed instrument
badaka'igan(an) - fork
badaka'w- - sticks / pricks / picks him up with pointed instrument
badakaakojigan(an) - peavey; cant hook; pickaroon
badakibine'o - he sticks a feather in hair
badakide - it sticks out from a separate surface
badakise - it's penetrating into a surface; it's sticking out from it
badakizo - he sticks out from a separate surface (as a tree)

bagaan(ag) - nut; hazelnut
bagaanibimide - peanut butter
bagaaniminzh(iig) - hazelnut bush

bagamaagan(an) - war club

bagami- - arriving
bagamibatoo - he arrives running
bagamibide - it arrives speeding; it arrives flying
bagamibizo - he arrives speeding, driving, or flying
bagamishkaa - he arrives by canoe or boat
bagamose - he arrives walking

bagandizi - he is lazy; he is shiftless

bagesaan(ag) - plum [bagésaan]
bagesaanaatig(oog) - plum tree
bagesaaniminagaawanzh(iig) - plum bush

bagese - he plays the dish game

bagida'waa - he fishes with a net; he sets nets

bagidanaamo - he breathes

bagidin- - sets it down; offers it; sets him down; releases him

bagidinise - he puts wood on the fire

bagizo - he bathes; he swims
bagizoowigamig(oon) - bathing house

bagone'- - makes a hole in it
bagone'igan(an) - drill
bagone'w- - makes a hole in him
bagoneyaa - it has a hole in it

bagwaj - in the wilds; in the wilderness
bagwaji- - wild [bagwáji-]

bajiishka'ogaan(an) - tipi; lodge with pointed top
bajiishkaa - it is pointed

bakaakadozo - he is thin; he is skinny

bakaan - different
bakaanad - it is different
bakaanizi - he is different

bake - he takes a different route or another direction
bakade - he is hungry [bakadé]

bakazhaawe - he is preparing fish (by gutting and scaling)

baketigweyaa - it (river) divides or splits

bakibidoo- - breaks it; tears it by pulling
bakibin- - breaks him; tears him by pulling

bakiboode - it wears out
bakiboozo - he wears out (by abrasion)

bakite'- - hits it; strikes it
bakite'ibii'igan(an) - typewriter
bakite'igan(an) - hammer [bakité'igan]
bakite'ige - he hammers [bakité'ige]
bakite'w- - hits him; strikes him

bakitejii'ige - he plays baseball

bakiteshin - he falls down hard

bakobiise - he falls down into the water
bakobiiwebin- - throws it / him into the water

bakon- - skins him

bakwebidoo- - tears a piece out of it
bakwebin- - tears a piece out of him

bakwem- - bites a piece off him
bakwend- - bites a piece off it

bakwene - there is smoke; it is smokey

bakwenishkaago - he is choking (eating something)
bakweshkaa - it comes off in pieces

bakwezh- - cuts off a piece of it

bakwezhigaans(ag) - cookie; cracker; roll
bakwezhigan(ag) - bread [bakwézhigan]
bakwezhiganaaboo - gravy
bakwezhiganike - he makes bread [bakwézhiganiké]
bakwezhiganikewigamig(oon) - bakery
bakwezhiganikewikwe(g) - baker (female)
bakwezhiganikewinini(wag) - baker (male)

bami'- - supports him; adopts him
bami'aagaans(ag) - a pet
bami'aagan(ag) - one who is supported or adopted

bamoozhe - he takes care of children; he babysits
bamoozheka'w- - (also: bamoozha'w-) babysits him

bana'- - misses it (throwing or shooting)
bana'w- - misses him (throwing or shooting)

banaadend- - despairs of it; loses hope in it
banaadendam - he despairs
banaadenim- - despairs of him; loses hope in him

banaadad - it is spoiled; it is wrecked
banaadizi - he is spoiled; he is wrecked
banaaji'- - spoils him; damages him
banaajibidoo- - damages it (pulling)
banaajibin- - damages him (pulling)
banaajitoo- - spoils it; damages it

bangan - it is peaceful; it is quiet

bangii - a little; a little bit
bangiishe - a very little bit; just a little

bangiiwagad- - there are a few (inanimate)
bangiiwagadoon - there are a few of them (inanimate)
bangiiwagizi- - there are a few (animate)
bangiiwagiziwag - there are a few of them (animate)

bangishim- - drops him
bangishimo - he (the sun) sets
bangisidoo- - drops it
banin- - drops it/ him accidentally
bangishimog - to the west; in the west
bangishin - he falls
bangisin - it falls

banz- - singes it
banzw- - singes him

bapaakwa'am - he comes out of the woods

bapakine(g) - grasshopper

bapakwaanaajii(yag) - (also: apakwaanaajiiyag) bat

basadinaa - there is a valley

bashagiishkidibikad - it is a dark night

bashanzhe'igaazo - he is spanked; he is whipped
bashanzhe'igan(an) - whip; lash
bashanzhe'ige - he spanks; he whips

bashkwegin(oon) - leather

basikwebizon(an) - headband

bawa'am - he knocks rice; he rices
bawa'iganaak(oon) - knockers; knocking sticks for rice

bawa'iminaan(an) - pincherry
bawa'iminagaawanzh(iig) - pincherry bush

bawaajige - he dreams

bazagoke - it sticks; it adheres
bazagozi - he is sticky
bazagwaa - it is sticky

bazhiba'- - stabs it
bazhiba'w- - stabs him

bazhidebadoo- - overfills it (liquid)
bazhidebii - it (water, liquid) runs over

bazigwii - he stands up

bebaamaadizid(jig) - traveler; tourist

bebezhigooganzhii(g) - horse [bebezhigóóganzhii]

bebiikominagak(in) - pill

bebinezid(jig) bakwezhigan(ag) - flour

bebookwaadaagame-giizis - (also:bebookwaagimed-giizis) march

bedagiingwe'igaazod - pie

bedose - he walks slowly
bedowe - he has a soft voice
bejibatoo - he runs slowly
bejibide - it moves slowly
bejibizo - he moves slowly; he drives slowly

bekaa - wait!; slow down!; hold on! [békaa]
bekaadizi - he is quiet

bekish - at the same time

bekwaawigang(ig) - camel

bemisemagak(in) - airplane

bemaadizid - person

beshibii'- - marks it
beshibii'ige - he marks

besho - near; close by [bésho]
beshowad - it is near; it is close by [béshowad]
beshwaji'- - close friends with him
beshwend- - thinks it is close
beshwendaagwad - it is considered near

beskaakonesemagak(in) - sparkplug

bezhig - one [bézhig]
bezhigo- - (also: bezhigw-) one
bezhigwaabik - one dollar
bezhigwanong - one place

bezikaa - he goes slowly
bezikaabatoo - he runs slowly

bi- - towards the speaker; here
bi-izhaa - he comes here

bibagaa - it is thin (dimension)
bibagizi - he is thin (dimension)

bibigwan(an) - flute [bíbigwan]

bibine-ziinzibaakwad - granulated sugar

bibong - in the winter
biboon - it is winter [bibóón]
biboonishi - he spends the winter somewhere
biboonodaabaanens(ag) - sled
biboonong - last winter

bichi- - by mistake
biga'w- - stops him up; plugs him

bigiikaad- - pitches it; putties it; tars it
bigiike - he pitches; he putties; he tars
bigii-miikana(an) - asphalt road
bigiins(an) - chewing gum

bigishkanad - it is rotten; falling to pieces
bigishkanani - he is rotten, falls to pieces

bigishkibidoo- - breaks it into pieces
bigishkibin- - breaks him into pieces

bigiw - pitch; gum; tar

bigiwizigan - maple taffy
bigiwizige - he makes taffy

bigoodo(yag) - button

bii'- - waits for him
bii'o - he waits

biibaagi - he calls; he shouts
biibaagim- - calls to him; shouts to him
biibaagind- - calls to it; shouts at it

biidaaban - it (the dawn) approaches

biidaadagaa - he swims here
biidaajimo - he comes here telling news
biidaanakwad - it (a cloud) approaches
biidaasamishkaa - he paddles here; he comes here in a canoe
biidaasamose - he walks here [biidáásamose]
biidoo- - brings it here; brings it
biidoode - he crawls here
biidoomigo - he rides here on horseback
biidwewekamigibatoo - he is heard coming this way, running
biidweweyaadagaa - he is heard coming this way, swimming

biigobidoo- - breaks, tears it (pulling)
biigobijigaade - it is broken (torn)
biigobijigaazo - he is broken (torn)
biigobin- - breaks, tears him (pulling)
biigode - it breaks by heat
biigon- - breaks it / him by hand; dismantles it / him -
biigoshim- - breaks him (by dropping or throwing)
biigoshin - he breaks (from dropping, falling, or crashing)
biigoshkaa - it gets broken
biigosidoo- - breaks it (by dropping or throwing)
biigosin - it breaks (from dropping, falling, or crashing)

biigwawe - there is bushy

biijibatoo - he runs here
biijibide - it moves here; it speeds here; it flies here
biijibizo - he moves / speeds / drives / flies here
biijidaabii'iwe - he drives here
biijigaade - it is brought here
biijigaazo - he is brought here

biijimaagozi - he smells; his smell comes here
biijimaagwad - it smells; its smell comes here
biijimaam- - smells him
biijimaand- - smells it

biijise - he flies here
biijise - it flies here

biiminakwaan(an) - (a piece of) rope; rope [biiminakwáán]
biiminakwaanens(an) - (a piece of) string; string

biiminigan(an) - brace and bit

biimiskodisii(g) - snail

biimiskoninjiishin - his hand(s) or finger(s) is dislocated

biimiskwa'igan(an) - screwdriver; wrench

biin- - brings him here; brings him

biinaagami(n) - it (liquid) is clean
biinad - it is clean [bíínad]

biindaakoojige - he offers tobacco
biindaakwaan - snuff
biindaakwe - he chews snuff or tobacco

biindaasowin(an) - pocket

biindakaanebizo - it (vehicle) runs into a ditch

biinde - it is inside
biindig - inside
biindigadoo- - brings it inside
biindigan- - brings him inside
biindige - he enters; he goes in

biini'- - cleans him
biinichige - he cleans things
biinitoo- - cleans it
biinisagaa - it (the floor, or smth. wooden) is clean

biinish - until [bíínish]

biinizi - he is clean [bíínizi]

biinizikaa - spontaneously; for no purpose at all

biinjayi'ii - inside it
biinjibide - it moves in; it speeds in; it flies in
biinjibizo - he moves / speeds / drives / flies in
biinjise - he flies in
biinjise - it flies in

biisibidoo- - crumbles it; pulls it into small pieces
biisibin- - crumbles him; pulls him into small pieces
biisiboodoo- - grinds it into small pieces
biisiboojigan(ag) - grinder; mill
biisiboon- - grinds him into small pieces

biite - it is foamy
biitewaaboo - (also: zhingobaaboo) beer

biitoo- - waits for it

biitoobiiyaa - there is a floating bog; it is boggy along the water's edge

biitoosijigani-bakwezhigan(ag) - pie

biiwaabik(oon) - iron; piece of iron
biiwaabikokewinini(wag) - miner
biiwaabikoons - can, wire
biiwaanag(oog) - flint

biiwan - there is a blizzard

biiwiwebin- - scatters it; scatters him

bi-izhaa - he comes [bí-izhaa]

biizik- - puts it (clothes) on
biizikonaye - he dresses [bíízikónaye]

bijiinaago - yesterday [bijiináágo]
bijiinag - after a while; recently [bijiináág]

bikwaakoganaan - ankle

bikwaakwad(oon) - ball

bikwadinaa - there is a small hill

bikwak(oon) - arrow

bikwakoombens(an) - cucumber

bimaadagaa - he swims; he swims by [bimáádagaa]
bimaadizi - he lives [bimáádizi]
bimaashi - he sails; he sails by [bimááshi]
bimaaboode - it drifts along on current
bimaaboono - he drifts along on current
bima'adoo - he follows a trail along
bima'adoo- - he follows it along (as a trail)
bimaakwaa - there is a forest
bima'an- - he follows his trail along
bimakwaan - track, footstep
bimikawade - there are tracks
bimikawewin - track, footstep
bimakwazhiwe - he paddles along, he swims along (as a fish)
bimi- - by or past the speaker
bimibatoo - he runs by; he runs
bimibide - it moves by; it speeds by; it flies by
bimibizo - he moves / speeds / drives / flies by
bimidaabii'iwe - he drives by

bimide - grease

bimijiwan - the water's current flows along

bimikawaan(an) - footprint, track
bimikawe - he leaves tracks

biminizha'w- - chases him

bimise - he flies by; he flies
bimishkaa - he goes by boat or canoe; he travels by canoe
bimitigweyaa - it (river) flows along

bimiwanaan(an) - pack; backpack
bimiwane - he packs; he carries a load on back
bimiwidoo- - carries it along; carries it
bimiwin- - carries him along; carries him
bimiwizhiwe - he drives people along (as in a bus)
bimiwizhiwewidaabaan(ag) - taxi
bimoode - he crawls by; he crawls
bimoom- - carries him on back
bimoomigo - he rides by on horseback
bimoond- - carries it on back
bimoonjigan(an) - carrier; pack frame
bimose - he walks by; he walks

bina'- - takes it down

binaakwaan(an) - comb; rake
binaakwe'ige - he rakes
binaakwe'o - he combs own hair
binaakwe'w- - (also: nazhikwe'o) combs his hair

binaakwii - he (leaf) falls
binaakwii-giizis - (also: binaakwe-giizis) October

bine(wag) - partridge [biné]
bineshiinh(yag) - small bird [binéshiinh]
binesi(wag) - large bird; thunderbird [binési]

bingoshens(ag) - gnat

bingwi - sand; ashes
bingwiikaa - there is much sand

bipakoombens(an) - cucumber

bishagaakwa'ige - he peels timber
bishagibidoo- - peels it
bishagibin- - peels him
bishagigidigweshin - he skins knee

bishagiishkaa - it is dark
bishagiishkate - it is dark inside
bishagiishkidibikad - it is a very dark night

bishagikod- - peels it with a knife
bishagikon- - peels him with a knife

bishigwaadaajimo - he tells a sexy story
bishigwaadendam - he has sexy thoughts
bishigwaadizi - he is sexy

bishkon- - shoots at it and misses
bishkonaage - he shoots and misses
bishkonaw- - shoots at him and misses

biskane - it ignites
biskanebidoo- - he switches it on
biskaakonebijigan(an) - switch

biskaa - it is bent; it is folded
biskibidoo- - bends it; folds it (pulling)
biskibin- - bends him; folds him (pulling)
biskin- - bends it / him; folds it / him;

biskitenaagan(an) - sap container; temporary container of folded birchbark
bitaakoshin - he bumps hits smth.; he smth. accidentally
bitaakosin - it bumps something; it hits something accidentally

bizaan - quiet!; be still! [bizáán]
bizaaniwe - he makes peace [bizáániwe]
bizaaniwewin - peace [bizáániwéwin]

bizhikí(wag) - cow, buffalo [bizhíki]
bizhikiins(ag) - calf
bizhikiiwigamig(oon) - cowshed

bizhishigozi - he is empty
bizhishigwaa - it is empty
bizhiw(ag) - lynx

bizind- - listens to it
bizindam - he listens
bizindamowin(an) - (also: bizindamoo-makak) radio
bizindaw- - listens to him

bizogeshin - he stumbles; he falls
bizok- - he stumbles on it
bizokaw- - stumbles on him

bizozideshin - he stubs toe; he trips

booch - it is necessary; it is certain

boodaad- - blows at it
boodaajige - he blows
boodaan- - blows at him

boodawaadamii(g) - Potawatomi Indian
boodawaan - fireplace
boodawe - he builds a fire

boodoo(yag) - tadpole

boogidi - he farts

bookadinigan(ag) - (also: bookadinigaans) donut

bookobidoo- - pulls it apart; breaks it in half
bookobin- - pulls him apart; breaks him in half
bookogaade - he breaks a leg
bookogaadeshin - he falls and breaks a leg
bookojaane - he has a broken nose
bookonike - he breaks an arm
bookonikeshin - he falls and breaks an arm
bookoshkaa - he, it breaks in two, he, it is broken in two

bookwaabik(oon) - piece of metal

bookwaawiganeshin - he falls and breaks his back
boome - he regains composure from fright
boonam - he lays an egg

boonaanimad - the wind lets up; the wind dies down
booni'- - leaves him alone
boonii - he lands from flight
boonitoo- - leaves it alone

booshka'osi(wag) - bittern (shypoke)

booshke - even; it up to [bóóshke]

bootaagan(ag) - barrel or pit for dehusking rice
bootaage - he dehusks rice

boozhoo - hello!; greetings!

