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Ojebway Language:

A Manual for missionaries
and others employed among the Ojebway Indians
by Edward F. Wilson, 1874


English-Ojebway Dictionary



Labour; n. i. uhnookewin. See birth.

Labour. He l.; uhnooke, v. n. 3a., (p. c. an-).

Labourer; anoonind, (pl. -jig).

Lace; n. i. niskechegun. He ornaments with l.; niskechega, v. n. 2.

Ladder (or stairs) ; n. i. uhquaunduhwahgun, (pl.-un). He ascends a l.; uhquaunduhwa, v. n. 2. He descends a l.; nesaunduhwa, v. n. 2. He runs up a l.; uhquaunduhwabuttoo, v. n. 4a.

Lade. He l. it; o-mooshkenuhdoon, v. t. VIII.

Ladle. He l. it out; o-gwahbuhaun, v. t. VII. He l. out broth; gwahbuhahboowa, v. n. 2. L.; n. i. ahnaegun.

Lady; n. a. ogemahqua; kachetwahwezid equa, (pl. -wug).

Lake; n. i. kechegummee, (pl. -n). Small inland l.; sahguhegun, (pl. -un). In the middle of the l.; nahwuhgaum. At the end of the l.; wuhyaquahgaum.

Lake shore (come to from the bush, &c.) See shore.

Lamb; n. a. mahnishtahnishans, (pl. -ug).

Lame. He is l.; muhmaunjegooze, v. n. 3, (p. c. mam-). He is l. in one leg; tutchegahda, v. n. 2, (p. c. tatch-). He l. himself; pahtauso, v. n. 4.

Lame person; p. n. a. mamaunjegoozid, (pl. -jig).

Lament. He l.; nuhneenahwetahgooze, v. n. 3, (p. c. nan-); gahgedoowa, v. n. 2, (p. c. guhy-). He l. over him; o-muhwemaun. See weep.

Lamentation; n. i. nuhneenuhwetahgoozewin.

Lamp; n. i. wahsuhkoonanjegun, (pl. -un).

Lamp-glass; wahsuhkoonanjegunahbik, (pl. -oon).

Lance; n. i. shemahgun, (pl. -un).

Lancet; n. i. pauskequaegun, (pl. -un).

Land (earth, country, soil, &c.); uhke.

Land. He l.; gahbah, v. n. 1, (p. c. gab-). He l. it; (an. in.) od-uhgwaushemaun, od-uhgwausetoon, v. t. I., VIII. (p. c. agw-). It is landed (put on shore); (an. in.) uhgwausechegauso. -gahda, v. i. 9.

Landing-place; n. i. guhbawin.

Landlady; n. a. uhshungaqua, (pl. -g).

Landlord; n. a. uhshungawenene, (pl. -wug).

Landmark; n. i. tebahke-metegoons.

Language; n. i. inwawin, (pl. -un). Foreign l.; muhyugwawin. He speaks a f. l.; muhyugwa, v. n. 2, (p. c. may-). He speaks such a l.; -mo, v. n. 4: e. g., He speaks Indian; uhnishenahbamo. He speaks Greek; Greekimo. A difficult l.; suhnugwawin. He tries to speak the l. of the people; nunduhneenahwa, v. n. 2, (p. c. nand-).

Lantern; n. i. buhwahsanjegun.

Lap; use knees or bosom. The child sits on her lap; onekaung nuhmuhduhbe owh ahbenooje.

Lapwing; n. a. mooningoona, (pl. -g).

Lard; n. i. kookoosh-pemeda.

Larder; n. i. uhtausoowin.

Large; keche. See big. He is a l. (big) person; mungeyahwase, v. n. 3, (p. c. mang-). It is l. (big); mungishkah, v. i. 1. His nose, face, is big; mungejahna, mungegingwa. So also arm, leg, &c, substituting -neka, -kahda for -jahna, -gingwa. He, it, is so large; enegene. See size. It is l. (stuff, material; munguhsekah, mechegud, mechegeze. (- metal); meehahbekud -keze, v. i. 7. (- wood); mechahkwud, -kooze, v. i. 7. He, it, looks l.; mechahbumenahgooze -nahgwud, v. i. 10.

