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Ojebway Language:

A Manual for missionaries
and others employed among the Ojebway Indians
by Edward F. Wilson, 1874


English-Ojebway Dictionary



Udder. Same as teat.

Ugly. He is u.; mahnáhdeze, mahnahbuhmenáhgoose, v.n.3, (p.c. muhy-). It is u.; mahnahdud, máhnenáhgwud, v.i.10. In compos., maunzhe-, thus: maunzhenekáhda; it has an u. name. Mahmauzhetuhwuga; he has u. ears.

Ulcer. See abscess.

Ulcerate. It u.; máhjemeneewun, v.i.6.

Ultimately (at length); kaguhpe.

Umbrella; n.i. uhguhwáhtaöon, (pl. -un).

Unable; (in compos.) bwáhnuhwe. See incapable.

Unanimous. They are u.; pazhigwándumog, v.n.5, pl. (p.c. puhya-).

Unbecoming. It is u.; kahween enandáhgwussenoon, v.i.10, neg.

Unbeliever. See pagan.

Unbend. See slacken.

Unbutton. See undo.

Unceasing. See continual.

Uncertain; (in compos.) quénuhwe-. See doubtful.

Unchaste. See lewd.

Uncivilized. He is u. (wild and ignorant); puhgwuhnuhweze, v.n.3.

Uncle (father's brother). My, thy, his u.; nemeshóoma, kemeshóoma, o-meshoomáyun. - (mother's brother); nezheshá, kezheshá, ozhesháyun.

Unclean. He is u.; weeneze, weenahdeze, v.n.3, (p.c. waun-). See dirty. U. spirit; wahnezid muhnedoo.

Uncomfortable. See uneasy.

Uncommon. See rare.

Unconcerned. He is u.; kahween pahbahmándunse, v.n.5, neg.

Unconscious. See faint.

Uncork. See cork.

Uncover. He u. him; o-pahkahkwuhzhánaun, v.t.III. (p.c. puhyah-). He u. himself; pahkahkwuhzhánedezo, mod. A. He u. it; o-pahkesetoon, v.t.VIII. It is u.; pahkesechegahda, v.i.2. His face is u.; páhkingwane.

Undecided. He is u.; kahween kezhandunse, v.n..5, neg. (p.c. kah-).

Under; adv. uhnáhmuhyee, uhnáum-.

Underneath. It is u. s.-th., uhshóochesin, (-cheshin), v.i..5. He puts it U.; od-uhshóochesedoon, v.t.VIII.

Undergo. He undergoes it (it comes upon him; o-puhgummishkáhgoon, (as v.t.II. in. obj.) See endure.

Underground; uhnáum uhikeeng, uhnahmuhkummig.

Underhand; adj. kuhkuhyánese-.

Understand. He u.; nesedootum, v.n.5, (1). c. nas-). He u. thus; enetum. He u. him, it; o-nesedootuhwaun, onesedootaun, v.t.II., VII. He u. him, it, thus; od-enetuhwaun, od-enetaun, v.t.II. VII. (p.c. ane-). He tries to u.; nunduhnesedootum. We u. each other; kenesedootáhdemin, mod. B. He does not u. well; buhnéetum. He only u. him a little; od-uhyahwatuhwaun, v.t.II. (p.c. ay-). He, it, is well understood; nesedootáhgooze, -táhgwud, v.i.10. He is only a little u.; uhyahwatáhgooze, v n. 3. He u. it (comprehends, takes it in); o-neseduhwándaun, v.t.VII.

Understanding (sense); n.i. nebwahkáhwin.

Undertake. He u. it (takes it upon himself); od-odáhpenumáhdezoon, v.t.VI. (p.c. wad -).

Undertaker; n.a. cheebuy-muhkukookáwenene, (pl. -wug).

Undertaking; n.i. uhnookeewin.

Underwood (brush); n.i. uhkáhwunzh (pl. -eeg). There is much u.; suhsuhgáh.

Undo (clothing, &c.). He undoes him; od-ahbahwaun, v.t.V. (p.c. uhyah-). See loose.

Undoubtedly; adv. ahbedákummig, kagat, a nungákah.

Undress. He u.; kesekoonuhya, v.n.2, (p.c. kause-). See take off.

Uneasy. He is u.; megooshkáhje-uhyáh, v.n.1, (p.c. mag-). He is u. in his mind; megooshkahjedaä, v.n.2. It makes him u.; o-megooshkahjeégoon.