boozi'- - gives a ride to him
boozi - he gets in a vehicle or boat; he embarks [bóózi]
boozigwaashkwani - he jumps in a vehicle or boat

boozikinaagan(an) - bowl

boozinaazha'w- - tells him to get in a vehicle or boat; tells him to embark
boozitaaso - he loads up a vehicle or boat
boozitoo- - loads it

bwaa- - not able to; not before
bwaanawichige - he is unable (to do something)
bwaanawitoo- - is unable to do it

bwaan(ag) - Dakota (Sioux) Indian

bwaanzhii-nagamo - he sings war songs
bwaanzhiiwi'o - he puts on Indian dress; he puts on dance outfit
bwaanzhiiwi'on(an) - Indian dress; dance outfit

chi- - ( see: gichi-) big; great; very

da- - future tense verb prefix when no personal prefix is used

daa- - would; could; should

daa - he lives there

daangin- - touches it; touches him

daashkaa - it is split
daashkibidoo- - splits it (pulling)
daashkibin- - splits him (pulling)
daashkiboodoo- - saws (rips) it
daashkiboojigan(an) - ripsaw
daashkiboojige - he saws (rips)
daashkiboon- - saws (rips) him
daashkiga'ise - he splits wood

daatabi-giizhwe - he speaks fast
daatabii - he is quick

dabasend- - doesn't think much of it
dabasenim- - doesn't think much of him

dabasaa - it is low

dabinoo'igan(an) - shelter

dadaakwanagweyaa - it has short sleeves
dadaakwaanikwe - he has short hair

dadaatabanaamo - he has short respiration
dadaatabaanagidoon - he speaks fast
dadaatabanaamo - he has fast respiration

dadibaajimo - he tells a story; he reports; he narrates [dadibáájimo]
dadibaajimotaw - tells a story to him
dadibaajimoowinini(wag) - storyteller

daga - please!; come on!

dago - among (in composition)
dago-ayaa - he is among others [dago-ayáá]
dago-ayaamagad - it is among others [dago-ayáámagad]

dagon- - mixes it in; puts it in with
dagonige - he mixes things in

dagoshin - (also: dagwishin) he arrives

dagwaagi(n) - it is fall [dagwáági]
dagwaagig - in the fall
dagwaagishi - he spends the fall somewhere
dagwaagong - last fall

dakaa - it is cool
dakaagami(n) - it (liquid) is cold
dakaasin - it (wind) is cool
dakaayaa - (also: daki-ayaa) it is cool (weather)
dakaji - he catches a cold
dakamanji'o - he is chilled; he is cold
dakibiisaa - it is cold rain
dakininjii - his hand(s) is cold
dakise - he is cool; he gets chilled
dakishim- - cools him
dakisidoo- - cools it
dakisijigan - refrigerator

dakobidoo- - ties it
dakobijige - he ties things
dakobin- - ties him

dakokaad- - steps on it
dakokaan- - steps on him

dakon- - holds him; seizes him; arrests him; holds it; seizes it
dakoniwewinini(wag) - sheriff; policeman

dakoninjii - he has short hand(s)
dakoozi - he is short
dakwaa - it is short

dakwam- - bites him
dakwand- - bites it
dakwange - he bites people
dakwanjigan(an) - pliers
dakwanjige - he bites things

danakii - he lives there (homeland)

dangishk- - kicks it
dangishkaade - he kicks people
dangishkaw- - kicks him
dangishkide - he kicks things

dani - he is rich

dapine - he dies there; he drowns

dash - (see: idash) and

dasing - so many times
daso-biboonagizi - he is so many years old
daso - (see: endaso) so many
dasominag - so many (globular objects)
dasonag - so many (canoes)
dasoon- - traps him
dasoshkin - so many (bagsful)
dasowaatig - so many (things made of wood)

dawaa - there is space; there is room

dazhi- - (see: endazhi) there; in that place

dazhim- - talks about him
dazhind- - talks about it

de- - sufficient; suitable

debaabam- - can see him from a distance
debaaband- - can see it from a distance

debashkine - it fits; it is full; he fits; he is full

debeyendam - he believes (in thought)
debeyenim- - believes him (in thought)

debibidoo- - grabs it; catches it; gets hold of it
debibin- - grabs him; catches him; gets hold of him

debibii - it (liquid) fits in

debinaak - badly; carelessly; any old way

debise - there is enough of it
debisinii - he eats enough; he is full

debwe - he tells the truth
debwet- - believes it
debwetam - he believes [debwétam]
debwetaw- - believes him
debweyend- - believes it (in thought)

dekaag - ice cream
dekaag-onaagaans(an) - ice cream cone

demiiji- - eats enough of it

desa'- - flattens him
desa'on(an) - platform; bench; bed in wigwam
desaa - it is flat
desaabaan(an) - shelf

desabi - he is astride (horse)

desinaagaans(an) - saucer
desinaagan(an) - dinner plate
deteba'agonjijigan(an) - (also: deteba'agwinjiganan) bobber (fishing tackle)
detibised - wheel

dewe'igan(ag) - drum [dewé'igan]

dewikwe - he has a headache
dewikwese - he has a headache (from being bumped or shaken)

diba'- - pays for it
diba'amaage - he pays [dibá'amaage]
diba'anaw- - pays (it) for him
diba'w- - pays for him
diba'aatigwan(an) - measuring stick for timber
diba'aatigwe - he scales logs (lumber measuring)
diba'igaans - minute
diba'igan(an) - measuring instrument
diba'igan - large measuring unit; mile; hour [dibá'igan]
diba'iganed - it is of such an hour (after number prefix)
diba'ige - he measures
diba'igiiziswaan(ag) - clock [diba'igííziswaan]
diba'igiiziswaanens(ag) - watch

dibaabiishkoodoo- - weighs it
dibaabiishkoojigan(an) - scale
dibaabiishkoojige - he weighs (something)
dibaabiishkoon- - weighs him

dibaadod- - tells of it
dibaajim- - tells of him
dibaajimo - he tells; he relates [dibáájimo]
dibaajimo-mazina'igan - newspaper [dibáájimo-maziná'igan]
dibaajimowin(an) - story; narration of events

dibaakon- - judges him
dibaakonige - he judges
dibaakonigewigamig(oon) - courthouse
dibaakonigewinini(wag) - judge; lawyer [dibáákonigewiníni]

dibend- - owns it; possesses it
dibendaagozi - he is owned; he belongs
dibendaagwad - it is owned; it belongs
dibenim- - owns him; possesses him
dibi - i don't know where

dibik-giizis(oog) - moon
dibikaabaminaagwad - it is twilight [dibikáábaminaagwad]
dibikaadizi - he is nocturnal; he is ignorant
dibikad - it is night [díbikad]
dibikong - last night [díbikong]

dibishkaa - he has a birthday

dibishko - just like [díbishko]

didibininjiibizon(an) - (see: ditibininjiibizon) ring

digo(wag) - wave [digó]

diindíísi(wag) - bluejay

dikinaagan(an) - cradle board
dikineyaab(iin) - cradle board strap

dimii - it is deep (water)

dino(wak)(wan) - (also: dinowag, dinowan) sort; kind
ditibibide - it rolls
ditibibizo - he rolls
ditibin- - rolls it; rolls him
ditibidaabaan(ag) - wagon; truck
ditibise-apabiwin(an) - rocking chair

ditibishk- - bumps it; knocks it
ditibishkaw- - bumps him; knocks him

ditibiwebishkigan(ag) - bicycle
ditibiwebishkodaadi- - they log-roll
ditibininjiibizon(an) - (also: didibininjiibizonan) ring

dood- - does something to it
doodam - he does something
doodaw- - does something to him

doodooshaaboo-bimide - (also: ozaawaabimide) butter
doodooshaaboo - milk [doodooshááboo]

doonoo(g) - bull

dwaa'ibaan(an) - hole in ice (for water)
dwaa'ibii - he makes a hole in the ice (for water)
dwaashin - he falls through the ice

edawayi'ii - (also: eyiidawayi'ii) on both sides of it

eko- - (see: ako) since the time; as long as (in time)

emikwaan(an) - ladle; large spoon [émikwaan]
emikwaanens(an) - spoon; teaspoon [émikwaanéns]

enange - sure!; you bet!

enda- - (see: wenda-) just; just so

endaa- - house; dwelling
endaad - his house [éndaad, endáád]
endaawaad - their house
endaayaan - my house
endaayaang - our (exclusive) house
endaayan - your (singular) house
endaayang - our (inclusive) house
endaayeg - your (plural) house

endaso - (see:daso) so many
endaso-dibik - every night
endaso-gigizheb - every morning
endaso-giizhik - every day

endazhi- - (see: dazhi-) there; in that place
endazhi-booniimagak(in) - airport

endogwen - i don't know; i am not sure [éndogwen]

eni- - (see:ani-) going away from the speaker; coming up to in time

enigok - with effort [énigok]

enigoons(ag) - ant [énigoons]
enigoowigamig(oon) - anthill [énigoowigámig]

eniwek - some; a little bit; just so; middling

es(ag) - clam

eshkam - gradually; more and more; less and less [éshkam]

eshkan(ag) - horn (of an animal)

eshkan(an) - ice chisel

eshkandaming(in) - watermelon

eshkwaa - while

eshpabiitang(iig) - (also: eshpabid) leader; chairman

esiban(ag) - raccoon [ésiban]

eta - (also: eta go) only

eya' - yes

eyiidawininj - at both hands
eyiizh - both

ezhi - (see: izhi-) thus; so; there

ezhishin - he leaves a mark
ezhisin - it leaves a mark

ezigaa(g) - woodtick

ga- - future tense verb prefix when personal prefix is used

gaa mashi - not yet
gaa wiikaa - never

gaa- - (see:gii-) past tense prefix with initial change
gaadaw- - hides (it) from him
gaadoo- - hides it

gaag(wag) - porcupine

gaagaagi(wag) - raven [gaagáági]

gaagige- - forever

gaagiidaawigan - he has a sore back

gaagiigido - he talks
gaagiigidoowinini(wag) - councilman

gaagiijidooskwan - he has a sore elbow
gaagiijigaade - he has a sore leg
gaagiijinike - he has a sore arm
gaagiijininjii - he has a sore hand, finger
gaagiijizide - he has a sore foot

gaagiizom- - apologizes to him

gaajigaade - he is hidden
gaajigaazo - it is hidden
gaajige - he hides things

gaakaabishiinh(yag) - screech owl

gaan- - hides him

gaandakii'ige - he poles a boat
gaanjida'- - pushes it (with stick)
gaanjida'w- - pushes him (with stick)
gaanjweba'ige - he is floating logs down river
gaanjwebin- - shoves it; pushes it; shoves him; pushes him
gaanjwebinige - pushes things with the hands

gaapam- - crunches him in mouth
gaapan - it is brittle
gaapand- - crunches it in mouth
gaapanjige - he crunches things in mouth
gaapizi - he is brittle

gaashkibaajigan(an) - razor
gaashkibaazo - he shaves self

gaasiinaagane - he wipes dishes
gaasi'- - wipes it
gaasiininjii - he wipes his hands
gaasi'w- - wipes him

gaaskaaska'- - scrapes it
gaaskaaska'w- - scrapes him

gaaskanazo - he whispers

gaaskide - it is dried out; it is desiccated
gaaskiz- - dries it out; smokes it
gaaskizo - he is dried out; he is desiccated
gaaskizw- - dries him out; smokes him

gaawaa - it is rough (texture)

gaawaandag(oog) - spruce

gaawam- - is jealous of him
gaawe - he is jealous
gaawendam - he is jealous

gaawesa - can't do it!; no way!

gaawiin abisii - absent
gaawiin awiya - nobody [gaawiin awíya]
gaawiin ganage - not in the least
gaawiin gegoo - nothing
gaawiin geyaabi - no more; no longer
gaawiin mashi - not yet
gaawiin wiikaa - never
gaawiin - no; not

gaawiisagan(g) - pepper

gaawizi - he is rough (texture)

gaazhagens(ag) - cat [gáázhagéns]

gaazo - he hides self; he is hidden
gaazotaw- - hides from him

gabaa - he gets off a vehicle or boat; he disembarks
gabaa'- - gets him off a vehicle or boat; disembarks him
gabaanaazha'w- - tells him to get off a vehicle or boat

gabaashim- - cooks him; boils him
gabaatoo- - cooks it; boils it

gabe- - extent of; throughout
gabe-ayi'ii - throughout it; a long time
gabe-dibik - all night [gabé-dibik]
gabe-dibikwe - he spends the whole night in (someplace)
gabe-giizhik - all day [gabé-gíízhik]
gabe-gikendaasoowigamig(oon) - college; university
gabekana - at the end of the road

gabenaw- - wins him in a game

gabe-onaagosh - all evening

gabeshi - he camps
gabeshkaa - he goes the length of it; he goes to the end

gabik- - passes it by
gabikaw- - passes him by

gagaanwaanikwe - he has long hair

gaganoon- - talks to him; converses with him
gaganoonidi- - they talk to each other

gagiibaadad - it is foolish
gagiibaadatese - it is a comedy
gagiibaadizi - he is foolish; he is stupid
gagiibaajichige - he does things foolishly; he behaves in a stupid manner

gagiibiingwe - he is blind
gagiibijaane - his nose is stuffy; his nose is stopped up from cold
gagiibishe - he is deaf

gagiichii - he takes off shoes, maccasins

gagiigin- - he selects, picks from him
gagiigin- - he selects, picks from it

gagiikwe - he preaches
gagiikwewinini(wag) - preacher; minister

gagwaanisagad - it is terrible
gagwaanisagakamig - terrible, awful
gagwaanisagend- - considers it terrible
gagwaanisagenim- - considers him terrible
gagwaanisagizi - he is mean; he is terrible

gagwe- - try to
gagwedwe - he asks; he inquires [gagwédwe]
gagweji'- - tries to get him to
gagwejikada'odi- - they race (canoe, boat) on the water
gagwejikanidi- - they race on foot
gagwejim- - asks him
gagwejiwaan- - wrestles him

gakaaga'ogaan(an) - house-like (squared-off) lodge of bark

gakaamikijiwan - there is a waterfall

gakakaa - it is square
gakakizi - he is square

gakijiwan - there is a waterfall

gakeyaa - (also: keyaa, akeyaa, inakakeyaa) in the direction of

gakiiwe - he goes overland; he portages

gakina - (see: akina, kina) all
gakiná awíya - everybody
gakina gegoo - everything

ganaajiwi - he is handsome, beautiful

ganabaj - perhaps; maybe [gánabaj]

ganage - in the least; by any means

ganakin- - takes a handful of him
ganakin- - takes a handful of it

ganawaabam- - looks at him; watches him
ganawaaband- - looks at it; watches it
ganawaabanjige - he looks at things, he watches things
ganawaabi - he looks, he watches

ganawend- - takes care of it
ganawendaawaso - he babysits
ganawenim- - takes care of him

ganoon- - calls him (on the phone); addresses him; speaks to him

gashka'oodoo- - ties it with a knot
gashka'oon- - ties him with a knot

gashkaabika'- - locks it
gashkaabika'igaade - it is locked
gashkaabika'igan(an) - lock
gashkaabika'w- - locks him

gashkadin - it freezes over; it is frozen over
gashkadino-giizis - November [gashkádino-gíízis]

gashka'oode - it is be knotted
gashka'oodoo- - ties it with a knot
gashka'oojigan (an) - knot
gashka'oon- - ties him with a knot
gashka'oozo - he is knotted

gashkawan - it is dense fog

gashkendam - he is lonely; he is sad [gashkéndam]

gashki'- - wins over him; prevails over him

gashkibidaagan(ag) - bag with closeable top; tobacco or pipe bag
gashkibijigan(an) - bundle; tied-up package