Large-hearted; mungedaa, v. n. 2.

Lark; n. a. kekebekoomashe, (pl. -yug).

Lascivious. See lewd, libertine.

Last (the last); ishquauj, ashquasing. The l. time; ishquauj. The l. day; ashquah-kezhegud. For the last time; gunuhpena. He, it, is the last; ishquuhyaujewe, -jewun, v. n. 3, v. i 6, (p. c. ashqu-). He, it, is considered to be the l.; ishquayandahgooze, -dahgwud, v. i. 10. The last house; ishquagummig. He lives in the l. h; ishquaga. He receives it l. (in succession); od-ishquakahgoon, v. t. II., in. obj. The l. child in a family; ishquachahgun. See night, year, Tuesday.

Last. It will last long; kenooazh tah-ahbuhdud. See long time.

Latch; n. i. pahkahkoonegun, (pl. un).

Late; weekah. He comes late; weekah tuhgwishin. It is l. (in the forenoon); ishpe-kezhegud. It is not late (in the afternoon; ishpe-kezhegud. It is l. (in the night); ishpe-tebekud. So also summer, &c. It is l. (in the evening); ahpeche oonahgooshe.

Lately; noomuhyuh.

Lath; n. a. kezhekans, (pl. -ug).

Lath. He l. for plastermg); kezhekansug od-uhgwahkwahwaun, v. t. V.

Latin; Latin-inwawin. He speaks L.; Latinemo, v. n. 4.

Laudanum; n. i. nebawaubo.

Laugh. He l.; paupe, v. n. 3, (p. c. puhy). He l. with him, o-pahpaupeezhemaun, v. t. I., (p. c. pap-). He l. too much; paupishke, mod. A. He laughs with tears in his eyes; gegesebingwapaupe, v. n. 3. He l. at him, it (friendly); o-paupeaun, o-panpetoon, v. t. I., VIII. - (mockingly); o-paupenoduhwaun, v. t. II., o-paupenodaun, v. t. VII. - (malignantly); o-gaunj-pahpeaun. v. t. I., (p. c. guhyaunj-). He bursts out laughing; paushkaupe, v. n. 3, (p. c. puhy-). He exposes him, it to laughter; o-pahpetumookanun, -kan, v. t. VI. He makes him l.; o-paupeaun, v. t. I.

Laughter; n. i. paupewin. Mocking l.; gaunjpaupewin.

Launch. He l. it; o-buhkoobenaun, v. t. I., VII., (p. c. bak-). o-muhdahsedoon. v. t. VIII.

Laundress. See washerwoman.

Law; n. i. tebahkoonegawin, (pl. -un). He makes a l.; enahkoonega, v. n. 2.

Lawful. It is l.; enandahgwud, v. i. 10, quuhyukwandahgwud, v. i. 10.

Lawyer; n. a. ozhebeega-wenene, (pl. -wug).

Lay (lay down) . He l. him, it down; o-guhwishemaun, o-guhwissetoon, v. t. I. VIII., (p. c. gaw-). See lie down. Lay (the head). He l. his head down; uhpequashin, v. n. 6. He l. his head on it; od-uhpequashemoon, v. t. VI. Lay on. He l. s.-th. on him to carry; o-pemoonduhaun, v. t. I. He lays his hand on him; od-ezheninjetuhwaun, v. t. II. He l. it on thick, (e. g. plaster) in. an. o-kepuggeshemaun, o-kepuggesetoon, v. t. I., VIII.. (p. c. kap-).

Lay open. See expose.

Lay together. He l. two, three, &c, objects together; (in. an.) o-neezhoshemaun, o-nesoshemaun, v. t. I, o-neezhosetoon, onesosetoon, v. t. VIII. See put together.

