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Ojibwe Lessons for Beginners.
This section contains a set of lessons in Northwestern Ojibwe (from Manitoba).


Lesson 1. Greeting
Lesson 2. Numbers
Lesson 3. Weather
Lesson 4. More Weather
Lesson 5. Even More Weather
Lesson 6. Commands
Lesson 7. More Commands
Lesson 8. Questions and Statements of Fact
Lesson 9. Questions and Distances
Lesson 10. Feelings
Lesson 11. Work and Home Questions
Lesson 12. Actions and Arrival
Lesson 13. Names
Lesson 14. Questions During A Conversation
Lesson 15. What Are You Doing?
Lesson 16. More Questions
Lesson 17. Where
Lesson 18. More Where
Lesson 19. Where are you going?
Lesson 20. Where from?
Lesson 21. Relatives
Lesson 22. Open and lose
Lesson 23. More Open and Close
Lesson 24. Who?
Lesson 25.
Lesson 26.
Lesson 27.
Lesson 28.
Lesson 29.
Lesson 30.
Lesson 31.
Lesson 32.
Lesson 33.
Lesson 34.
Lesson 35.
Lesson 36.


Source: I found the source of this textbook on www.treaty1.com/languages.html (the website is currently off) as audio lessons. There were neither explanations, nor grammar notes. They say it was from Fort Alexander, Manitoba. And the source of it is "A Saulteaux Phrase Book," (1972) compiled by "the University of Brandon through consultations with many Anishinaabeg in Manitoba who spoke the language and had the desire to preserve a very old and sacred Language by writing it down."

I turned it into html and also wrote some simple comments. I also used comments from www.nisto.com Cree lessons, which appear very useful also for this textbook.



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