gashkichige - he acquires; he earns; he is able

gashkigwaad- - sews it up
gashkigwaan- - sews him up
gashkigwaaso - he sews
gashkigwaason(ag) - sewing machine
gashkigwaasoneyaab(iin) - sewing thread

gashkitoo- - is able to do it; wins over it; prevails over it

gawa'- - fells it; cuts it down
gawaashi - he is blown over; it is blown over
gawaakose - he (tree) falls

gawaabaagwe - he is dying of thirst

gawaji - he freezes to death

gawanaandam - he starves

gawa'w- - fells him (tree); cuts him down

gawingwaam - he collapses from exhaustion; he falls asleep
gawingwashi - he falls asleep

gawise - he, falls over; it falls over

gawishimo - he lies down

gawiwebin- - knocks it down; pulls it down; knocks him down (with hands)

gayaashk(wag) - sea gull

gayat - formerly; some time ago

gayé - (see: ge) and; as for

ge- - (see: ga-) future tense prefix with initial change

ge - (see: gaye) and; as for

gebaakwa'ond - prisoner

gegaa - nearly; almost [gégaa]

gegapii - after a while; eventually

geget - sure; indeed; certainly

gego - don't [gégo]

gegoo - something [gégoo]

gekek(wag) - hawk

gekinoo'amaaged(jig) - teacher
gekinoo'amawind(jig) - student

gemaa - or; or maybe; perhaps [gemáá]

genwaabiigigwed - giraffe

gete-aya'aa(g) - someone old
gete-ayi'ii(n) - something old
gete - old; old-time

geyaabi - still; yet

gezikwend- - barely remembers it
gezikwenim- - barely remembers him

gi- - personal prefix of you (sing.), you (pl.), we/us (inclusive)

giba'- - stops it up; plugs it
giba'w- - plugs him, stops him up
gibaabowe'- - puts a lid on it
gibaabowe'ige - he puts a lid on something
gibaakobidoo- - cans it; preserves it (in canning)
gibaakwa'- - shuts it; dams it; obstructs it
gibaakwa'igaade - it is shut up; it is dammed
gibaakwa'igan(an) - dam; stopper; plug
gibaakwa'odiiwigamig(oon) - jail
gibaakwa'w- - shuts him up; dams him up; obstructs him; jails him

gibagoojigan(an) - curtain; window shade; cloth partition
gibiiga'igan - curtain; drape

gibide'ebizon(an) - vest

gibijaane - his nose is stuffy or stopped up

gibishaganzhii - he is constipated

gibiskwe - he is hoarse

gibitan - he has a nosebleed
gibitaneganaam- - makes his nose bleed
gibitaneshin - he has a bloody nose in falling

gibodoonh(-nyag) - button
giboodiyegwaazon(ag) - pants [giboodiyegwáázon]

giboz- - bakes it; roasts it in oven
gibozw- - bakes him; roasts him in oven

gibwanaabaawe - he drowns
gibwanaamode - it (house) is full of smoke

gichi- - (see: chi-) big; great; very
gichi-aniibiish(an) - cabbage
gichi-aya'aa(g) - elder, adult
gichi-aya'aawi - he is an elder; he is adult
gichi-gidagaabizhiw - leopard
gichi-gizhizo - he has pneumonia
gichi-izhiwebad - it is stormy
gichi-manidoo(g) - great spirit
gichi-manidoo-giizis - January
gichi-miikana(n) - highway
gichi-mookomaan(ag) - white man; American [gichi-móókomáán]
gichi-mookomaan (an) - large knife; butcher knife; saber [gichi-móókomáán]
gichi-mookomaanimo - he speaks American; he speaks the white man's language
gichi-noodin - it is very windy; there is a storm
gichi-ogimaa(g) - highest leader; king [gichi-ógimaa]
gichi-ogin(iig) - tomato
gichi-oodena(wan) - city
gichi-waaboozobagoons(an) - lettuce
gichi-ziibi(wan) - big river; Mississippi river
gichigami - sea, Lake Superior, great water (one of Great Lakes) [gíchigami]
gichigamiiwashk(oon) - reed

gid- - second person personal prefix (you sing., you pl., we/us inclusive) - before vowels

gidagaa-bizhiw(ag) - bobcat
gidagaakoons(ag) - spotted fawn

gidasige - he parches rice

gidimaagizi - he is poor [gidimáágizi]

gigazhigane - he wears socks

gigishkaajige - she is pregnant

gigizheb - in the morning [gígizheb]
gigizhebaa-wiisini - he eats breakfast
gigizhebaa-wiisiniwin - breakfast
gigizhebaawagad - it is morning

gii- - (see: gaa-) past tense verb prefix

gii'- - escapes from him
gii'iwe - he escapes

gii'igoshimo - he fasts for vision

giigido - he speaks [gíígido]
giigidoo-biiwaabikoons(an) - telephone
giigidowin(an) - (also: giigidoo-bikoons) telephone

giigoonh(yag) - fish [gíígóónh]
giigooyike - he fishes
giigooyikewinini(wag) - fisherman
giigoozens(ag) - (also: giigooshens) minnow
giikaam- - argues with him; quarrels with him
giikaandi- - they argue; they quarrel

giikaji - he is cold

giikanaamode - it is smokey inside
giikanaamozigan - bacon

giikiibingwashi - he is sleepy

giimaabam- - spies on him; peaks on him
giimaabi - he spies, he peeks

giimii - he flees; he runs away

giimoodaajimo - he tells something in a secret manner
giimoodaajimotaw- - tells him something secretly
giimoodaapi - he laughs secretly
giimoodad - it is hidden; it is a secret or mystery
giimoodanjige - he eats secretly
giimoodiziwin - secret
giimooj - secretly
giimoozaabi - he looks secretly, he peeks

giin - you (singular)

giinaa - it is sharp (a blade)

giinawaa - you (plural)
giinawind - we, us (inclusive); you and i
giinedog - you!; yourself!
giineta - you (singular) alone; you only
giinetawaa - you (plural) alone; you only
giinetawind - we, us (inclusive) alone; we, us only

giishka'aakwe - he cuts timber
giishka'aakwewinini(wag) - lumberjack
giishkada'igan(an) - cleaver

giishkadinaa - there is a steep bank

giishkanakad(oon) - stump

giishkaabaagwe - he is thirsty

giishkibidoo- - tears it
giishkibin- - tears him

giishkiboodoo- - saws it (across)
giishkiboojigan(an) - crosscut saw
giishkiboojige - he saws across
giishkiboon- - saws him across

giishkikozhiwe - he cuts hair
giishkikozhiwewikwe(g) - female barber
giishkikozhiwewinini(wag) - (also: baapaakozhiwewinini) barber
giishkikozhiwewinini(wag) - male barber

giishkishin - he gets cut (falling)
giishkizh- - cuts it (with a blade)
giishkizhw- - cuts him (with a blade)

giishpin - if

giiwanaadingwaam - he has a bad dream; he has a nightmare
giiwanaadizi - he is crazy; he is insane [gííwanáádizi]

giiwanim- - tells a lie of him
giiwanimo - he tells lies

giiwashkwe - he is dizzy
giiwashkweban- - gets him drunk
giiwashkwebii - he is drunk [giiwashkwébii]
giiwashkweshin - he is dizzy from falling
giiwashkweyaabandam - he is dizzy or unsteady (from something)
giiwashkweyendam - he has confused thoughts / mind

giiwe - he goes home; he returns
giiwebatoo - he returns running; he goes home running [giiwébatoo]
giiwekii - he returns to his own country or place of origin [giiwékii]
giiwewidoo- - takes it home
giiwewin- - takes him home
giiweyendam - he thinks about returning; - he thinks about going home again [giiweyéndam]
giiwebiboon - it is after mid-winter; it is late winter
giiweniibin - it is after mid-summer; it is late summer

giiwedin - north [giiwédin]
giiwedinakwad - the clouds come from the north [giiwédinakwad]
giiwedinobiisaa - the rain comes from the north [giiwédinobiisaa]
giiwedinong - to the north [giiwédinong]

giiwenh - so the story goes, so it is said

giiwitaa'ose - he walks around something
giiwitaa-ayi'ii - (also: giiwitaayi'ii) all around it -
giiwitaabatoo - he runs around something
giiwitaayaazhagaame - he walks around a body of water

giiyose - he hunts [giiyosé]
giiyosewasim(oog) - hunting dog
giiyosewinini(wag) - hunter

giizhaa - beforehand; ready

giizhendam - his mind is made up
giizhide - it is cooked done

giizhig - day; sky
giizhigad - it is day

giizhigi - he is ripe; he is full-grown [gíízhigi]
giizhigin - it is ripe; it is full-grown

giizhii- - get through; finish
giizhiik- - finishes it; finishes with it
giizhiikaw- - finishes with him
giizhitoo- - finishes it
giizhizo - he is cooked done

giizhik(ag) - white cedar [gíízhik]

giizhoopizon(ag) - scarf

giizikonaye - he undresses

gíízis(oog) - sun; moon; month
giizisoo-mazina'igan(an) - calendar

gijigaaneshii(yag) - chickadee

gijikonayezigan(ag) - hominy

gijipízon(an) - belt
gijipizonaabik(oon) - belt buckle

gikaa - he is elderly

gikend- - knows it
gikendaagozi - he is known
gikendaaso - he is smart; he is learned
gikendamoozhiwewim- - imparts knowledge to him as he grows up
gikenim- - knows him
gikenjige - he knows

gikinawaaji'- - marks him
gikinawaajichige - he marks something
gikinawaajitoo- - marks it

gikinjigwen- - embraces him; hugs him

gikinoo'amaadiiwigamig(oon) - school
gikinoo'amaagan(ag) - student
gikinoo'amaage - he teaches [gikinóó'amaage]
gikinoo'amaagewikwe(g) - female teacher
gikinoo'amaagewinini(wag) - male teacher
gikinoo'anaw- - teaches (it) to him

gikinootaw- - mocks him; imitates his speech or singing
gikinoowaabam- - learns by observation of him
gikinoowaabanda'iwe - he gives or shows an example

gikinoonowin - year

gikiwe'on(an) - flag

gimiwan - it is raining
gimiwanaaboo - rainwater
gimiwanoo-babiinzikawaagan(an) - raincoat

gimoodi- - steals it
gimoodi - he steals
gimoodim- - steals from him
gimoodishki - he is a thief
gimoodishkiiwinini(wag) - thief; robber

gina'amaw- - forbids him to

ginebig(oog) - snake [ginébig]

ginibiisibatoo - he trots; he runs snappy

ginigawin- - mixes it; mixes him
ginigawisin - it is mixed
ginigwinige - he mixes things

ginishtinoo(g) - Cree Indian [giníshtinoo]

giniw(ag) - golden eagle

ginjiba'iwe - he flees; he runs away

ginoondawaan(an) - a long lodge; wigwam
ginooninjii - he has long hand(s)

ginoozhe(g) - northern pike

ginoozi - he is tall; he is long [ginóózi]
ginwaa - it is long
ginwenzh - for a long time

gipagaa - it is thick (dimension)

gishkishe(yag) - female dog

gisinaa - it is cold (weather) [gisináa]
gitigaan(an) - garden; field; farm
gitigaanens(an) - vegetable
gitige - he gardens; he farms; he plants
gitigewinini(wag) - farmer

gizhaabikizigan(an) - stove

gizhaad- - guards it; watches it
gizhaadige - he guards (a house)

gizhaagamide - it is hot (liquid)
gizhaagamiz- - heats it (a liquid)
gizhaanimad - there is a warm wind
gizhaate - it is hot (weather) [gizhááte]

gizhaan- - guards him; watches over him
gizhaawaso - he protects the young

gizhaawenim- - is jealous of him
gizhaawenjige - he is jealous

gizhewaadizi - he is kindly

gizhide - it is hot; it is warm [gizhidé]

gizhiibazhe - his skin itches
gizhiibizi - he itches

gizhiibide - it moves / speeds / flies fast
gizhiibizo - he moves / speeds / flies / drives fast
gizhiidabii'iwe - he drives fast
gizhiikaa - he goes fast [gizhííkaa]
gizhiikaabatoo - he runs fast
gizhiiwe - he speaks loud

gizhizo - he is hot; he has a fever

giziibiiga'- - washes it (clothing)
giziibiiga'igan(an) - soap
giziibiiga'ige-makak(oon) - washtub
giziibiiga'ige - he washes clothes [gizííbiiga'ige]
giziibiiganaagane - he washes dishes
giziibiigazhe-makak(oon) - bathtub
giziibiigazhe - he takes bath; he washes up
giziibiigii - he washes self [gizííbiigii]
giziibiigiingwe - he washes own face [gizííbiigiingwe]
giziibiigin- - washes it; washes him
giziibiigininjii - he washes own hand(s) [gizííbiigininjii]
giziibiigisaginige-giizhigad - (see: ishkwaajanokii-giizhigad) it is Saturday
giziibiigisaginige - he washes floors
giziindime'on(an) - toilet tissue
giziingwe'on(an) - towel
giziininjii - he wipes own hand(s)

go - (see: igo) emphatic word heightening assertiveness

godam- - tastes a little of him
godand- - tastes a little of it

godigoshin - he sprains ankle

godotaagan(an) - bell

goji'ewizi - he tries; he makes an effort
goji- - tries him
goji- - try; attempt
goji-gikend- - tries it; examines it
goji-gikenim- - examines him
goji-nagamo - he sings for practice; he tries-out in singing
gojichige - he tries it
gojinike - he feels for a pulse

gojipid- - takes a taste of it; tastes it to see if it is done
gojipw- - takes a taste of him; tastes him to see if he is done

gojitoo- - tries it

gon- - swallows him
gond- - swallows it

gonzaabiishkoojigan(an) - sinker (fishing tackle)

googii - he dives
googiise - he falls in deep water; he sinks

gookooko'oo(g) - owl [gookooko'óó]

gookoosh(ag) - pig [gookóósh]

goon - snow
goonaaboo - water from melted snow
goonikaa - there is a lot of snow

gopii - he gets out of the water; he goes inland

gos- - fears him

goshkozi - he wakes up

goshkwaawaadizi - he is quiet; he is peaceful; he is reserved

got- - is afraid of it
gotaaji - he is afraid

gotigobide - it rolls over
gotigobidoo- - rolls it over; tips it
gotigobizo - he rolls over

gozi - he moves camp; he moves

gozigwaakomin(an) - juneberry
gozigwaakominagaawanzh(iig) - juneberry bush

gozigwan - it is heavy [gózigwan]
gozigwani - he is heavy [gózigwani]

gwaaba'- - scoops it up
gwaaba'ibii - he draws water
gwaaba'igan(an) - dipper
gwaaaba'w- - scoops him up

gwaashkwani - he jumps [gwááshkwani]
gwaashkwezi - he is adept in activities

gwanabishk- - tips it (by foot or body)
gwanabishkaa - he tips (in a boat)

gwayak - straight; right; correct [gwáyak]
gwayako-bimaadizi - he lives an honest life
gwayako-zhooniyaa - cash; ready money
gwayakobii'- - writes it correctly
gwayakochige - he does the right thing
gwayakogaabawi - he stands straight
gwayakokweni - he holds own head straight up
gwayakoshin - he goes the right way; he goes straight
gwayakoshkaa - he goes straight; he goes the right way
gwayakosidoo- - straightens it
gwayakowe - he speaks in a proper manner
gwayakwaa - it is straight; it is correct
gwayakwaabidoo'- - beads it correctly (loomwork)
gwayakwaabidoo'ige - he beads correctly (loomwork)
gwayakwend- - thinks it to be proper
gwayakwendaagwad - it is proper; it is right
gwayakwendam - he thinks in a proper manner

gwech - enough; sufficient

gwekaanimad - the wind shifts; the wind changes
gwekabi - he turns around while sitting
gwekendam - he changes own mind
gwekibidoo- - turns it
gwekibin- - turns him
gwekigaabawi - he turns while standing [gwekigáábawi]
gwekigaabawitaw- - turns toward or away from him
gwekigwaad- - sews it on the other side
gwekigwaan- - sews him on the other side
gwekikweni - he turns head around
gwekishim- - turns him around; turns him over
gwekishin - he turns
gwekisidoo- - turns it around; turns it over
gwekisin - it turns [gwékisin]
gwekitaa - he turns around; he turns over
gwekiwebinigan(ag) - pancake