Lay eggs. She lays e.: poonum, v. n. 5.

Laziness; n. i. ketemishkewin.

Lazy. He is l.; keteme, ketemishke, v. n. 3, mod. A., (p.c. kat-). He looks l.; ketemenahgooze, v. n. 3.

Lead (metal) ; n. i. ushkekoomaun.

Leadmine; n. i. ushkekoomaunekaun.

Lead. He l. (takes the l.); negaune. - (walking); negaunosa, v. n. 3, 2, (p. c. nag-). See go before.

Lead (conduct). He l. him; od-ezhewenaun, o-pemewenaun, v. t. III., (p. c. azh-, pam-), see guide. He l. him away; o-mahjeewenaun, v. t. III., (p. c. muhyauj-), He l. him astray; o-wuhnishemaun, v. t. I., (p. c. wanish-). He l. him back; od-ahzhawenaun, o-kewawenaun, v. t. III., (p. c. azh-, kahw-). He l. him in; o-pindegunaun, v. t. III. He l. him out; o-sahgejewenaun, v. t. III.

Leader; p. n. a. nahgahnoosad, (pl. -jig).

Leaf; n. i. uhneebish, (pl. -un). In compos. -bug as affix, e. g. red leaf; miskobug. Among leaves; magwabug. The l. are budding; ushkebugud, v. i. 7. The l. are coming out; sahgebugah, v. i. l. The l. are red; miskobugah, v. i. l. The l. are wet; tepahbugah, v. i. 1. The l. are getting yellow; wahtabugah, v. i. 1. The dry l. rattle; gauskebugah, v. i. 1. The wind stirs the dry l.; gauskebugahsin, v. i. 5. The l. fall in autumn; benahque, v. i. 3.

Leak. It l.; oonjegah, v. i. 1, (p. c. wanje-).

Lean. He, it, l. (on one side); uhnebasa, uhnebasin, v. n. 2, v. i. 5, (p. c. ane-). He leans now on one side, now the other; uhyuhnebasa, mod. e. It leans (will fall); kuhwishkah, v. i. 1. The tree l. on one side; nuhwakeso metig. He is leaning on it; od-auswaujeshemoon, v. t. VI. (p. c. uhy-). He leans on s.-th. (standing); auswahkoogahbuhwe, v. n. 3, (p. c. uhy-). He l. (sitting); auswahduhbe, v. n. 3, (p. c. uhyaus-). He makes him, it, lean against it; od-auswahshemaun, od-auswausedoon, v. t. I., VIII.

Lean. He is l. (thin); pahkahkuhdooso, v. n. 4, (p. c. pak-). See thin.

Leap. He l.; gwaushkwaune. See jump.

Learn. He learns (attends school); ke-kenouhmahgooze, v. n. 3, (p. c. kake-). He l. his book; o-nunduhkekandaun muzzenuhegun.

Learned. He is l.; kekandauso, v. n. 4.

Least; superl. of small. Of least worth; (an. in.) muhyahmuhwe noondaush ah-petandahgoozid, -dahgwuk. At least; see at any rate, or, where merely put into a sentence for emphasis, use goo shah: e. g., I at least should have done so; neen gooshah nindahgeezhechega.

Leather; n. i. pushquagin.

Leathern; adj. pushquagino-.

Leave. See go away, take leave, part from, let alone, let go. He l. a place altogether; ahpeche-mahjah. He leaves him, it; o-nuhgunaun, o-nuhguhdaun. v. t, III., VII. (p. c. nag-). He l. him, it, behind; ditto. He l. him behind in a boat, &c.; o-nuhguhduhwaun. v. t. II. He l. him stealthily; o-keemoojekahnaun, v. t. III. He l. him weeping; o-mookuhweojemaun, v. t. 1. He l. him only after his death; o-nebokahnaun, v. t. III. He l. some after eating; ishquunjega, v. n. 2, (p. c. ash-). He l. his parents; sahgedooda, v. n. 2. (p. c. suhyah-).

