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Ojibwe Language Materials.


Texts adapted according to Ilya Frank's Reading Method.


Ilya Frank’s Reading Method is created to quickly develop skills of reading and understanding foreign languages. It will not dramatically improve your communication skills. But will teach you to read fluently and to understand everything. And it's much easier to learn to speak when you have already mastered the language passively.

The main principle is that a text is divided into excerpts that you can read twice: the first time – with the English translation inserted into it in brackets and afterward – with no translation. The main idea is that you aquire a language in a process of understanding it, not in a process of learning grammar, or making exercises. So your goal is not to learn the language, but to understand what you read in it from the very beginning.


  • Gii-ikwezensiwiyaan. When I was a Little Girl (pdf) (by Maude Kegg)


    Texts from "Ojibwa Texts" collected by William Jones (1919).



    Series I

    1. Oshkinawe gii-nibod neyaab gaa-izhi-bimaadizid / The Youth who died and came back to Life
    2. Wozhaawaaskokaskitaasepason / Blue-Garter *
    3. The Orphans and Mashoos *


    Series II

    4. Odaawaakwe / Ottawa-Woman
    5. Mikinaak omitigwapishimonike gaye / Snapping-Turtle and Caddice-Fly
    6. Mikinaak nandobani / Snapping-Turtle goes to War
    7. Bizhiw Zhigaagokwe gaye. Lynx and the She-Skunk
    8. Ojiig Esiban gaye / The Fisher and the Marten
    9. Shaangweshi wa(a)bizheshi gaye / The mink and the marten. *
    10. Bizhiw / The Lynx
    11. Megoos mashkiigimin gaye / The Awl and the Cranberry
    12. Majiikiwis / The First-Born Son
    13. Majikikwewisag Zhingibis Gaye / Foolish Maidens and the Diver (pdf)
    14. Majiikiwisag gaa-baaga’adowewaad / The First-Born Sons play Ball
    15. Wenjiiwaad animooshag / The Origin of Dogs
    16. Wiindigoo Nesind / When a Wiindigoo was Slain (pdf)
    17. Old Man Mashos / Mashoos akiwenzii. (pdf)
    18. Animikiig / The Thunderers
    40. Onaman / Magic Paint
    56. Ojiiganang / Star of the Fisher (pdf)


    * Original Jones' phonetics in the double vowel writing system.



    Familiar phrases to facilitate conversation in the Indian language, Wikwemikong, 1872.

    Writing system
    1. For questioning, affirming, denying, going, coming, &
    2. To inquire after health.
    3. Of the age.
    4. On the hour.
    5. For and after breakfast.
    6. On the weather.
    7. For and at dinner.
    8. Concerning the Otchibwe Language.
    9. On travelling by Land in the Indian country (in winter).
    10. On trevelling by water in the Indian country (in summer).



    How to say

    Clock Time Expressions
    Speaking about Age
    Speaking about Colors
    Asking 'How Far...?'



    Ojibwe Drills - from the very beginning.

    Ojibwe Drills 2.


    Odaawa Sentences Examples - Odaawa sentences examples (several hundreds of sentences) from various text collections.
    Source: Nishnaabemwin Reference Grammar (by Rand Valentine).


    Ojbwe Sentences Examples - Ojibwe sentences examples.
    Source: Ojibwa Texts (by William Jones).


    Naasaab Izhi-anishinaabebii'igeng - Bilingual (Northwestern Ojibwe/English) Pat Ningewance's report about a Conference to find a Common Anishinaabemowin Writing System.



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