gwendaaseg - liniment

gwiinawaabam- - fails to see him
gwiinawaaband- - fails to see it
gwiinawi- - don't know; not able [gwíínawi-]
gwiinawi-doodam - he doesn't know what to do
gwiinawi-inendam - he doesn't know what to think

gwiingwa'aage(g) - wolverine

gwiinobii - he can't find liquid

gwiishkoshi - he whistles

gwiiwizens(ag) - boy [gwííwizens, gwííwizéns]

i'iw - (see: iw) that (inanimate)
i'iwedi - (see: iwedi) that over there (inanimate)

id- - says to it; speaks to it

idash - (see: dash) and

igiw - (see: ingiw) those (animate)
igiwedig - (see: ingiwedig) those over there (animate)

igo - (see: go) emphatic word heightening assertiveness

íídog - maybe; must be; must have been

ikido - he says so; he speaks so
ikidowin(an) - word

iko - (see: ko) used to; formerly; it was the custom to

ikon- - removes it; takes it aside
ikowebin- - throws / pushes it aside; throws / pushes him aside

ikwa(g) - louse

ikwe(wag) - woman [ikwé]
ikwezens(ag) - girl [ikwézens, ikwezéns]

im- - (see: nim-) first person (i, we/us exclusive) personal prefix - before stems beginning with b

imaa - there [imáá]

in- - (see: nin-) first person (i, we/us exclusive) personal prefix - before stems beginning with d, g, z, zh

in- - says so to him
ina - (see: na) used as the second word in a yes/no question

inaabajitoo- - uses it so
inaabam- - dreams so of him; has a vision of him
inaaband- - dreams so of it; has a vision of it
inaabandam - he has such a dream; he has a vision
inaabi - he peeks; he glances; he looks
inaadagaa - he swims there
inaajim- - tells something of him
inaajimo - he speaks so; he tells so [ináájimo]
inaajimotaw- - tells him (of it)
inaande - it is colored so [ináánde]
inaanzo - he is colored so
inaapine - he is sick in such a way
inaaginde - it costs so; it is priced so [inágindé]
inakamigad - there are events; there is news [inákamigad]
inakamigizi - he is doing so
inamo(n) - it (road) goes there
inanokii - he does such work

inapizon(an) - (also: inapizowinan) kitchen apron

inashke - (also:nashke) look!; behold!

inawem- - is related to him
inawemaagan(ag) - relative

ind- - (see: nind-) first person (i, we/us exclusive) personal prefix - before vowel stems

indigo - (see: nindigo) just like; as if

inend- - thinks so of it
inendaagozi - he is thought of in such a way [inendáágozi]
inendam - he thinks so [inéndam]
inenim- - thinks so of him

inendi - he is gone for such a period of time

ingiw - (see: igiw) those (animate)
ingiwedig - (see: igiwedig) those over there (animate)

ingoding - (see: ningoding) sometime; once; at one time
ingodwaak - (see: ningodwaak) one hundred

ingodwaaching - (see: ningodwaaching) six times
ingodwaasimidana - (see: ningodwaasimidana) sixty
ingodwaaso- - (see: ningodwaaso-) six
ingodwaasw- - (see: ningodwaasw-) six
ingodwaaswaak - (see: ningodwaaswaak) six hundred
ingodwaaswi - (see: ningodwaaswi) six

ingoji - (see: ningoji) somewhere

ingwana - it was just so; it turns out that

inigaa' - abuses him

inigaazi - he is poor

inigini - he is so large
inigokwaa - it is so large
inigokwadeyaa - it is so wide

ininaatig(oog) - (sugar) maple tree [inináátig]

ininamaw- - hands (it) to him

inini(wag) - man [iníni]
ininishib(ag) - mallard

iniw - those (inanimate); that, those (animate-obviative)
iniwedin - those over there (inanimate); those over there (animate-obviative)

inoo'- - points to it
inoo'amaw- - points (it) out to him
inoo'ige - he is pointing
inoo'w- - points to him

inoode - he crawls there; he crawls so

inose - he walks there; he walks so

inwe - he speaks such a language
inwewin(an) - language; voice [inwéwin]

ipide - it speeds there
ipizo - he drives there; he speeds there; he flies there

ipogozi - he tastes so
ipogwad - it tastes so

isa - (see: sa) emphatic word of novelty

ishkode - fire
ishkodekaan(ag) - lighter; steel for use with flint
ishkodeke - he makes a fire
ishkodens(an) - (also: ishkodewaatigoons) match
ishkodewaaboo - liquor [ishkodéwaaboo]
ishkodewajiw - volcano [ishkodéwajiw]

ishkodewidaabaan(ag) - train [ishkodewidáábaan]
ishkodewidaabaanikana(n) - railroad track

ishkonigan(an) - reservation

ishkwaa- - after
ishkwaa-anami'e- - it is monday
ishkwaa-naawakwe - it is after noon
ishkwaabiisaa - it stops raining
ishkwaaj - last; finally
ishkwaajanokii- - (see: giziibiigisaginige-giizhigad) it is saturday

ishkwaandem(an) - door [ishkwáándem]
ishkwaandemaabik(oon) - doorknob

ishkwaapo(n) - it stops snowing
ishkwaataa - he stops working

ishkwe-ayi'ii - at the end of it; beyond it
ishkwebi - he sits in the last row or place
ishkwegaabawi - he stands in the last row or place
ishkwege - he lives on the edge of town / in the last house
ishkwejaagan(ag) - last born child; youngest child in a family
ishkwesin - it is the last object (in a row)
ishkweyaang - backwards; behind; in the rear
ishkweyendaagozi - he is considered one of the last

ishpaa - it is high up
ishpaagonagaa - it (snow) is high [ishpáágonagaa]
ishpaatoo- - makes it high
ishpadinaa - there is a hill or high place
ishpaginde - it is high-priced
ishpaginzo - he is high in status or office
ishpagoodoo- - hangs it high
ishpagoon- - hangs him high
ishpayi'ii - above it; over it
ishpenim- - thinks highly of him
ishpenimo - he is proud

ishpi- - it is high; it is advanced into
ishpi-biboon - it is past the middle of winter
ishpi-niibin - it is past the middle of summer
ishpi-dibikad - it is late in the night
ishpi-giizhigad - it is late morning through early afternoon
ishpiming - in the sky; above; heaven

ishpimisag(oon) - the floor above
ishpimisagokaade - there is a story (floor)
ishpimisagong - upstairs; upper floor

ishpisin - it is heaped high

ishwaaching - (see: nishwaaching) eight times
ishwaasimidana - (see: nishwaasimidana) eighty
ishwaaso- - (see:nishwaaso-) eight
ishwaasw- - (see: nishwaasw-) eight
ishwaaswaak - see: nishwaaswaak) eight hundred
ishwaaswi - (see: nishwaaswi) eight

iskigamizigan(an) - sugar camp [iskigamízigan]
iskigamizige-giizis - april
iskigamizige - he boils sap

iw apii - at that time
iw - (see: i'iw) that (inanimate)

iwedi - that over there (inanimate)

iwidi - there; over there

izhaa - he goes there

izhi- - causes him to
izhi- - thus; so; there

izhi-wiin- - names him so
izhi-wiind- - names it so
izhi-wiinde - it is called so
izhi-wiinzo - he is called so

izhichigaade - it is made so
izhichigaazo - he is made so
izhichige - he does so; he does something

izhidaabii'iwe - he drives there

izhimaagozi - he smells so [izhimáágozi]
izhimaagwad - it smells so [izhimáágwad]

izhinaagozi - he looks so [izhináágozi]
izhinaagwad - it looks so [izhináágwad]

izhinikaad- - names it so
izhinikaade - it is named so
izhinikaan- - names him so
izhinikaazo - he is named so [izhinikáázo]

izhinoo'- - points to it
izhinoo'w- - points to him

izhise - it flies there; he flies there

izhitoo- - causes it to

izhiwebad - it happens so; there is such an event [izhiwébad]
izhiwebizi - he behaves so; he lives so [izhiwébizi]

izhiwidoo- - takes it there; carries it there
izhiwin- - takes him there; carries him there

jaachaamo - he sneezes

jaagaabaji'- - uses him up
jaagaabajitoo- - uses it up

jaagin- - is out of it; exhaust supply of it / him

jaagide - it burns; it is burned
jaagiz- - burns it
jaagizo - he burns; he is burned
jaagizw- - burns him

jejiibajikii(g) - elephant

ji- - that; so that; in order to

jibwaa- - before

jiibaakwe-gizhaabikizigan(an) - cookstove
jiibaakwe - he cooks [jiibáákwe]
jiibaakwewigamig(oon) - kitchen; cookshack [jiibaakwéwigamig]
jiibaakwewikwe(g) - female cook [jiibáákwewikwé]
jiibaakwewinini(wag) - male cook [jiibáákwewiníni]

jiibay(ag) - ghost; spirit [jííbay]
jiibayaatig(oon) - cross; grave marker
jiibayidooskwaneshin - he hits his own crazy bone
jiibegamig(oon) - grave house; casket

jiibiingweni - he winks
jiibiingwetaw- - winks at him

jiichiigibidoo- - scratches it
jiichiigibin- - scratches him
jiichiigii - he scratches
jiichiigom(ag) - wart

jiigada'igan(an) - broom

jiigaakwaa - near the forest
jiigaatig - by a tree; by a wall
jiigayi'ii - close to it; along it
jiigeweyaazhagaame - he walks along the water's edge
jiigeweyaazhagaamebatoo - he runs along the water's edge
jiigibiig - along the shore; by the water
jiigwajiw - near the mountain

jiimaan(an) - canoe; boat
jiimaanike - he makes canoes
jiime - he paddles

jiis(an) - rutabaga

jiishada'igan(an) - broom
jiishada'ige - he sweeps

jiisibin- - pinches him

kawe - (see: akawe) first (in time sequence)

keyaa - (see: gakeyaa) in the direction of

kina - (see: gakina, akina) all; every

ko - (see: iko) used to; formerly; it was the custom to

ma'iingan(ag) - wolf [ma'ííngan]

maa - emphatic word of expressing cooperation/request for cooperation

maadaadizi - he begins a journey
maadaajimo - he begins a narrative
maadaanimad - the wind begins to blow
maadanjige - he begins to eat

maagizhaa - maybe; perhaps [máágizháá]

maagon- - presses/pushes it down ; presses/pushes him down

maajaa - he leaves; he departs; he starts off
maajii- - starts off; begins
maajigaa - it starts to leak; sap begins to flow
maajiibatoo - he starts running
maajiibide - it starts to move; it starts to speed
maajiibii'amaw- - writes a letter to him
maajiibii'igan(an) - letter [maajiibíí'igan]
maajiibii'ige - he writes a letter [maajiibíí'ige]
maajiibizo - he starts to move / speed / drive
maajiibizonikewinini(wag) - heavy equipment operator
maajiidaabii'iwe - he drives off
maajiidoo- - takes it along
maajiin- - takes him along
maajiigi - he grows up; he starts to grow
maajiigin - grows up; it starts to grow
maajiishkaa - it starts moving

maajinizha'- - sends it off
maajinizha'amaw- - sends (it) off to him
maajinizha'w- - sends him off

maakizi - he is crippled

maamakaadend- - astonished at it
maamakaadendaagwad - it is astonishing
maamakaadendam - he is astonished
maamakaadenim- - astonished at him; think him curious
maamakaadizi - he acts curiously
maamakaaj - amazing!; strange!
maamakaajay'ii - curious; strange happening
maamakaajichige - he does amazing things

maamawi - all together [máámawi]

maanaadaapine - he has venereal disease
maanaadad - it is bad; it is wrong; it is ugly
maanaadizi - he is ugly; he is homely [maanáádizi]
maanaagami(n) - it is bad (liquid)
maanabi - he sits uncomfortably
maanadamo(n) - the road is bad
maanamanji'o - he feels bad

maananoons(ag) - ironwood

maanashigan(ag) - sheepshead (fish)

maanazaadi(wag) - balsam poplar; balm of gilead

maanend- - disagreeable with it
maanendaagozi - he is disagreeable; he has an ugly disposition
maanendaagwad - it is bad; it is disagreeable
maanendam - he feels badly
maanenim- - has superior feelings over him

maang(wag) - loon

maanidikoshens(ag) - goat

maaninaagozi - he looks ugly
maaninaagwad - it looks ugly

maanishtaanish(ag) - sheep
maanishtaanishiiwayaan - sheepskin

maanoo - never mind; don't bother; don't care

maanose - he walks badly
maanowe - he has a bad voice; he mispronounces

maanzhendam - he feels badly
maanzhi- - bad
maanzhi-ayaa - he is bad-off; he is in poor health
maanzhi-bimaadizi - he behaves badly; he leads a bad life
maanzhi-giizhigad - it is a bad day
maanzhi-giizhwe - he has a speech impediment
maanzhibizo - it (vehicle) runs poorly
maanzhide'e - he has heartburn
maanzhigodaagan - he has a bad voice for singing
maanzhimaagozi - he smells bad
maanzhimaagwad - it smells bad [máánzhimáágwad]
maanzhingwaam - he sleeps badly
maanzhinikaade - it has an ugly name
maanzhinikaazo - he has an ugly name
maanzhipogozi - he tastes bad
maanzhipogwad - it tastes bad
maanzhishin - he lies uncomfortably

maashkinoozhe(g) - muskie
maaskinoozhe(g) - muskie

maawandoon- - brings them together

maazhaa - maybe; perhaps

maazhi- - (see maanzhi- and maji-) bad

madaabii-gozi - he camps out by the water's edge, out of the woods
madaabii - he goes to the shore from land
madaabiise - he slides to the water's edge
madaabiiwidoo- - carries it to the water's edge
madaabiiwin- - takes him to the water's edge
madaagami(n) - swirled water

madoodoo - he takes a sweat bath
madoodoowinini(wag) - Finn

madwe- - can be heard; audible from a distance
madwebiisaa - the rain is heard
madwegamijii - his stomach makes noise / growls
madwejiwan - the water's current is heard
madwengwaam - he makes noise while sleeping; he snores
madwesagishin - he is heard falling on the floor [madwésagishin]
madweshin - he makes noise (falling) [madwéshin]
madwesin - it makes noise (falling, being hit) [madwésin]
madwetaa - he is heard somewhere making noise
madwewe - it makes noise
madwewechigan(an) - musical instrument (piano, organ)
madwewetoo- - makes it sound
madwewewin - sound
madweyaabiigibijigan(an) - guitar
madwezige - he shoots a gun

maji- - bad (cf maazhi-)
maji-izhiwebizi - he behaves badly; he has bad conduct
maji-manidoo(g) - bad spirit; devil
maji-manidoowaadizi - he is evil; he is possessed
maji-mashkiki(wan) - poison
maji-negwaabam- - looks at him with mean side-look

majigoode(yan) - dress

majiwazhiwebizi - he is arrogant

makade- - black [makadé-]
makade-aniibiish - black tea
makade-mashkikiwaaboo - coffee [makadé-mashkíkiwááboo]
makade-waagosh(ag) - black fox
makade-wiiyaas(ag) - negro [makadé-wííyaas]
makade - black gunpowder
makadeshib(ag) - blackduck [makadéshib]
makadéwaa - it is black [makadéwaa]
makadewaagami(n) - the liquid is dark
makadewaande - it is colored black
makadewaanzo - he colored black
makadewikonayewikwe(g) - nun
makadewikonayewinini(wag) - priest
makadewizi - he is black [makadéwizi]

makák(oon) - box; container

makam- - takes (it) from him; robs him
makandwe - he robs

makizin(an) - moccasin; shoe
makizinataadiwag - they play the moccasin game
makizinataage - he plays the moccasin game
makizineyaab(iin) - shoelace
makizinikewigamig(oon) - shoemaker's shop
makizinikewinini(wag) - shoemaker

makominagaawanzh(iig) - mountain ash tree
makominzh(iig) - mountain ash tree

makoons(ag) - bear cub [makóóns]
makowiiyaas - bear meat
makwa(g) - bear [makwá, mákwá]
makwasaagim(ag) - bearpaw snowshoe