Leave behind (forget to take). He l. it b.; o-wuhnekanun, o-wuhnekan, v. t. VI. (p. c. wan-).

Leave off (discontinue). He l. off (finishes); ishquahtah, v. n. 1, (p. c. ash-) He l. off (gives it up); ahnezhetum, v. n. 5, (p. c. uhyah-). He l. off working; poonetah, v. n. 1, (p. c. pwah-). He l. off speaking; poonwawedum, v. n. 5. (p. c. pwaun-). He l. off speaking, weeping, &c.; kishkoowa, v. n. 2, (p. c. kaush-). See cease.

Leave out. See omit.

Leaven; n. i. oombesechegun.

Leavened. The bread is l.; oombesechegauso buhquazhegun, v. i. 9, (p. c. wamb-).

Lecture; n. i. guhgaunsoongawin.

Ledge (of rock); pameenahbekaug.

Leech; n. a. sugguskwaujema, (pl. -g).

Left; nuhmunj. On the l.; nuhmunje-nuhkayah. See arm, foot, &c.

Left (remaining). He has some left; od-ishquahsetoon, v. t. VIII.

Left (spared). He, it, is l.; ishkoonegauso, -gahda, v. t. 9, (p. C. ashk-). See survive.

Left-handed. He is l.-h.; nuhmunjee, v. n. 3a.

Leg; n. i. okahdemah. My, thy, his leg; nekaud, kekaud, okaud, (pl. -un). Right leg; keche-kaud. Left leg; nuhmunjekaud. He has legs; o-kahda, v. n. 2. He has hairy legs; mameshekahda, v. n. 2. (See arm, foot; and to form other verbs relating to the leg substitute -kahda for -neka or -seda: e. g., He has large legs; muhmungekahda. His leg is cut off; kishkekahda). Leg of a chair, &c.; okahdachegun. It has legs; okahdachega. Legacy; megewawin. Same as gift.

Legal. See lawful.

Legend; n. a. uhdesokun, (pl. -ug). He tells a l.; uhdesoka, v. n. 2, (p. c. ade-).

Legging; n. i. medaus, (pl. -un) My, thy, his l.; nedaus, kedaus, odaus. He has only one l. on; nuhbunadausa, v. n. 2. He has both l. on; atuhwedausa. His l. are torn; peegoodausa. String to hold up the l.; kushkedahsabezoon; suhgusahnoozhapesoon, (pl. -un).

Legible. It is l.; wawane ozhebeegahda, v. i. 9.

Legislation; n. i. oonahkoonegawin.

Leisure. He is at l.; ishquahkummegeze, v. n. 3, (p. c. ashqu-).

Lend. He l.; uhweewa, v. n. 2, (p. c. aw-). He l. it; (in. an.) od-uhweewanun, od-uhweewan, v. t. VI., (p. c. awe-). He l. it to him; od-uhweaun, v. t. I.

Length. See long.

Lengthen. He l. it: o-kinwahtoon, v. t. VIII., (p. c. kan-). He l. it out; od-ahnekatoon. It is l. out; ahnekachegauso, -gahda, v. i. 9.

Leper. He is a l.; keche-omege, v. n. 3a., (p. c. kache-).

Leprosy; n. i. keche-omegewin.

Less; nuhwuj punge, noondaush.

Lessen. See diminish.

Lesson; menik che-uhginduming.

Lest (that not); che- with the neg. (e. g., lest he die; che-nebosig).

Let (allow). He l. him; od-enanemaun, v. t. I., (p. c. anan-). L. it be; mahnoo. Let me see; tuhguh, tuhguh.

Let alone. He l. him, it a.; o-poonemaun, o-poonetoon, v. t. I., VIII., (p. c. pwah-). He, it is let a.; poonejegauso, -gahda, v. i. 9.

Let down (on a rope). He lets him, it d.; o-nesahbegenaun, n. i. I., VII.., (p. c. naus-).

