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Ojebway Language:

A Manual for missionaries
and others employed among the Ojebway Indians
by Edward F. Wilson, 1874


English-Ojebway Dictionary



Quack. The duck q.; muhzetáhgooze sheesheeb.

Quadruped; p.n.a. nahokáhdad,(pl. -jig)

Quail; n.a. mushkoodása, (pl. -g).

Quake. See shake.

Quantity. See how much, so much.

Quarrel; n.i. kekáundewin, (pl. -un).

Quarrel. He q.; kekaunga, v.n.2, (p.c. kah-). We q.; kekekáundemin, mod.B.

Quarrelsome. He is q.; netah-kekáhwedum, v.n.5, (p.c. kak-).

Quart. See measure.

Quarter. See moon.

Queen; n.a. keche-ogemáhqua, (pl. -g).

Quench. See extinguish.

Question; n. i. kuhgwadwawin, (pl. -un).

Question. He asks q.; kuhgwádwa, v.n.2, (p.c. kagw-). See ask.

Quick. Be quick! waweeb!

Quickly; kazhetena, waweeb. He walks q.; kezhekáh, v.n.1, (p.c. kazh-). He walks as q. as he can; uhyahpéesekah, v.n.1. He works q.; kwaushkwáze, v.n.3.

Quick, (clever at); netah-, prefixed.

Quiet (still). He is q.; pezaunuhyah, pezaunuhbe, v.n.1, 3, (p.c. pazaun-). He is q. in his mind; pezaunandum. He is of a q. disposition; pakáhdeze, v.n.3.

Quiet. He q. him (makes him leave off talking or crying); o-kishkoowáäun v.t.I., (p.c. kaush-).

Quietly; pakah, nuhagauj.

Quietude; n.i. pezaunuhbewin.

Quilt; n.i. mahwundóogwahsoon, (pl. -un).

Quit (give up). He q.; ahnezheetum, v.n.5, (p.c. uhyah-): or, prefix poone-, thus, poone-menequa; he q. drinking. He q. a place entirely; ahpeche mahjah. He q. (leaves) him; o-nuhguhnaun, o-buhkáshkuhwaun, v.t.III., II. (p.c. bak-).

Quite; ahpeche, wawane, wahweenga.

Quiver; n.i. kenahquin, peenduhwaun, (pl. -un).

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