mam- - takes him; picks him up

mamaadwe - he groans
mamaadwengwaam - he makes noise in sleep
mamaadweyaashkaa - the waves roar

mamaajii - he moves; he stirs

mamaandaagochigan(an) - circus; carnival
mamaandaawichiigan(an) - circus; carnival

mamaangaashkaa - there are big waves
mamaangadepo(n) - large snowflakes come down

mamaazhi'- - overcomes him

mamaazhitawage - he has homely ears

mamaazhitoo- - overcomes it

mamagoonowe - he has the mumps

maminaadendam - he has proud thoughts
maminaadizi - he is overly proud; he is arrogant

mamoo- - takes it; picks it up

man- - has sexual intercourse with him

mandaamin(ag) - corn; kernel of corn [mandáámin]
mandaaminaaboo - corn soup
mandaaminaak(oon) - (ear of) corn
mandaaminiigitigaan(an) - corn field

manepwaa - he wants a smoke
manezi - he is in need; he is in want

mangaanibaad- - shovels it out
mangaanibaajigan(an) - shovel
mangaanibaan- - shovels him out

mangade'- - makes him wide
mangademo(n) - the trail or road is wide
mangadengwe - he has a broad face
mangadetoo- - makes it wide
mangadeyaa - it is wide
mangadezi - he is wide
mangate - it is roomy
mangide'e - he is courageous
mangindibe - he has a large head
mangitigweyaa - it (river) is large / wide [mangitigwéyaa]

manidoo(g) - god; spirit; manitou
manidoo-biiwaabik - steel; magnet [manidoo-biiwáábik]
manidoo-giizis - (see: gichi-manidoo-giizis) january
manidoo-giizisoons - december
manidoo-waabooz(oog) - cottontail rabbit
manidookaazo - he takes it upon himself to perform a ceremony
manidoominens(ag) - bead
manidoominensikaan(ag) - bead work
manidóóns(ag) - little spirit; insect
manidoowaadizi - he has medicine (power)
manidoowi - he is a spirit; he is a manitou

manise - he chops wood [manisé]
maniwiigwaase - he gathers birchbark

manoomin - wild rice; rice [manóómin]
manoominikaa - there is (alot of) rice
manoominike-giizis - september
manoominike - he harvests rice; he makes rice [manóóminiké]
manoominikeshii(yag) - rice bird (duck)

masagwaadizi - he is unlucky

mashkawaa - it is strong; it is hard; it is dense
mashkawaagami(n) - it is a strong liquid
mashkawaakwajidoo- - freezes it solid
mashkawadin - it (lake) is frozen solid
mashkawaji - he is frozen; he is frostbitten
mashkawajininjiiwaji - his hand(s) are frozen
mashkawapidoo- - ties it tight
mashkawapin- - ties him tight
mashkawizii - he is strong [mashkáwizii]

mashkiigimin(ag) - cranberry (lowbush)
mashkiigiminagaawanzh(iig) - cranberry bush (lowbush)
mashkiigwaatig(oog) - tamarack

mashkiki(wan) - medicine [mashkíki]
mashkikiiwikwe(g) - nurse
mashkikiiwinini(wag) - doctor [mashkikííwiníni]

mashkimod(an) - bag [máshkimod, máshkimód]

mashkode - prairie
mashkodesimin(ag) - bean
mashkodewidaabaan(ag) - train
mashkosiigaan(an) - wigwam of grass or hay
mashkosikaan - meadow
mashkosiw(an) - grass; hay
mashkosiwikaa - there is grass

mawadis- - visits him
mawadishiwe - visits people [mawadíshiwé]

mawi - he cries; he weeps [mawí]
mawim- - cries for him

mawinan- - runs at him; attacks him

mawind- - cries for it

mawinzo - he picks berries [mawínzo]

mayagi- - strange; foreign [mayági-]
mayagi-anishinaabe(g) - non-local indian
mayagi-gine(wag) - pheasant
mayaginaagozi - he looks strange; he looks foreign
mayaginaagwad - it looks strange; it looks foreign
mayagízi - he is strange; he is foreign
mayagwe - he speaks a strange language; he sounds foreign
mayagwewinini(wag) - foreigner; speaker of a different language

mazaanaatig(oog) - thistle
mazaanan - chaff (plural) from rice

mazhiwe - he has sexual intercourse

mazhii'igan - clearing
mazhii'ige - he makes a clearing; he clears land

mazina'amaw- - owes (it) to him

mazina'igan(an) - book; paper; document [maziná'igan]
mazina'iganiiwigamig(oon) - post office
mazina'iganiiwinini(wag) - postman
mazina'ige - he takes on debts; he has credit

mazinaabidoo'- - beads it (loomwork)
mazinaabidoo'ige - he beads (loomwork)

mazinaakii-makak(oon) - television set
mazinaakizigan(an) - camera
mazinaakizon(an) - picture
mazinaateg(in) - movie
mazinaateseg(in) - movie
mazinaatesichigan(an) - television set

mazinibii'- - draws it; sketches it
mazinibii'ige - he draws; he sketches
mazinibii'igewinini(wag) - artist
mazinibii'w- - draws him; sketches him

mazinichigan(ag) - doll; image; statue [maziníchigan]

mazinigwaad- - embroiders it; sews beads on it
mazinigwaaso - he embroiders; he sews beads on

mazitaagozi - he makes odd sounds

megwaa - while; at the same time [mégwaa]

megwayaak - in the woods
megwe - among
megwekob - in the bush

mekadewikonayed - priest

memaangishens(ag) - mule

meme(g) - red-headed woodpecker [méme]

memengwaa(g) - butterfly [meméngwaa]

memeshkwad - by turns; alternately

memookiwidoo(g) - pocket gopher
memookiwidoosi(wag) - pocket gopher

memwech - just that; it is so

menwaagamig(in) - soft drink

meshkwad - in turn

meshkwadoo- - trades it
meshkwadoonamaage - he trades

meta - it is only that...

mewinzha - a long time ago [méwinzha]

michaa - it is big
michaabaminaagwad - it looks big
michaatoo- - makes it big

michisag(oon) - floor; on the floor

midaaching - ten times
midaaso- - ten [midááso-]
midaasw- - ten
midaaswaak - thousand [midááswaak]
midaaswi - ten [midááswi]

midewi - he joins the midewiwin; he is a member of the midewiwin
midewigaan(an) - midewiwin lodge
midewiwin - midewiwin; grand medicine lodge; medicine dance

migi - he (dog) barks
migid- - barks at it
migin- - barks at him

migiskan(an) - fishhook
migiskanaatig(oon) - fishpole
migiskaneyaab(iin) - hook and line

migizi(wag) - bald eagle [migizí]

migoos(an) - awl [migóós]

migoshkaaji'- - annoys him

mii dash - it is thus that...; and then...
mii sa - and so
mii'iw - that's it
mii - it is thus that...; it is that...

miigaadi- - they fight (plural subject)
miigaadiwag - they fight
miigaadiwin(an) - fight, battle, war [miigáádiwin]
miigaan- - fights him
miigaazo - he fights

miigis(ag) - small shell; sacred shell; pearl

miigiwe- - gives it away
miigiwe - he gives (things) away

miigwan(ag) - feather
miigwani-wiiwakwaan(an) - feather headdress; feather bonnet

miigwech - thanks!

miiji- - eats it
miijim - food
miijimadaawe - he buys food

miijimikanjige - he baits a fish hook

miikana(n) - road; trail [mííkana]
miikanaake - he makes roads
miikanaakewinini(wag) - road worker

miikawaadizi - he is good-looking

miikon- - hits him (shooting)
miikwa'- - hits it (with something)
miikwa'w- - hits him (with something)

miin- - gives (it) to him

miinagaawanzh(iig) - blueberry plant
miinan - blueberries [míían]

miinawaa - and; also; again [míínawaa]

miinensagaawanzh - hawthorn tree

miini-giizis - august
miinikaan(an) - seed [miinikáán]
miiniwin(an) - fruit [mííniwin]

miish - it is thus that...; and then...

miishaabiwinaan(an) - eyelash

miishi-bagesaan(ag) - peach

miizii - he defecates
miiziiwigamig(oon) - restroom; toilet

mik- - finds it
mikaw- - finds him

mikinaak(wag) - snapping turtle

mikoojiin- - feels for it; feels for him

mikwam - ice [mikwám]
mikwamii-makak(oon) - ice box; refrigerator
mikwamiikaa - there is (alot of) ice
mikwamiiwadamo(n) - the road is icy
mikwamiiwinaagaans(an) - drinking glass

mikwend- - remembers it
mikwendam - he remembers
mikwenim- - remembers him

mimigosaga'igan(an) - scrub brush

mimigoshk- - thrashes it (rice); jigs it out
mimigoshkam - he thrashes rice; he jigs rice

mimigwaakosijigan(an) - washboard

mina'- - gives a drink to him

minawaanigozi - he is having a good time; he is partying

mindawe - he is not satisfied (with what he has been given); he pouts

mindaweganzhii - he has white spots on his fingernails

mindido - he is large; he is big

mindimóóyenh(yag) - old woman

mindookad - there is dew [mindóókad]

mini - pus

miník - so much; so many

minikwaajigan(an) - drinking glass, jug [minikwáájigan]
minikwe- - drinks it
minikwe - he drinks [minikwé]
minikwewigamig(oon) - (also:ziiginigewigamigoon) tavern; bar

minis(an) - island
minisaabik(oon) - rocky island

minjikaawan(ag) - mitten
minjikanaakobijigan(an) - fence
minjimin- - holds it; holds him; restrains him

mino- - good
mino-ayaa - he is good; he is fine; he is well
mino-bimaadizi - he is good; he is kind; he leads a good life
mino-giizhigad - it is a nice day [mino-gíízhigad]
mino-giizhiganishi - he has fair traveling weather
mino-izhiwebizi - he behaves well / has good conduct / is good-natured [mino-izhiwébizi]
minobii - he behaves well while drunk
minobizo - it (vehicle) runs well
minochige - he does good things
minode'e - he is good-hearted; he is kind
minode - it is cooked well; it is cooked done
minogi - he grows well
minogin - it grows well
minomaagozi - he smells good [mínomáágozi]
minomaagwad - it smells good [mínomáágwad]
minomaaso - he smells good (burning)
minomaate - it smells good (something burning)
minopid- - finds a good taste in it
minopogozi - he tastes good [minopógozi]
minopogwad - it tastes good [minopógwad]
minopw- - finds a good taste in him
minose - it goes well; he walks well
minoshin - he lies comfortably [mínoshin]
minot- - enjoys listening to it
minotam - he enjoys listening
minotaw- - enjoys listening to him
minowe - he has a good voice; he pronounces correctly
minozo - he is cooked well; he is done
minwaabamewizi - he looks well in the eyes of the public
minwaabaminaagozi - he looks nice
minwaabaminaagwad - it looks nice
minwaabeke - he is nicely built
minwaabewizi - he is nicely built
minwaabi - he has good eyesight; he sees well
minwaadizi - he leads a good life
minwaagami(n) - it (liquid) is good
minwaanigozi - he is joyous; he is happy
minwaanimad - there is a nice breeze
minwabi - he sits comfortably
minwamanji'o - he feels good
minwashkine - it fits in well

minwend- - likes it
minwendaagozi - he is likeable [minwendáágozi]
minwendaagwad - it is agreeable; it is good [minwendáágwad]
minwendam - he is happy; he is glad [minwéndam]
minwenim- - likes him

misaabam- - sees him plainly; sees him clearly
misaaband- - sees it plainly; sees it clearly

misaabe(g) - giant [misáábe]

misaabooz(oog) - jackrabbit

misajidamoo(g) - gray squirrel

misakakojiish(ag) - badger

misan - (see: mishi) firewood [misán]

misanwi - the snow falls from the trees

misawend- - desires it; wants it
misawendam - he desires; he wants
misawenim- - desires him; wants him

mishi - firewood [mishí]
mishiwaatig(oon) - dry wood [mishiwáátig]

mishibizhii(g) - lion

mishiike(yag) - turtle

mishiimin(ag) - apple [mishíímin]
mishiiminaatig(oog) - apple tree

misko'o - he dresses up in red
miskobagaa - there are red leaves on the trees [miskóbagaa]
miskobagizi mitig - the tree has red leaves
miskobagizi - it (tree) has red leaves
miskobineshii(yag) - cardinal; red bird
miskodiisimin(ag) - bean [miskódiisimin]
miskodoonechigan(an) - lipstick
miskojaane - he has a red nose
miskojiis(an) - beet
miskomin(ag) - raspberry
miskondibe - he has red hair
miskozi - he is red
miskwaa - it is red
miskwaabiiminzh(iig) - red osier (dogwood)
miskwaabik - copper [miskwáábik]
miskwaabikide - it is red-hot; it (metal) is hot
miskwaabikokaan(an) - copper mine
miskwaabikoke - he mines copper
miskwaabikoons(ag) - cent; penny
miskwaaboo - chocolate drink
miskwaadesi(wag) - turtle
miskwaakonaye - he dresses up in red
miskwaanakwad - the clouds are red (as in the evening) [miskwáanakwad]
miskwaande - it is colored red
miskwaanzigan(an) - roach; headdress
miskwaanzo - he is colored red
miskwaasin(iig) - brick
miskwaasiniiwigamig(oon) - house made of bricks
miskwaawaak(oog) - red cedar
miskwaazhigwaneshi(wag) - (also: meskwaazhigwaneshi) red-horse (fish)

miskwakone - the fire blazes up

miskwanowe - he has red cheeks

miskwashkade - he has a red belly

miskwazhe - he has measles

miskwi - blood
miskwiiwijaane - (see:gibitan) he has a bleeding nose

mitaawangaa - it is sandy

mitabi - he sits on the bare ground
mitagoonag - on the snow
mitashkosiw - on the grass
mitakamig - on the ground

mitaskindibe - he is bald

mitíg(oog) - tree
mitíg(oon) - stick; (piece of) wood
mitigokaa - there are many trees
mitigo-waakaa'igan(an) - log cabin; house
mitigomin(an) - acorn
mitigominzh(iig) - oak tree
mitigwaab(iig) - bow
mitigwaabaak(oog) - hickory
mitigwakik(oog) - mide drum

mitose - he goes on foot

mizay(ag) - eelpout; burbot; ling

mizhakwad - it (sky) is clear; it is nice weather [mizhákwad]

mizise(g) - turkey [mizisé]

miziwe - all over; everywhere
miziwebii'- - writes all over it
miziwebii'igaade - it is written everywhere on it
miziwebii'ige - he writes all over it
miziweshkaa - it is everywhere; it is all covered with it
miziwetoo- - makes it of one piece
miziweyaa - it is whole

mizizaak - horsefly

moo'- - makes him cry

moo(wan) - feces; excrement

mooka'am - he (sun) rises
mookise - he (sun) rises [mookisé]

miikijiwanibiig - spring; spring-well

mookodaaso - he works with wood; he carves wood
mookodaasowinini(wag) - carpenter; carver
mookojigan(an) - plane (tool)
mookomaan(an) - knife

moona'- - digs for it
moona'ige - he digs (for something)
moona'w- - digs for him

mooningwane(g) - yellow-shafted flicker

moose(g) - worm

moosewiingwe - he has acne (on the face)

mooshhkinebii - it is full of liquid
mooshka'am - there is a flood
mooshka'an - there is a flood

mooshka'osi(wag) - american bittern, shypoke

mooshkaagami(n) - it is flood tide

mooshkamo - he comes up to the surface of the water

mooshkina'- - fills him up
mooshkinatoo- - fills it up
mooshkine - it is full; he is full
mooshkinebadoo- - fills it up (with liquid)
mooshkineban- - fills him up (with liquid)

mooshwe(g) - shawl
mooshwens(an) - handkerchief

mooz(oog) - moose

moozhag - all the time

moozhwaagan(an) - scissors

na'aanganikwe(g) - daughter-in-law
na'aangish - son-in-law

na'egaaj - just a little; not too hard

na'enimo - he stores things away; he saves something for later
na'in- - stores it away

na'isijige - he makes the bed; he fixes something up

na - (see: ina) used after the first word of a yes or no question

naabese(g) - male bird; cock

naabibii'ige - he copies (in writing)

naabidoo'- - threads it on; strings it
naabidoo'igan(an) - beading needle
naabidoo'ige - he threads beads

naabik- - wears it around the neck
naabikawaagan(an) - necktie; necklace [náábikawáágan]

naabikwaan(an) - ship, vessel

naabinootaage-makak(oon) - tape recorder
naabinootaw- - mimics him

naabishebizon(an) - earring [náábishébizon]

naadagoodoo - he checks his snares
naadasabii - he fetches nets; he picks up nets
naadashkosiwe - he hauls hay
naadasoonaagane - he checks trapline; he gets traps
naadi- - fetches it
naadinise - he fetches wood
naadobii - he gathers sap

naagaj apii - at a later time
naagaj - later; after a while

naagozi - he is visible
naagwad - it is visible

naaji- - seek; go after
naaji-wanii'ige - go after traps

naan- - fetches him; goes after him

naanan - five

naangan - it is light (in weight)
naangemin- - thinks him to be light (in weight)
naangend- - thinks it to be light (in weight)
naangide'e - he is happy; he is contented
naangiwane - he carries a light backpack
naangizi - he is light in weight
naangizide - he is light-footed

naanibaayawe - he yawns

naanimidana - fifty
naaning - five times

naaningim - often
naaningodinong - now and then; sometimes

naano- - five
naanogiizhigad - it is Friday
naanw- - five
naanwaak - five hundred

naasaab - like; the same
naasaabibii'- - copies it (writing)
naasaabibii'ige - he copies (writing)

naawakwe-wiisini - he eats noon meal [nááwakwe-wíísini]
naawakwe - it is noon [nááwakwe]

naawayi'ii - in the midst of it; in the middle of it [nááwayi'ii]
naawisag - in the middle of the floor
naawaakwaa - in the middle of the forest

naaya - correct?; right?