Let go. He lets him, it go; o-puhgedenaun, v. t. I. VII. He l. him, it go suddenly; o-puhgeje-wabenaun, v. t. I., VII.

Let (hire out). He l. it: od-uhweewan, v. t. VI.

Letter; n. i. muhzenuhegun, same as paper. L. sent; mahjebeegun. L. received; peejebeegun. (pl. -un).

Level. He puts it l.; od-uhyinjesetoon, v. i. VIII., see horizontal. The gr. is l.; shinguhkummegah, v. i. 1.

Lever; n. i. oombahkwubegun. (pl. -un). He raises it, with a l.; od-oombahkwuhegan, v. t. VI.

Lewd. He is l.; peshigwauj-ezhewabese, noodequawa, v. n. 3, 2, (p. c. pash-, nwand-). See libertine, impure.

Liar; n. a. kakenuhwishkid, (pl. -jig).

Liberal. He is l.; mahmeegewa, kezhawahdeze, v. n. 2, 3.

Libertine (a good for nothing fellow); n. a. puhgaunj-enene, (pl. -wug), (a frequenter of bad houses; nwaujequawad, (pl. -jig),

Liberty (freedom); n. i. debanindezoowin.

Lice; n. a. equah, (pl. -g). He has l.; odekoome, v. n. 3, (p. c. wad-). He searches l.; nundoomahkooma, v. n. 2. He searches l. on his head; nundoonahsah, v. n, 1, (p. c. nand-). He cracks l.; paushkejekooma, v. n. 2.

License for trading; n. i. uhdahwa-muhzenuhegun.

Licentious. See lewd, libertine, adultery.

Lick. He l.; noosquaujega, v. n. 2, (p. c. nwaus). He l. him, it; o-noosquahnaun, o-noosquahdaun, v. t. III., VII.

Lid; n. i. puhdugwuhnuhegun, (pl.-un). L. (of a kettle); puhdugwahboaegun.

Lie; n. i. keewunemoowin, keenuhwishkewin, (pl. -un).

Lie (tell lies). He l.: keewunemo, kuhkeenuhwishke, v. n. 4, 3, (p. c. kah-, ka-). He tells him a l.; o-keewunemaun, o-kuhkeenuhwishkemaun, v. t. I.

Lie (lie down). He l.: shingeshin, guhwishemo, v. n. 6, 4, (p. c. shaung-, gaw-). In compos., shin- as affix. He l. comfortably; menoshin. - uncomfortably; maunoshin. - on his stomach; uhnemequishin. - contracted. guhgezhewishin. - flat; o-kekewishin. - stretched out; zhebeshin. - uncovered; mecheshin. - wrapped up; wewageshin. - indecently; nebaujeshin. - still; pezauneshin. - otherwise or elsewhere; aunjeshin. All of these v. n. 6, capable of change to v. i. 5, by altering -shin to -sin.

Lie on. He l. on it; (an. in.) od-uhpeshemoonun, -moon, v. t. VI. (p. c. ape-). He l. on s.-th. hard; (an. in.) o-metahkooshkuhwaun, -kaun, v. t. II., VII. He lies on his side; opemashin, v. n. 6. Lie together. We l. close t. (crowded); kesinjeshinomin, mod. B. (p. c. saunj-). We l. two, three, &c, t.; keneezhoshenomin kenesoshenomin. v. n. 3, pl. Lie with. He l. with her; o-wepamaun, v. t. I. They l. together; wepandewug, mod B.

Lies. It l. there; (an. in.) bemahkweshin, bemahkwesin, v. n. 6, v. i. 5. A piece of wood lies on high (not on the ground); bemahkwuhmoo, v. i. 4.

Life; n. i. bemahdezewin.

Lifeless. He is l.; ishquah-bemahdeze, v. n. 3.

