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Odaawa Kinship Terms


'New system' means that the word is more preferred now, this is the modern term which tends to replace more ancient traditional terms, which are marked as 'old system'.


Kinship Terms for Grandparents and Grandchildren

nmishoomis - my grandfather
ngookmis - my grandmother
nnookmis - my grandmother
nookmis - my grandmother

nookmis - my great aunt
nmishoomis - my great uncle

nooshenh - my grandchild
nooshenh - my niece's child
nooshenh - my nephew's child
ndaanko(o)bjigan - my great grandchild


Terms for Parents, Their Children, and Children's Siblings

ngitziimag - my parents
ndedem - my father
noos - my father (also: nhoos)
nbaabaa(m) - my dad
npapaa - my dad

ndoodoom - my mother
ngashi - my mother
nmaamaam - my mother
nmamaanh - my momma

ndawemaa - my sib. of opp. sex (old system)
nshiimenh - my youger sibling

nwiijkiwem/nh - my brother
n(n)iijkiwem - my brother
nsayenh - my older brother
niikaan(is) - my brother (male speaking) (old system)

ndawemaa - my sister (new system)
nmisenh - my older sister (old system)
niidgik - my sister (male speaking) (old system)
niidgikoonh - my sister (fem. speaking) (old system)

niijaanis - child
mjikwewis - eldest daughter
mjiikwis - eldest son
ndaan(is) - my daugther
ngwis - my son
ndanoozwaagan - my namesake


Terms for Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins

nzigos - my aunt (new system)
nnooshenh - my parallel aunt (old system)
nnooshenh - my parent's fem. cross-cousin (old system)

nzhishenh - my uncle (new system)
nmishoomenh - my parallel uncle (old system)
nzhishenh - my cross-uncle (old system)

niitaawis - my cousin (new system)
niikaan - my male parallel cousin (male speaking) (old system)
nmisenh - my elder fem. parallel cousin (old system)
nbazbim - my cross-cousin of the opp. sex (old system)
nshiimenh - my youger cross-cousin (old system)
ndaangshenh - my female cross cousin (fem. speaking) (old system)
ndawemaa - my parallel cousin of the opp. sex (old system)
niikaanis - my male parallel cousin (male speaking) (old system)
niinmoshenh - my cross-cousin of the opp. sex (old system)
niitaawis - my [male] cross-cousin (male speaking) (old system)

nningnis - my nephew (new system)
nningnis - my cross-nephew (old system)
ndoozhim - my parallel nephew (old system)
nningnis - my cross-cousin's son (old system)

nshimis - my cross-niece (old system)
ndoozhmis(kwem) - my parallel niece (old system)
nshimis - my cross-cousin's daughter (old system)
ndoozhmis - my [fem.] cross-cousin's daughter (old system)


Samples are taken from Nishnaabemwin Reference Grammar by J. Randolph Valentine. He referred them to be from Eastern Ojibwa-Chippewa-Ottawa Dictionary by Richard A. Rhodes, 1985




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