naazhaabii'igan(an) - violin; fiddle

naazibii - he goes after the water

naazik- - approaches it
naazikaw- - approaches him

nabagaa - it is flat
nabagijaane - he has a flat nose
nabagisag(oog) - flat board [nabágisag]
nabagizi - he is flat

nabon- - folds it; folds him

naboob - soup [nabóób]

nagad- - abandons it; leaves it behind
nagan- - abandons him; leaves him behind

nagadend- - is used to it; accustomed to it
nagadenim- - is used to him; accustomed to him

nagaji'- - is used to him; accustomed to him
nagajitoo- - is used to it; accustomed to it

nagamo - he sings
nagamon(an) - song
nagamoo-makak(oon) - phonograph
nagamowin(an) - song
nagamowin - singing

nagishk- - meets it
nagishkaw- - meets him

nagwaagan(an) - snare
nagwaaganeyaab(iin) - snare wire
nagwaan- - snares him

nagweyaab(iin) - rainbow [nagwéyaab, nagweyááb]

nakwebidoo- - catches it
nakwebin- - catches him

nakwetam - he answers
nakwetaw- - answers him

namadabi - he sits; he sits down [namádabi]

name(wag) - sturgeon
namébin(ag) - sucker (fish)
namebini-giizis - february

nanaa'ichige - he fixes things; he repairs
nanaa'in- - fixes him; repairs him
nanaa'itoo- - fixes it; repairs it
nanaandawii'- - heals him; doctors him
nanaandawii'iwe - he heals; he doctors

nanawaaband- - looks for it
nandagenimo - he seeks more; he does more than necessary
nandagikend- - seeks to know it; seeks to learn it
nandagikenim- - seeks to know him
nandamikwend- - seeks to recall it; seeks to remember it
nandawaabam- - looks for him
nandawaatoo - he scouts
nandawend- - wants it; wishes (for) it
nandawendaagwad - it is suitable; it is desirable
nandawendaagozi - he is suitable/desirable; - he is desirable to say/do it [nandawendáágozi]
nandawenim- - wants him to do
nandawenjige - he hunts
nandawishibe - he hunts ducks

nandobani - he goes to war

nandodamaw- - begs him for it
nandodamaage- - begs for it
nandodamaage - he begs

nandokawe'- - looks for his tracks

nandom- - calls him; summons him
nandomaam- - takes a smell of him
nandone'- - looks for it
nandone'w- - looks for him
nandoobii - he looks for a drink
nandookome - he looks for lice
nandookomeshii(yag) - monkey

nandotam - he requests; he asks

nandwaanikaad- - drills for it; digs for it

nandwewem- - calls to have him
nandwewemo - he calls or shouts (not being seen)
nandwewend- - calls for to have it
nandwewezige - he makes attention; he calls by firing a gun

naniibikim- - scolds him

naniizaanad - it is dangerous
naniizaanenim- - thinks him dangerous; thinks him to be in danger
naniizaanizi - he is dangerous

napodin(ag) - dumpling

nasanaamo - he exhales

nasawa'ogaan(an) - square

nase'- - sugars it off
nase'igan(an) - granulated maple sugar -
nase'ige - he sugars off

nashke - (see: inashke) look!' behold!

nawaj - more than

nawapo - he takes a lunch along

nayenzh - both [nayénzh]

nazhikewizi - he is alone

nazikwe'w- - combs his hair

negwaakwaan(an) - tap (for sugaring)

nenaapaajinikesi(wag) - mole

nendodamaageshkid - beggar

nenookaasi(wag) - hummingbird
nenookaasiins(ag) - hummingbird

nese - he breathes
nesezo - he pants (like a dog)

neshangaabeke - he has a slender, snake-like build

neshangishin - he lies relaxed; he lies limp

newe(g) - bullsnake

neyaab - returned

neyaashi(wan) - point of land

ni- - first person (i, we/us exclusive) personal prefix - before stems beginning with m, n, w

ni- - leaving speaker (see: ani-)

nibaa- - at night
nibaa - he sleeps [nibáá]
nibaagan(an) - bed [nibáágan]
nibaaganiigin(oon) - bedsheet
nibaawin - sleep [nibááwin]
nibe'- - makes him sleep
nibewigamig(oon) - bedroom
nibewini-abiwin(an) - bedroom

nibi - water [nibí]
nibiikaa - there is much water
nibiiwan - it is wet; it is watery
nibiiwisagizi - he is water-logged

nibo - he dies; he is dead [nibó]
niboowi - he is paralyzed
niboowise - he has a stroke; he is paralyzed

nibwaakaa - he is wise; he is intelligent

nigig(wag) - otter

niibawi - he stands

niibid(an) - my tooth

niibidebi- - they sit in a row
niibidebiwag - they sit in a row

niibiishkadamo(n) - it (road) is wet

niibin - it is summer [nííbin]
niibinishi - he spends the summer somewhere
niibinong - last summer

niibowa - (also: niibiwa) a lot; many; much [nííbowa]
niibowagad- - there are alot of... (inanimate plural subject)
niibowagadoon - there are alot of them
niibowagizi- - there are alot of... (animate plural subject)
niibowagiziwag - there are alot of them

niigaani - he goes first; he leads
niigaaniwin- - leads him

niigode - it breaks; it bursts (from heat)
niigoshin - he breaks (falling, dropping)
niigoshk- - breaks it (by foot or body action)
niigoshkaa - it is broken
niigosidoo- - breaks it (dropping, throwing)
niigosin - it breaks (falling, dropping)
niigozo - he breaks (by heat)

niijii - my brother, my friend (vocative) [nííjii]
niijikiwe(yag) - my brother, my friend

niikimo - he growls (like a dog)

niima'- - picks it up or carries it (with an instrument)
niima'w- - picks him up or carries him (with an instrument)
niimaakwa'- - picks it up or carries it (with a stick)
niimaakwa'w- - picks him up or carries him (with a stick)
niimam- - picks him up in mouth; carries him in mouth
niimand- - picks it up in mouth; carries it in mouth

niimi'- - makes him dance
niimi'idi - they dance
niimi'idiwin - dance [niimí'idiwin]
niimi'iwe - he gives a dance [niimí'iwe]
niimi - he dances

niimidana - forty

niin - i, me

niinag(an) - my penis

niinamad - it is weak
niinaminaagozi - he looks weak
niinamizi - he is weak

niinawind - we, us (exclusive)
niinedog - me!; myself!
niineta - i, me only; i, me alone
niinetawind - we, us (exclusive) only; we, us alone

niinim - my sibling-in-law of the opposite sex
niinimoshe(yag) - my cousin, my sweetheart [niinimoshé]
niinindib - my brain

niinitam - i, me first; i, me next
niinitamawind - we, us (exclusive) first; we, us next

niinizis(an) - my hair
niinzob(an) - my bladder, my gall

niisaajiwan - it is downstream; it goes downstream
niisaakiiwe - he goes downhill; he goes down
niisaakiiwebatoo - he runs downhill; he runs down
niisaandawe - he climbs down; he goes downstairs
niisaandawebatoo - he runs down; he runs downstairs
niisaandawebizo - he goes down fast; he goes down in an elevator or escalator
niisayi'ii - below it; down from it

niishtana - twenty

niisibidoo- - tears it down; tears it
niisibin- - tears him down; tears him

niiskaadad - it is nasty weather

niitaa(g) - my brother-in-law
niitaawis(ag) - my (male's) male cross-cousin; my mother's nephew

niiwaak - four hundred

niiwana'w - kills him; slaughters him
niiwanishin - he is killed; he is in a fatal collision

niiwin - four
niiwing - four times

niiyaas - my flesh
niiyaw - my body
niiyawe'e(yag) - my namesake

niiyo- - four
niiyo-giizhigad - it is Thursday

niizh - two
niizhing - two times; twice
niizho- - two
niizho-giizhigad - it is Tuesday
niizhtana - twenty
niizhw- - two
niizhwaak - two hundred

niizhwaaching - seven times
niizhwaasimidana - seventy
niizhwaaso- - seven
niizhwaasw- - seven
niizhwaaswaak - seven hundred
niizhwaaswi - seven
nikaatig(oon) - my forehead

nikakwan(an) - my shin
nikan(an) - my bone
nikidin - my vulva
nikon(an) - my liver
nikwegan(an) - my neck

nim- - first person (i/me, we/us exclusive) personal prefix - before stems beginning with b

nimaamaa - my eyebrow hair
nimaamaa(yag) - my mother
nimbaabaa(yag) - my father
nimbwaam(an) - my hindquarter, thigh
nimiishigwaan(an) - my pubic hair
nimisad(an) - my belly, stomach
nimise(yag) - my sister
nimishoome(yag) - my uncle; my father's brother [nimishóóme]
nimishoomis(ag) - my grandfather

nin- - first person (i/me, we/us exclusive) personal prefix - before stems beginning with d, j, g, z, zh

ninaabem - my husband

ninaabidoo'aan zhaabonigan - i thread a needle

ninaan(ag) - my calf of leg
ninagaakininj(iin) - my palm of hand
ninagaakizid(an) - my sole of foot
ninagaskway(an) - my palate
ninagizh(iin) - my intestine
ninashkid - my tail

nind- - first person (i, we/us exclusive) personal prefix - before stems, beginning with vowel

nindaamikan(an) - my chin, jaw
nindaan(ag) - my daughter
nindaangwe(g) - my sister-in-law
nindaanikobijagan - my great-grandchild, great-grandparent
ninde'(an) - my heart [nindé']
nindenaniw(an) - my tongue [nindénaniw]
nindengway(an) - my face
nindenigom(ag) - my nose
nindenigom(ag) - my nostril
nindi(y) - my rump
nindiniigan(ag) - my shoulderblade
nindinimaangan(an) - my shoulder
nindis - my navel
nindoodem(ag) - my totem, clan
nindoodooshim(ag) - my breast
nindoon(an) - my mouth
nindoondan(an) - my heel
nindooskwan(an) - my elbow
nindoozhim(ag) - my nephew, stepson
nindoozhimikwem(ag) - my stepdaughter
nindoozhimis(ag) - my niece
ningidig(wag) - my knee

ningaabi'an - west
ningaabi'anong - in or to the west

ningiaw- - melts him (snow)
ningide - it melts; it thaws
ningiz- - melts it
ningizo - he melts; he thaws

ningo- - one
ningo-anami'egiizhig - week
ningoding - (also: ingoding) once; at one time
ningodo- - one

ningodwaaching - six times

ningodwaak - (also: ingodwaak) one hundred
ningodwaasimidana - (also: ingodwaasimidana) sixty
ningodwaaso- - (also: ingodwaaso-, ingodwaasw-) six
ningodwaaswaak - (also: ingodwaaswaak) six hundred
ningodwaaswi - (also: ingodwaaswi) six

ningoji - (also: ingoji) somewhere [ningóji]

ningondashkway - my throat
ningos(ag) - my son

ningwa'- - buries it
ningwa'w- - buries him

ningwaanakwad - it is cloudy

niniigi'ig(oog) - my parent
niniishk(wag) - my gland, tonsil
ninik(an) - my arm
nining(wiin) - my armpit
niningwiigan(an) - my wing

niningaji - he shivers

nininj(iin) - my finger, hand
ninishiwag - my testicles
ninjiid - my rectum
ninjiingwan(ag) - my lap, thigh
ninjiitaad(an) - my sinew
ninoogan(an) - my hip
ninoshe(yag) - my aunt; my mother's sister [ninoshé]
ninow(ag) - my cheek
ninzhaga'ay - my skin
ninzhiigan - my back
ninzhishe(yag) - my uncle; mother's brother [ninzhishé]
ninzid(an) - my foot
ninzigos(ag) - my aunt; my father's sister [ninzigós]
ninzigozis(ag) - my mother-in-law
ninzinis(ag) - my father-in-law
nipan(an) - my lung

nis- - kills him

nisaabaawe - it gets wet; he gets wet; he drowns

nisaki - down the hill; at the foot of the mountain

nisawa'ogaan(an) - wigwam with peaked roof

nisawayi'ii - in the middle of it; in between it

nishiime(yag) - my younger sibling

nishiwe - he kills people

nishkaadizi - he is angry; he is mad [nishkáádizi]
nishkaadiziwin - anger [nishkáádiziwin]
nishki'- - angers him

nishkanzh(iig) - my nail, hoof
nishkiinzhig(oon) - my eye
nishtigwaan(an) - my head

nishwaaching - (see: ishwaaching) eight times
nishwaasimidana - (see: ishwaasimidana) eighty
nishwaaso- - (see: ishwaaso-) eight
nishwaasw- - (see: ishwaasw-) eight
nishwaaswaak - (see: ishwaaswaak) eight hundred
nishwaaswi - (see: ishwaaswi) eight

nisidot- - understands it
nisidotam - he understands
nisidotaw- - understands him

nisimidana - thirty [nísimidana]
nisíng - three times; thrice
niso- - three
nisw- - three
niswaak - three hundred
niswi - three [níswi]

nitaa- - knows how to; is skillful at
nitaa-wanendam - he is forgetful

nitaage - he kills (hunting); he mourns
nitoo- - kills it

nitaawe - he is skillful in speaking or singing

nitaawigi'- - rears him

nitám - first

nitawag(an) - my ear
niwiidigemaagan(ag) - my spouse
niwiiw(ag) - my wife

noodamikwe - he hunts beaver; he traps beaver

noodin - it is windy [nóódin]

noogi - he stops (stands still)
noogibatoo - he stops running
noogibide - it stops moving; it stops speeding
noogibizo - he stops moving; he stops speeding; he stops driving
noogigabaawi - he stops (stands still); he stops and stands in place
noogin- - stops it (by hand)
noogise - he stops
noogishkaa - he stops moving; he stops off
noogishkaa - it stops moving; it stops running
noogishkaawigamig(oon) - hotel

nooji'- - seeks him; goes after him
nooji- - seek; go after
noojigiigooyiwe - he goes fishing
noojikwewe - he is catting around

noojimo - he recovers from an illness; he heals

nookaa - it is soft; it is tender
nookaadad - it is mild
nookaadizi - he is meek; he is mild
nookide - it is cooked tender
nookiz- - cooks it tender
nookizi - he is soft; he is tender
nookizo - he is cooked tender
nookizw- - cooks him tender