Uneducated. See uncivilized.

Unemployed. He is u.; kah uhnoonahse.

Unexpectedly. He comes to him u.; o-gooshkokuhwaun, o-chéesekuhwaun, v.t.11. See suddenly.

Unfaithful. He is u.; nesuhyandáhgooze, v.n.3, (p.c. na-).

Unfasten. See undo, open, let go.

Unfledged. He is u.; puhpúshkoose, v.n.3.

Unfold. He u. him, it; od-áhbegenaun, v.t.I., VII. (p.c. uhyah-). See spread out.

Unfortunate. It is u.; wéeyuhgud, v.i.7.

Unglued. It comes u.; puhkoosekah, v.i.1.

Unhappy. He is u.; nuhnenuhwandum, áhnemeze, ketemáhgeze, v.n.3, (p.c. nan-, uhyah-, kat-). He makes himself u.; ketemahgeëdezo, mod. A.. See trouble, misery, sorrowful.

Unharness. He u. him; od-ahbahwaun, v.t.V. (p.c. uhyah-).

Unhealthy. He is u.; áhkoosenáhgooze.

Unicorn; p. n.a. puhyazhegootashkunad.

Unimportant. See trifling.

Unintelligible. He, it, is u.; buhneetah gooze, -tahgwud, v.i.10, (p.c. ban-).

Unintentionally; adv. peeche-. See mistake.

Union (of persons); n.i. máhmuhweëdewin.

Unite. He u. with him; od-uhzhoodanemaun, v.t.1. (p.c. azh-) See join. We u.; kemáhmuhweëdemin, mod. B.

United States; n.i. Keche Mookoomaun-uhkee (the Big Knives' land).

Unity; n.i. weejekewaïndewin.

Universal; mezewákummig.

Unkind. He is u. to him; o-mujjedooduhwaun, v.t.II., (p.c. maje-).

Unlatch. See open, unlock.

Unlawful. It is u.; kahween enandáhgwussenoon, v.i.10, neg.

Unleavened bread; wambesechegáhsoosig buhquázhegun.

Unless (if not) kishpin, with the neg. Thus: He will not eat un. he is hungry; kishpin puhkuhdasig kahween tah-weesenes or (2) (if only); kishpin atuh puhkuhdad tahwéesene.

Unlikely. It is un. (I don't think it will be); kahween kuhnuhbuj. See improbable.

Unload. He un. a vessel, &c.; uhgwáhnáuso, v.n.4. (p.c. agw-). See take out.

Unlock. He un. it; od-uhbáubekuhaun, v.t.VII., (p.c. ab-). It is unlocked; uhbáubekuhegtihda, v.i.9.

Unloose. See loosen, let go.

Unlucky. He is un.; ahmuhwawezhishke, muhsuhgwáhdeze, v.n.3, (p.c. mas-). See luck.

Unmanageable. He is un.; wuhnishquáse, V. 21. 3. He finds him un. (can do nothing with him); o-bwáhnuhweäun, v.t.I., (p.c. bwuhyah-).

Unnecessary. It is unnecessary; kahween nunduhwandáhgwussenoon, v.i.10 neg.

Unoccupied. He is un.; ishquáhkummegeze, v.n.3, (1). c. ash-).

Unpack (a bundle). He u. it; od-ahbuh-aun, od-ahbiskonaun, v.t.VII.

Unpalatable. It is un.; maunzhepoogwud, v.i.10, (1). c. muhyaunzh-).

Unpleasant. See disagreeable.

Unpolished. See uncivilized.

Unprofitable (useless). He, it is un.; nuhnuhwáhdeze, v.n.3, nuhnuhwahdud, v.i.7, ((p.c. nan-).

Unprofitably; adv. nuhnuhwáuzh.

Unquenchable-fire; weekah kaäahtásenook ishkoota.

Unravel. See disentangle.

Unreasonable. It is u.; mahmandahgwud.

Unrighteous. He is u.; mujje-ezhewábeze, v.n.3. See wicked.

Unscrew. He un. it; o-gechegoäun, v.t.VII.

Unsearchable things; n.i. tuhyákekanjegahdásenoogin.

Unsettled. He is un. in his mind; puhkáunanemo, kwenuhwenándum, v.n.5, 4, (p.c. pak- kwa-).

Unsew. See unstitch.

Unsociable. He is un.; nezhekabeinahdese.