Lift. He l. s.-th.; oombahkoonega, v. n. 2, (p. c. wamb-). He l. him, it, up; od-oombenaun, od-oombahkoonaun, v. t. I., VII. See raise, lever. He can l. him, it; o-kushkenaun, v. t. I., VII. He can barely l. him, it; o-bwahwenaun. See raise.

Lifted up. He, it, is l.; oombenegauso, gahda, v. i. 9, (p. c. wamb-).

Light (brightness); wahsayauzewin.

Light. It is l. (bright); wahsayahmuhgud. He makes it l. (in a house, &c); wahsuhkoonaun, v. n. 5, (p. c. wuhyak). He makes it l. for him; o-wahsuhkoonaumuhwaun, v. t. II. He lights s.-th.; wahsuhkoonanjega, v. n. 2. He l. it; o-wahsuhkoonanjegan, v. t. VI. He gives him, it, l. (enlightens him, it); o-wahsashkuhwaun, -kaun, v. t. II. VII. (p. c. wuhyah-). He l. a pipe; suhkuhepwahguna, v. n. 2, (p. c. sak-). See enlighten, set on fire, kindle.

Light (not heavy). He, it, is l.; naungese, naungun, v. n. 3, v. i. 6, (p. c. nuhyaung-). He thinks him, it, l.; o-naunganemaun, o-naungandaun, v. t.I. VII. His pack is l.; naungewauna, v. n.2.

Light; adj. naunge-.

Light-footed. He is l.-f.; naungeseda, v. n. 2. Lighthouse; n. i. keche-wahsuhkoonanjegun.

Lightly; wanepuzh. See frivolously.

Lightning; n. i. wahsuhmoowin. It lightens; wahwahsuhmoo, wahwahsuhmoowug ahnemekeeg. It lightens continually; kezhegausegawug. See thunder.

Like; tebishko. He, it, is l.; tebishko ezhenahgooze, -nahgwud, v. i. 10. What is he, it, like? ahneen azhenahgoozid, -nahgwuk? Like, as it were; nindego. See sort.

Like. He l. him, it; o-minwanemaun, o-minwandaun, v. t. I., VII. (p. c. manw-). See father, child, keep company with, &c.

Liken. He likens him, it, to somebody or s.-th.; od-ahwaaun, od-ahwatoon, v. t. I., VIII. (p. c. uhyah-). See resemble.

Likely (probably); kuhnuhbuj.

Like-minded. They are l.-m.; nanahsaubenandumoog, v. n. 5, pl.

Likeness. See portrait.

Likewise (so also); me kuhya, me-nahsaub, mepe dush.

Lily; n. i. nuhbuggushk, (pl. -oon.)

Limb (of the body); puhkasewin, (pl. -un). He has small limbs; buhbeewege, v. n. 3, (p. c. bab-). He has large l.; muhmungege, v. n. 3.

Lime; n. a. shegwahbekeda, wahbaubegun. L.-kiln; shegwahbekedakahning, wahbaubegunekaun. He burns l.; shegwahbekedaka; wahbaubeguneka, v. n. 2.

Lime tree; weegoob, (pl. -in).

Limit. It has such a l.; wuhyaquahyah, v. i. 1. The ground has such a l.; wuhyaguahkummegah, v. i. 1. See boundary.

Limp. He l.; uhjahoosa, v. n. 2.

Line (cord); n. i. pemenuhquaun, (pl. -un). A piece of cord (tie-string); tuhkoobejegun, (pl. -un). L. (on the border of a fish net); shenoodahgun, (pl. -un).

Line (put lining to clothes). He l. s. th.; beetoogwahjega, v. n. 2, (p. c. baut-). He l. it; (in. an.) o-beetoogwahnaun, o-beetoogwahdaun, v. t. III., VII. It is lined; (an. in.) beetoogwauso, -gwahda, v. i. 9.

Line (in a line). See row.

Linen; n. i. uhsuhbaubewagin, wavibishkeegin, puhpuggewuhyaunegin.

Linger. See delay.

Liniment; n. i. senegoonegun mushkeke.