nookomis(ag) - my grandmother

noomag - for a spell; a short while [nóómag]
noomagebizo - it (vehicle) runs for a spell and quits (as in auto trouble)

noomaya - recently

noominigan - ointment, salve

noond- - hears it
noondaagozi - he can be heard; he makes noise [noondáágozi]
noondaagwad - it can be heard; it makes noise [noondáágwad]
noondam - he hears; he listens
noondaw- - hears him

noondeshin - he is fatigued

noongom - now; today [nóóngom]

nooni'- - breastfeeds him
nooni - he suckles

noopiming - inland; in the woods; up in the north [nóópiming]
noopinadoo- - follows it
noopinan- - follows him

nooshkaachige - he winnows (wild rice)
nooshkaachinaagan(an) - winnowing tray
nooshkaatoo- - winnows it

nooskwaada'- - licks it
nooskwaada'w- - licks him

noozhishe(yag) - my grandchild

o - third person (he, she, it, they) personal prefix -
o- - (see: awi-) go over to

o'o - this (inanimate)
o'ow - this (inanimate)

obiigomakakii(g) - toad

obiimiskodissii(g) - snail

oboodashkwaanishiinh(yag) - dragonfly [oboodashkwaanishíính]

od- - third person (he, she, it, they) personal prefix - before stems beginning with a vowel

odaabaad- - drags it
odaabaan(ag) - car; sled; sleigh
odaabaan- - drags him
odaabii'- - drives him (a car, a draft animal)
odaabii'aagan(ag) - draft animal
odaabii'iwe - he drives
odaabii - he drags (something) odáábii]

odaake-ogimaa(g) - governor
odaake - he steers

odaapinamaw- - accepts (it) from him
odàapin- - accepts it; picks it up; accepts him; picks him up
odaapinige - he accepts; he takes; he picks up

odaawaa(g) - ottawa (odawa) indian

odamino - he plays [odámino]
odaminoowigamigoons(an) - child's playhouse
odaminwaagan(ag) - doll
odaminwaagan(an) - plaything [odaminowáágan]
odaminwaajigan(ag) - doll

odatagaagominagaawanzh(iig) - blackberry bush
odataggagomin(an) - blackberry

ode'imin(an) - strawberry [odé'imin]
ode'imini-giizis - june [odé'imini-giizis]

odis- - reaches him; visits him
odit- - reaches it (a place or object)

odoonibii(g) - tullibee
odoonibiins(ag) - tullibee

ogaa(wag) - walleye [ogáá]

ogichidaa(g) - warrior

ogiikadaanaangwe(g) - salamander

ogimaa(g) - chief; boss; anyone in authority
ogimaakwe(g) - wife of anyone in authority; woman leader; queen
ogimaawi - he is the leader
ogimaawigamig(oon) - head office; administration office

ogin(iig) - rosehip
oginibag(oon) - rose flower
oginii-dagonigan - catsup
oginii-waabigwan(an) - rose flower

ogo(w) - (see: ongow) these (animate)

ogsimaan(ag) - pumpkin; squash
ogwisimaan - pumpkin; squash

ojaanimi- - be busy or noisy [ojáánimi-]
ojaanimitaa - he is busy (in some work or activity)
ojaanimitoo- - is eager to do it
ojaanimizi - he is busy

ojibwe- - Ojibwe (Chippewa) [ojíbwe]
ojibwemo - he speaks Ojibwe [ojibwémo]
ojibwemowin - Ojibwe language [ojibwémowin]

ojii(g) - fly (insect) [ójii]

ojiibik(an) - root [ojííbik]

ojiig(ag)(wag) - fisher

ojiim- - kisses him

ojiins(ag) - fly (insect)
okaadaak(oon) - carrot
okaadaakoons(an) - carrot

okaadakik(oog) - legged kettle; treaty kettle

okaadenigan(an) - braided rug; braid
okaadenige - he braids

okaadiginebig(oog) - skink

okaniwaapine - he has arthritis; he has rheumatism

okawiwin(an) - track, footstep

okíj(iin) - pipestem
okijaabik(oon) - stovepipe; tailpipe

okosidoo- - piles it up

okosimaan - pumpkin; squash

omaa - here
omakakii(g) - frog
omakakiiwinini(wag) - finn

omashkooz(oog) - elk

ombaabiigin- - lifts it / him (with rope or chain)
ombaakwa'- - lifts it with a stick
ombaakwa'w- - lifts him with a stick
ombaashi - he is lifted up by the wind
ombaasin - it is lifted up by the wind

ombendam - he is excited, exalted, hopeful
ombi'- - excites him; stirs him up
ombindam - he is exalted (in thought)
ombigamizige - he boils sap to sugar
ombiigizi - he is loud; he is noisy; he is disturbing
ombiigiziwin - noice [ombiigíziwin]
ombin- - lifts it up; lifts him up
ombiwidoo- - lifts and carries it
ombiwin- - lifts and carries him

ombisijigan - baking powder
ombizigan - baking soda

omboomigo - he mounts a horse

ombwewebinige - he throws things around; he makes a mess

omiimii(g) - dove; pigeon

omóóday(an) - bottle [omóóday]
omoodayaabik(oon) - glass, piece of glass

onaabam- - chooses him; sorts him out
onaaband- - chooses it; sorts it out
onaabanjige - he chooses

onaabanad - there is a crust on the snow
onaabani-giizis - march

onaagaans(an) - cup; small plate
onáágan(an) - dish; plate

onaagoshi(n) - it is evening
onaagoshi-wiisini - he eats supper [onáágoshi-wíísini]

onabi - he is seated; he sits

onaga'eboye(yag) - lamprey

onda'ibaan(an) - water well

ondaadad - it originates there
ondaadizi - he is born; he comes from there [ondáádizi]
ondaadiziike - she gives birth

ondaas - on this side [ondáás]
ondaasayi'ii - on this side of it

ondamitaa - he is busy (in some work or activity)

onde - it boils

ondendi - he is away; he is absent from
ondin- - gets it from there; gets him from there
ondoode - he crawls from there
ondose - he walks from there

ongo(w) - (see: ogow) these (animate)
ongowedig - these over here

oniijaani(wag) - doe

onishkaa - he gets up

onizhishi - he is nice; he is pretty; he is good [onízhishi]
onizhishin - it is nice; it is good [onízhishin]

onji- - from there; the reason why; because
onjibaa - he comes from there
onjibatoo - he runs from there
onjibide - it speeds from there
onjibizo - he speeds from there; he drives from there
onjidaabii'iwe - he drives from there
onjii - he comes from there

onjigaa - it leaks; it drips; sap flows

ono(w) - these (animate)

onwaachige - he foretells the future
onwaachigewikwe(g) - female prophet
onwaachigewinini(wag) - male prophet

onz- - boils it
onzo - he boils
onzw- - boils him

onzaam - too much; extremely
onzaam wiiba - too early
onzaam wiikaa - too late

onzaamaakide - it is burnt crisp
onzaamaakizo - he is burnt crisp

onzaamendam - he gives it too much consideration
onzaamenimo - he is very elated
onzaamibadoo- - fills it too much (a liquid)
onzaamiban- - gives him too much to drink
onzaamibii - he drinks too much
onzaamichige - he overdoes it (undesirable)
onzaamidoon - he talks too much
onzaamiinad - there is quite a lot of it
onzaamine - he is quite ill
onzaamingwaam - he oversleeps
onzaamiwane - he packs too heavy a load

oo - well; so

oodena(wan) - town [oodéna]
oodenawan - there is a town [oodénawan]

ookwe(g) - maggot [ookwé]

ookwemin(an) - black cherry
ookweminagaawanzh(iig) - black cherry bush

opichí(wag) - robin

opime-ayi'ii - on the side of it
opimekana - along the pathway; along the roadside
opimese - he falls on side
opimeshim- - makes him lie on side (not back)
opimeshin - he lies on side
opimesidoo- - lays it on side
opimesin - it lies on the side

opin(iig) - potato

opwaagaans(ag) - cigarette
opwáágan(ag) - pipe (for smoking)
opwaaganasin(iig) - pipestone [opwááganasin]

oshedinaa - there is a mountain ridge

oshkaabewis(ag) - official or officer of a ceremony

oshkanzhiikaajigan(an) - (also: bebezhigoganzhii-makizinan) horseshoe

oshki- - new
oshki-aya'aa(g) - someone new; someone young [oshkí-aya'aa]
oshki-ayi'ii(an) - something new; something young
oshki-bimaadizi - he is young; he begins life
oshki-dibikad - the night is young [óshki-díbikad]
oshkiinzhigokaanan - eye-glasses
oshkiinzhigokewinini(wag) - optometrist
oshkikonaye - he dresses in a new outfit
oshkinaagozi - he looks new [oshkínáágozi]
oshkinaagwad - it looks new [oshkínáágwad]
oshkinawe(g) - young man
oshkiniigi - he is young
oshkiniigikwe(g) - young woman

oshtigwaanens(an) - postage stamp

otaagibing-aniibiish(an) - spinach

owidi - over here

ozaawaa-bimide - butter
ozaawaa-zhooniyaa - gold
ozaawaa - it is yellow; it is brown
ozaawaabik(oon) - brass [ozááwáábik]
ozaawaabikoons(ag) - cent; penny [ozaawáábikoons]
ozaawaawan(oon) - yolk
ozaawi-bimide - butter
ozaawinezi - is jaundiced
ozaawizi - he is yellow; he is brown

ozhaashaa - it is slippery; it is slick
ozhaashigob(iig) - slippery elm
ozhaashikoshin - he slips and falls on ice
ozhaashishin - he slips and falls
ozhaashizi - he is slippery; he is slick

ozhaawashko- - green; blue
ozhaawashko-aniibiish - green tea
ozhaawashko-manoomin - green rice
ozhaawashkozi - he is blue; he is green
ozhaawashkwaa - it is green; it is blue [ozhááwashkwaa]
ozhaawashkwaabagaa - there are green leaves [ozhaawashkwáábagaa]

ozhaawashkwaabi - he has a blackeye

ozhi'- - makes him

ozhibii'igan(an) - something written, document [ozhibíí'igan]
ozhibii'iganaaboo - ink
ozhibii'iganaak(oon) - pen; pencil [ozhibíí'iganáák]
ozhibii'iganaatig(oog) - pen; pencil [ozhibíí'iganáátig]
ozhibii'ige - he writes [ozhibíí'ige]
ozhibii'igewigamig(oon) - office
ozhibii'igewikwe(g) - secretary; female clerk
ozhibii'igewinini(wag) - male clerk

ozhiga'ige - he taps trees

ozhige - he builds a dwelling

ozhiishigi - he has a scar

ozhiitaa - he gets ready; he prepares

ozhim- - escapes from him
ozhimo - he flees

ozhisinaagane - he sets the table

ozhitamaw- - makes (it) for him
ozhitaw- - makes (it) for him
ozhitoo- - makes it

oziigaa - it is wrinkled
oziigiingwe - he has a wrinkled face
oziigizi - he is wrinkled

oziisigobimizhii-makak(oon) - willow basket
oziisigobimizh(iig) - willow [oziisigóbimizh]

ozosodam - he coughs
ozosodamwaapine - he has tb

pane - (see: apane) always; continuously

sa - (see: isa) emphatic word of novelty

sh - (see: dash) and; and then

shi - (see: ashi) plus (used in counting)

so - this

wa'aw - this (animate)
wa'awedi - this (animate)

waa- - (see: wii-) will; want to (future tense verb prefix with initial change)

waabaabigan - white clay; white earth

waabam- - sees him
waabamoojichaagwaan(an) - mirror

waaban - it is dawn; east

waaband- - sees it
waabanda'- - shows (it) to him
waabanda'iwe - he shows it

waabang - tomorrow

waabange - he observes people, he is a witness, spectator

waabanong - in the east

waabashkiki(wan) - swamp [wáábashkiki]

waabi-makade - smokeless gunpowder
waabi-manoomin - white rice

waabi - he sees

waabide - it is ripe
waabigan - clay [wáábigan]

waabigon(iin) - flower
waabigonii-giizis - (also:zaagibagaa-giizis) may
waabigwan(iin) - flower

waabiingwe - he is pale
waabijiiyaa - it is grey
waabijiizii - he is grey
waabikwe - he has grey hair

waabishkaa - it is white
waabishki-zhooniyaa - silver
waabishkiigin(oon) - sheet
waabishkindibe - he has white hair
waabishkizi - he is white

waabizhagindibe - he is bald

waabizheshi(wag) - marten

waabizii(g) - swan [wáábizii]

waabizo - he is ripe

waabooyaan(an) - blanket

waabooz(oog) - rabbit; snowshoe hare [wáábóóz]

waabowayaan(an) - blanket

waagaakwad(oon) - ax; hatchet [waagáákwad]

waagibidoo- - bends it; bows it (pulling)
waagibin- - bends him; bows him (pulling)
waagin- - bends (bows) it; bends (bows) him

waaginaak(oog) - canoe rib

waaginogaan(an) - lodge; wigwam

waagosh(ag) - fox [waagóósh, wáágosh]

waak(wag) - fish egg

waakaa'igan(an) - house, wall [waakáa'igan]
waakaa'ige - he builds a house [wáákaa'ige]
waakaa'igewinini(wag) - carpenter

waakoons(ag) - fish egg

waanikaan(an) - hole (in the ground) [wáánikaan]
waanike - he digs a hole

waanzh - (see: waazh) animal's den, cave

waasa - far off

waasamo- - power; electric
waasamo - he flashes
waasamoo-anokiiwinini(wag) - electrician
waasamoo-bimide - gasoline
waasamoo-waazakonenjigan(an) - electric lamp
waasamowag animikiig - there is lightening [wáásamowag anímikiig]
waasamowin - electricity, lightning [wáásamowin]

waasawad - it is far

waaséchigan(an) - window [waaséchigan]
waasechiganaabik(oon) - window glass; window pane
waasechiganiigin(oon) - window curtain

waashkobaagamig(in) - soft drink
waashkobizid(jig) bakwezhigan(ag) - sweet roll; cake

waasikwa'- - polishes it; makes it shine

waatebagaa-giizis - (see:binaakwe-giizis) october
waatebago-giizis - october

waawaabiganoojii(yag) - mouse [waawaabiganóójii]

waawaashkeshi(wag) - deer [waawaashkéshi, waawááshkeshi]

waawaatesi(wag) - firefly

waawan(oon) - egg
waawanoon ningodozibideg - one dozen eggs

waawiinigiizhwe - he speaks nasty

waawiyebii'igan(an) - compass (drawing instrument)
waawiyebii'ige - he draws circles
waawiyeminagad - it is round (globular)
waawiyeminagizi - he is round (globular)
waawiyetoo- - makes it round
waawiyeyaa - it is round (circular) [waawiyéyaa]
waawiyezi - he is round (circular)

waazakone - it glows
waazakonenjigan(an) - lamp [waazakonénjigan]

waazh(an) - animal's den; cave

waazhibiiyaa - there is a pond; there is a pothole of water; there is a water puddle

wadab(iin) - small flexible root
wadabii-makak(oon) - basket (woven from roots)
wadikwan(an) - branch

wadiswan(an) - bird's nest

wadoop(iig) - speckled alder (tag alder)

wajiw(an) - mountain

wakewaji - he can't take the cold; he gets chilled easily

wakikaandag(oog) - (also:okikaandagood) jack pine

wanaabidoo'- - makes a mistake beading it (loomwork)
wanaabidoo'ige - he makes a mistake beading (loomwork)
wanaanimizi - he has stagefright; his mind is mixed up

wanagek(wag) - bark (tree) [wanagék]
wanagekogamig(oon) - bark lodge

wanakong - on the tip; on the tree-top

wandawendam - he desires

wanend- - forgets it
wanendam - he forgets [wanéndam]
wanendamaa - he faints
wanenim- - forgets him

wani'- - loses him

wani- - in error; by mistake
wani-bakite'ibii'ige - he makes a typing mistake
wani-giizhwe - he makes a mistake in speaking
wanibatoo - he runs the wrong way
wanibii'- - makes a mistake writing it
wanibii'ige - he makes a mistake writing
wanibizo - he gets lost driving
wanichige - he makes a mistake
wanigwaad- - makes a mistake sewing it

wanii'igan(an) - trap
wanii'ige - he traps
wanii'igewinini(wag) - trapper

waninawe'- - stirs it
waninawe'igan(an) - egg beater; mixer

wanishim- - misplaces him
wanishin - he is lost; he gets lost
wanisidoo- - misplaces it
wanisin - it is lost; it gets lost
wanitoo- - loses it

wawenabi - he sits down; he is seated

wawezhi'o - he dresses up; he paints face

wawiinge - well; good; proper [wawíínge]
wawiingechige - he does it exactly; he does it skillfully
wawiingetoo- - fixes it well
wawiingezi - he is skillful

wawiiyazhinaagozi - he looks funny
wawiiyazhinaagwad - it looks funny (laughable)
wayaabanged - spectator

wayaabishkiiwed - white man

wayeshkad - at first; first

wayezhim- - cheats him
wayezhinge - he cheats

wayiiba - soon [wayííba]

wazhashk(wag) - muskrat [wazháshk]

webaashi - he is blown away by the wind
webaasin - it is blown away by the wind

webin- - throws it away; throws him away

wedotwaag - jello

wegodogwen(an) - i don't know what; i don't know whatever

wegonen gaye - what else
wegonen(an) - what [wégonén]
wegonesh - what

wegwaagi - (also: awegwaagi) behold!