Unsteady. See frivolous.

Unstitch. He un. it; (in. an.) od-áhbezhaun, od-áhbezhwaun, v.t.VII., V. It is unstitched; gahkekishkah, v.i.1.

Untied. He, it is u.; áhbiskoobeso, ahbiskoobeda, v.n.4, v.i.2, (1). c. uhyah-) He. it gets u.; áhbiskootah, v.n.1, áhbiskookah, v.i.1. See loose.

Until; adv. péenish, nuhnáunzh.

Untutored. See uncivilized.

Unutterable things; tuhyáwahwéenjegahdásenoogin.

Unveil. He un. it (makes it clear); opuhkukáhbundaun, v.t.VII.

Unwell. See indisposed.

Unwholesome. It is un.; mahnáhdud, v.i.7, (p.c. muhyah-).

Unwilling. He is un.; kahween enándunse, v.n.5 neg., (p.c. anan-).

Unwind. He un. it; od-ahbuhoodoon, V.t.VIII.

Unwittingly; adv. peeche-.

Unworthy. He is un.; ahnuhwandahgoze, v.n.3, (p.c. uhyah-).

Up (upwards); ishpeming. In compos., oombe, thus: He lifts it up; od-oombenaun. Up stream, or up country; ogedáhjewun. He paddles, or rows, up stream; netahúm, t% v. 5, (p.c. nat-). Up stairs; ishpemesuhgoong. He goes up stairs; uhquáunduhwa, v.n.2. He runs up stairs; uhquáunduhwábuhtoo, v.n.4a.

Upbraid. See rebuke, scold.

Upon; emuh ogijjuhyeee. See on.

Upper floor (there is an); ishpemesegookahda, v.i.9, (1). c. ash-).

Upright (honest). He is u.; quuhyukwahdeze, nuhenenewuggeze, v. 72. 3, (p.c. quay-, naë-). See just.

Upright (straight); adv. quuhyuk. He puts it u.; o-muhyáhwesedoon, v.t.VIII. (p.c. may-). See straighten, stick up.

Upset. See capsize, turn over, spill.

Upside down. He turns it u. d.; oduhneméquesedoon, v.t.VIII. (p.c. an-). It is u. d.; uhneméquesin, v.i.5.

Upstairs, up stream. See up.

Urchin; n.a. ahbenojeéyish, (pl. -ug).

Urge. See exhort, persuade, stir up.

Urine; n.i. zhégewenáhbo. He passes urine.; zheéshege, v.n.3, (p.c. zhahsh-).

Us (exclus. of party addressed); nenuhwind. - (inclus).; kenuhwind. Us, (in obj. case), expressed by a change in the verb, as, He sees us; kewahbuhmegoonaun. See Grammar.

Usage. See custom.

Use (make use of). He u. him, it; oduhwaun, od-uhyoon, v.t.V., VIII. (p.c. a-); od-áhbujjeäun, od-áhbujjetoon, v.t.I., VIII. (p.c. uhyah-). He uses him, it, thus; od-enáhbujjeäun, -jetoon. He u. it well; o-meno-ahbujjetoon. - stupidly; o-koopujjetoon. -- sparingly; o-muhnáhjetoon. It is used; (an. in.) uhyóochegáuso, -gáhda, v.i.9. It is used thus; (an. in.) enahbujjechegáuso, -gáhda, v.i.9. It is of such a use; enáhbuhdud, v.i.7, (p.c. anah-). What use is it? Ahneen anáhbuhduk ?

Used. See accustomed. (See on Bun Tense, page 33).

Useful. He, it, is u.; menwahbuhdeze, menwahbahdud; menoëyáhbuhdeze, menoëyahbuhdud, v.n.3, v.i.7, (p.c. mano-)

Useful object; n.i. ahbujjéchegun.

Useless. It is u.; nuhnuhwáhdud, v.i.7. See incapable.

Useless person; n.a. ningood anáhbuhdezesig, (pl. -oog).

Useless thing; ningood-anáhbuhdussenook, (pl. -in).

Used up. It is all used up; chahgesa, v.n.2. See gone.

Usual. It is u. (proper); ezhetwahwinuhgud, v.i.10, (p.c. an-). It is u. for him to go; ezhetwahwinuhgud ween cheëzhaud.

Utensil. See tool, convenience.

Utility; n. i. enáhbuhdézewin.

Uvula; n.i. kahgahge.

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