Lining (to clothing); n. i. beetoogwahjegun.

Lion; n. a. meshebeshee, (pl. -g).

Lips; same as mouth, nedoon, kedoon, &c. His l. are sore; gepedoon, v. n. 6. His l. are cracked from cold; gepedoonawujje, v. n. 3. - from heat; gepedoonayauso, v. n. 4. His l. are split; puhsedoon, v. n. 6. He puts out his l.; shebedoonane, v. n. 3. He has down-hanging l.; ahboojedoon, v. n. 6. On the l.; ogijedoon.

Liquid. In compos. (with nouns) -ahbo, e. g., ink; ozhebeegun-ahbo, writing fluid; (with verbs and adverbs) -gummee, e.g., it is a good l., minwuhgummee; it is clean, peenuhgummee; dirty, weenuhgummee; excellent, weenguhgummee; thin, zheeguhuhgummee, (all v. i. 3). It is in a l. state; shooguhmemuhgud, v. i. 8. See melt.

Liquor (fire water); ishkoota-wahbo. He fetches l. (walking): nahdebishkum, v. n. 5. - (by water); naujebeum, v. n. 5. He sells l.; segenega, v. n. 2. See bar.

Lisp. He l.; maunzhekeezhwa, v. n. 2.

Listen. He l.; pesindum, v. n. 5, (p. c. pas-). He l. to him it; opesindahwaun, o-pesindaun, v. t. II., VII. See obey, He l. to him with - anger; o-nishkahdesetuhwaun, v. t. II. - apprehension of danger; o-nahnesahnetuhwaun. - attention; o-nahguhsotuhwaun. -astonishment; o-mahmuhkausetuhwaun. - displeasure; o-shingetuhwaun. - diffidence; o-suhnuhgetuhwaun. - fear; o-sagetuhwaun. - pity; o-ketemahgetuhwaun. - pleasure; o-menotuhwaun. - scorn; o-kuhgebahdesetuhwaun. - sorrow; o-wahsetahwetuhwaun. - stealth; o-kemosetuhwaun. - trouble of mind; o-wuhnishquatuhwaun. - unbelief; o-keenuhwishketuhwaun, (all v. t. II. and capable of change to v. t. VII. by altering -tuhwaun to -taun).

Listened to. He, it is l. to; pesindahgooze, -dahgwud, v. i. 10, (p. c. pas-).

Little (not much); punge. See small, short. Very l.; pungesha. There is l. of it; pungewuhgud, v. i. 7. There is very l. of it; pungeshawuhgud, (an. -geze), (p. c. pange-). By l. (a l. at a time); papunge.

Live. He l. (is alive); bemahdeze, v. n. 3, (p. c. bam-). It lives; bemahdud, v. i. 7. See survive.

Live (dwell). He lives in such a place or country; duhnuhkee, v. n. 3a. He l. in such a house; dah, v. i. 1, (p. c. and-): e. g., Where do you l. (country)? ahninde anduhnuhkeeyun ? - (house)? ahninde andahyun? (He l. in the same country with him; o-weejduhnuhkewamaun, v. t. I. He l. in a village with others; pemega, v. n. 2. They live together in a village; pemegaedewug, mod. B. They l. together; mahmuhwegawug, v. n. 2, pl. He lives about in different places; pahpah-uhyindah, v. n. I. He l. in peace; wahnuhke, v. n, 3a.

Live like. He l. l. a beaver; uhmikwahdeze. He l. l. an Indian; uhnishenahbawahdeze, v. n. 3.

Lively. He is l.; kwaushquaze, v. n. 3.

Liver; n. i. okoonemah. My, thy, his l.; nekoon, kekoon, okoon. He has a large l.; mungekoona, v. n. 2. - small l.; uhgausekoona, v. n. 2.

Livid. It is l.; uhpesin, v. i. 5. He has a livid spot (from a blow, &c.); uhpe-sahbuhwa, v. n. 2. His skin is livid; uhpesahzha, v. n, 2, (p. c. ape-).