wemitigoozhi(wag) - frenchman

wenda - (see:enda) just; just so

wendad - it is easy; it is cheap
wendaginde - it is cheap
wendizi - he is easy; he is cheap
wenipanad - it is easy

weniban - disappeared!; gone!

wenji- - (see:onji) from there; the reason why; because

wese'an - it is a tornado

wewaagaag(in) - banana
wewaagizid - banana

wewebanaabii - he fishes with a pole

wewebizo - he swings himself; he rocks himself
wewebizon(an) - baby swing

weweni - proper; correct

wewese'idizo - he fans the air to cool self
wewese'igan(an) - fan
wewese'ige - he fans the air to cool off
wewese'w- - fans the air to cool him

wewiib - hurry!; quick! [wewííb]
wewiibi'- - makes him hurry
wewiibigwaange(g) - teal
wewiibishkaa - he hurries [wewííbishkaa]
wewiibitaa - he hurries (in some activity or work) [wewííbitaa]

wezaawiminagazid - orange (fruit)

wii'- - want to; will
wii- - want to; will

wiibidaakaajiganan - false teeth
wiibidaakaajiganikewinini(wag) - dentist

wiidabim- - sits with him
wiidige - he is married
wiidigem- - is married to him
wiidookaw- - helps him
wiidoopam- - eats with him
wiidosem- - walks with him

wiigiwaam(an) - wigwam; lodge [wíígiwaam]

wiigob - basswood (inner) bark
wiigobaatig(oog) - basswood tree
wiigobiminzh(iig) - basswood tree

wiigwaas(ag) - birch bark
wiigwaasabakwaan(ag) - birchbark roofing
wiigwaasabakway(an) - birchbark covering; birchbark roofing
wiigwaasi-jiimaan(an) - birchbark canoe; canoe
wiigwaasi-makak(oon) - birchbark container
wiigwaasi-mitig(oog) - white birch tree
wiigwaasike - he removes bark from birch tree(s)

wiijanokiim- - works with him
wiijayaaw- - is with him; stays with him
wiiji- - with; in company with
wiiji-gamigishkaw- - he is a neighbor to someone
wiiji-gim- - he is of the same age as someone
wiijii'iwe - he accompanies
wiijiiw- - is with him; goes with him
wiijiiwaagan(ag) - companion; partner

wiikaa - late; seldom [wiikáá]

wiikobidoo- - pulls it
wiikobijigan(an) - dresser; chest of drawers
wiikobin- - pulls him

wiikom- - invites him (to a feast)
wiikonge - he gives feast; he invites

wiikwa'ibaan(an) - pump
wiikwam- - sucks him
wiikwamo - he sucks
wiikwand- - sucks it

wiikwe-ayi'ii - at the edge of the bay
wiikwegamaa - there is a bay

wiimbaa - it is hollow
wiimbizi - he is hollow
wiimbwewe - it gives a hollow sound
wiin- - names his name

wiin - he; him; she; her

wiinaadizi - behave indecently
wiinaagami(n) - it is dirty (liquid)
wiinaajimo - he tells dirty stories [wiináájimo]
wiinad - it is dirty [wíínad]

wiinawaa - they (animate)
wiindamaage - he tells (of it); he announces
wiindamaw- - tells him (of it)

wiindigoo(g) - cannibal

wiinedog - him!; himself!; her!; herself!
wiinetawaa - they (animate) alone; they only

wiini'- - makes him dirty
wiinichige - he dirties things up
wiinininjii - his hand(s) are dirty
wiinisagaa - it (the floor, or smth. wooden) is dirty
wiinitoo- - dirties it up

wiinino - he is fat

wiinitam - he is first; he is next
wiinitamawaa - they (animate) first; they next

wiinizi - he is dirty [wíínizi]
wiinizide - he has dirty feet

wiinizik(oog) - yellow birch

wiipem- - sleeps with him
wiipemaawaso - he sleeps with someone protectively

wiisaakodewikwe(g) - mixed-blood female
wiisaakodewinini(wag) - mixed-blood male

wiisagaa - it is bitter
wiisagaagami(n) - it (liquid) is bitter
wiisagan - it is bitter

wiisagendam - he is in pain
wiisagine - he is noisy from pain
wiisagishkaw- - hurts him

wiisagi-desadinigaazod - pizza
wiisagipogozi - he tastes bitter
wiisagipogwad - it tastes bitter
wiisagizi - he is bitter

wiishkobaagami(n) - it (liquid) is sweet
wiishkoban - it is sweet [wííshkoban]
wiishkobipogwad - it tastes sweet
wiishkobizi - he tastes sweet [wííshkobizi]

wiisini - he eats [wíísini]
wiisiniiwigamig(oon) - restaurant; cafe
wiisiniwin - food

wiiwakwaan(an) - hat [wííwakwaan, wiiwakwáán]

wiiwegin- - wraps it; wraps him

wiiyaas - meat
wiiyaasaaboo - broth
wiiyaasens(an) - lunch meat
wiiyaasi-dakoniwewinini(wag) - game warden; conservation officer
wiiyaasinaboob - stew

zaaga'am - he goes out; he goes to the outhouse
zaaga'amoowigamig(oon) - (also:miiziiwigamigoon) outhouse; privy

zaaga'igaans(an) - small lake; pond
zaaga'igan(iin) - lake [záága'igan]

zaagi'- - loves him; likes him

zaagibagaa-giizis - (see:waabigoni-giizis) may
zaagibagaa - it buds

zaagitoo- - loves it; likes it

zaagizi'- - takes him out
zaagizitoo- - takes it out

zaasaakwe - he gives war whoops

zaasakokwaad- - fries it
zaasakokwaan(ag) - fry-bread
zaasakokwaan- - fries him
zaasakokwe - he fries (something)

zaasijiwan - it (water) ripples

zaatemaagwad - it smells rancid
zaatepogwad - it tastes rancid
zaateshin - he is rancid
zaatesin - it is rancid

zaga'igan(an) - nail

zagaskwaajime(g) - leech

zagaswaa - he smokes [zagaswáá]
zagaswe'- - gives a smoke
zagaswe'idi- - they have a council meeting; they smoke together [zagaswé'idi-]
zagaswe'idiiwinini(wag) - councilman
zagaswe'idiwag - they have a council meeting
zagaswe'iwe - he gives a ceremony

zagime(g) - mosquito

zaka'- - ignites it
zaka'w- - ignites him

zakataagan(an) - tinder; punk

zanagad - it is difficult [zánagad]
zanagend- - thinks it hard; thinks it difficult
zanagenim- - thinks he is hard; thinks he is difficult
zanagizi - he is difficult

zasagaa - the brush is heavy; the brush is thick
zasakwaa - the frost is heavy; the frost is thick

zazaagizi - he is stingy

zegendaagozi - he is fearful
zegendam - he is nervous; he is fearful
zegi'- - frightens him
zegim- - fears him

zeginaagozi - he looks scared
zegizi - he is scared

zeginikeshin - he sprains arm; he sprains wrist
zegizideshin - he sprains foot

zenibaa(yag) - ribbon; silk

zesab(iig) - nettle

zesegan - little hail, it is hailing [zeségan]

zesegide'e - my heart beats violently

zesika - (also: gezikaa) suddenly; unexpectedly; all of a sudden

zhaabobatoo - he runs through
zhaabokaawizi - he has diarrhea [zhaabokááwizi]
zhaabonigan(an) - needle [zháábonigan]

zhaaboomin(ag) - gooseberry
zhaaboominagaawanzh(iig) - gooseberry bush

zhaabozigan(an) - laxative
zhaabwayi'ii - through it

zhaaganaash(ag) - englishman [zhááganáásh]
zhaaganaashiimo - he speaks english

zhaagode'e - he is cowardly

zhaagooji'- - defeats him
zhaagooji'iwe - he is victorious

zhaagwaadad - it is weak
zhaagwaadizi - he is weak
zhaagwaagami(n) - it (liquid) is weak
zhaagwend- - thinks it is weak
zhaagwenim- - thinks him to be weak
zhaagwenimo - he lacks courage; he lacks faith in himself
zhaagwiiwii - he is weak (no muscular strength)

zhaangaching - nine times
zhaangasimidana - ninety
zhaangaso- - nine
zhaangasw- - nine
zhaangaswi - nine [zháángaswi]

zhaangweshi(wag) - mink

zhaashaaginizide - he is barefoot

zhaashaagwam- - chews him
zhaashaagwand- - chews it

zhaawan - south [zhááwan]
zhaawanong - in the south; to the south [zhááwanong]

zhagashkaandawe(g) - flying squirrel

zhakaagonagaa - the snow is soft; the snow is mushy

zhakamo - he puts something in mouth

zhakipo(n) - heavy, wet snow falls

zhawendaagozi - he is blessed; he is pitied; he is fortunate [zhawendáágozi]
zhawendaagwad - it is blessed; it is pitied [zhawendáágwad]

zhawenim- - blesses him; has pity on him
zhawenjige - he is merciful; he is kind-hearted

zhayiigwa - already

zhebaa - this morning (just past) [zhébaa]

zhegon- - pokes it in

zhigaag(wag) - skunk
zhigaagawanzh(iig) - onion [zhigáágawánzh]

zhigajibii'o - he is tired of waiting

zhigwa - now; at this time [zhigwá]

zhigwameg(wag) - dogfish

zhigweyaabam- - aims at him
zhigweyaaband- - aims at it
zhigweyaabi - he "sights in" a gun

zhiibaayaabanjigan(an) - telescope; binoculars
zhiibaayaakizo - he gets x-rayed

zhiibii - he stretches
zhiibiiga'- - stretches it with a stick
zhiibiigibidoo- - stretches it
zhiibiigibin- - stretches him
zhiibiigishkaa-madwewechigan(an) - accordian; concertina
zhiibiigishkaa - it is stretched

zhiigaa(g) - widow; widower

zhiigon- - sorts it out; discards it; sorts him out; discards him

zhiigwanaabik(oog) - grindstone

zhiingend- - dislikes it
zhiingenim- - dislikes him

zhiishiib(ag) - duck [zhiishííb]

zhiishiigi - he urinates

zhiishiigwan(an) - rattle [zhiishíígwan]
zhiishiigwe(g) - rattlesnake

zhiiwaaboo - vinegar
zhiiwaagamizigan - syrup
zhiiwan - it is sour [zhííwan]
zhiiwibag(oon) - rhubarb
zhiiwisijigan(ag) - sour dough
zhiiwitaagan - salt [zhiiwitáágan]
zhiiwitaaganaagami(n) - it (liquid) is salty
zhiiwitaaganipogozi - he tastes salty
zhiiwitaaganipogwad - it tastes salty
zhiiwizi - he is sour

zhimaagan(an) - spear; lance
zhimaaganish(ag) - soldier

zhinawa'oojigan(an) - small round bell; sleigh bell; dance bell

zhingadeshim- - spreads him out
zhingadeshin - he lies flat; he lies spread out
zhingadesidoo- - spreads it out
zhingadesin - it lies spread out; it lies flat

zhingob(iig) - balsam fir
zhingobaandag(oog) - fir bough
zhingobaaboo - (also:biitewaaboo) beer [zhingobááboo]

zhingos(ag) - weasel [zhingós]

zhingwaak(wag) - white pine [zhingwáák]
zhingwaako-gitigewinini(wag) - forest ranger; tree farmer
zhingwaako-mishiimin(ag) - pineapple
zhingwaakoons(ag) - young pine
zhingwaakooki(wan) - pine forest

zhishibogin- - crush him
zhishigobidoo- - crushes it
zhishigoshk- - crushes it (by foot or body action)
zhishigoshkaw- - crushes him (by foot or body action)
zhishigwam- - gnaws him; chews him to bits
zhishigwand- - gnaws it; chews it to bits

zhizhoo'- - spreads it
zhizhoo'ige - he spreads (something)
zhizhoo'w- - spreads him

zhizhoobii'- - paints it
zhizhoobii'igan - paint
zhizhoobii'iganaatig(oon) - paint brush
zhizhoobii'ige - he paints; he spreads (something)
zhizhoobii'w- - paints him

zhoomiingweni - he smiles
zhoomiingwetaw- - smiles at him

zhoomin(an) - (also:zhawiminan) grape
zhoominaaboo - wine [zhoominááboo]
zhoominens(an) - raisin

zhooniyaa - money [zhóóniyaa]
zhooniyaa-mashkimod(an) - purse; handbag
zhooniyaa-mashkimodens(an) - handbag, purse
zhooniyaans(ag) - dime
zhooniyaawaabik(oog) - coin
zhooniyaawigamig(oon) - bank [zhóóniyaawigámig]
zhooniyaawigamigookewikwe(g) - female banker
zhooniyaawigamigookewinini(wag) - male banker

zhooshkodaabaan(ag) - toboggan
zhooshkozi - he is smooth; he is slick
zhooshkwaa - it is smooth; it is slick
zhooshkwaada'aagan(an) - skate
zhooshkwaada'e - he skates
zhooshkwega'igan(an) - clothes iron
zhoozhaakwadamo(n) - the road is slippery

ziibaaska'igaans(ag) - macaroni
ziibaaska'igan(an) - jingle (on dress)

ziibi(wan) - river
ziibiins(an) - creek

ziiga'and- - waters it; pours liquid on it
ziiga'andaw- - pours liquid on him; baptizes him
ziiga'igan(an) - sugar cake; sugar cone

ziiganawew- - spoon feeds him a liquid

ziigin- - pours it out; spills it
ziiginige - he pours; he spills
ziigise - it is pouring out; it is spilling out

ziiginigewigamig(oon) - tavern; bar
ziiginigewinini(wag) - bartender; innkeeper

ziigwan - it is spring [zíígwan]
ziigwanishi - he spends the spring somewhere
ziigwanong - last spring

ziigwebinigan(an) - dump; trash

ziikoobiigin- - strains it

ziinaakwa'igan(an) - clothes wringer
ziindaakwa'igan(an) - clothes pin
ziindaakwa'igaans(an) - sandwich

ziinibidoo- - squeezes it; wrings it (something wet)
ziinibin- - squeezes, wrings someone

ziinikiigome - he blows nose; he wipes nose

ziininiwe - he milks cows

ziinzibaakwad-onaagaans(an) - sugar bowl
ziinzibaakwad - sugar (originally maple sugar) [ziinzibáákwad]
ziinzibaakwadaaboo - maple sap [ziinzibáákwadááboo]
ziinzibaakwadoons(an) - candy [ziinzibáákwadóóns]
ziinzibaakwadwaaboo - maple sap

ziiwebin- - spills it

ziko - he spits [zikó]

zinigobidoo- - rubs it
zinigobin- - rubs him
zisiboodoo- - files it; grinds it
zisiboojigan(an) - file; rasp
zisiboojige - he files
zisiboon- - files him

zoogipo(n) - it snows

zoongan - it is solid; it is strong
zoongide'e - he is brave [zóóngide'e]
zoongizi - he is solid; he is strong




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