Lizard; n. a. ogekuhdahnungwa, (pl. -g). Red l.; quewezans, (pl. -ug).

Lo! nah! nushka!

Loach (flsh); n. a. mesuy, (pl. ug).

Load (burden); n. i. pemewuhnaun, (pl. -un). He carries a l.; pemewuhna, v. n. 2. See pack.

Load. He loads a ship; poosetauso, v. n, 4, (p. c. pwaus-). He l. it (heaps it up); o-gwaushkwushkenuhdoon, v. t. VIII. (p. c. gwuhyaush-).

Load a gun. He l. a g.; od-onushkenuhdoon paushkezegun. It is loaded; o-nushkenuhda, v. i. 2, (p. c. wan-).

Loaf of bread; pazhigwahtig buhquazhegun. Two, three loaves; neezhwahtig, neswahtig buhquazhegun.

Lock; n. i. kushkahbekuhegun, (pl. -un).

Lock. He l. it; o-kushkahbekuhaun, v. t. VII. It is locked; kushkahbekuhegahda, v. i. 9.

Locomotive. See steam-engine.

Locust; n. a. uhdesahwuhyashe, (pl. -yug).

Lodge (Indian lodge). See wigwam.

Lodgings. See boarding-house.

Loft. See hay-loft.

Lofty. The mountain is l.; keche-ishpudenah, v. i. 1, (p. c. kache-). See high.

Log; n. i. metig, (pl. -oon). Log for building; wahkuhegunahtig, (pl. -oon). Saw-log; kaushkeboozood metig, (pl. -oog). The end of a log; wahnahquahtig.

Log canoe; n. i. metigo-cheemaun, (pl. -un).

Log house; n. i. metigo-wahkuhegun, (pl. -un). He builds a l. h.; wahkuhega, v. n. 2. Loiter. He l.; ahneshah neebuhwe, v. n. 3.

Lonely (lonesome). He is l.; kushkandum, v. n. 5, (p. c. kash-). It is l.; kushkandahgwud, v. i. 7. See desolate.

Long. It is l.; kinwahmuhgud, v. i. 8. (p. c. kan-). It is of such a length; uhkoosin, uhquah, v. i. 5, 1, (p. c. ak-, aqu-). How long is it? ahneen akoosing? It is long (the road); peechah, v. i. 1. It is long (metal); (an. in.) kinwahbekeze, kinwahbekud, v. i. 7. It is long (string &c.); kinwahbeegeze, kinwahbeegud. It is long (stuff, &c.); kinwageze, kinwagud. It is l. (wood, &c.) kinwaukooze, kinwahkwud, v. i. 7. He has a l. arm; genoneka, v. n. 2. He has l. arms; guhgenoneka, so also face, leg, &c. Long (long for). He l. ; kezhegandum, v. n. 5, (p. c. kazh-). He l. for him, it; o-kezheganemaun, o-kezhegandaun, v. t. VII. He l. for it; ahpeche-o-we-uhyaun, v. t. VII.

Long after. He l. a. him (wishes he would come); o-weekoodanemaun, v. t. I.

Long-suffering. He is l.; pakahdandahgooze, v. n. 3, (p. c. puhya-). See slow to anger.

Long time; kenoazh, kuhbauhyee, nuhyaunzh-. Long every time; guhguhnoazh. It lasts a l. time; peechah, v. i. I, (e. g. the dry season).

Long way. It is a l. w.; wahsuhwud, v. i. 7. The road is l.; peechah meekun. A l. w. off; wahsuh.

Look (appearance); n. i. ezhenahgoozewin.

Look. He l. (gazes); enahbe, v. n. 3, (p. c. an-). He, it looks so (appears so); ezhenahgooze, -nahgwud, v. i. 10, See appear.

Look! See! wagwahge! See, he is coming! wagwahge pedausuhmoosa!

Look aside. He l. a.; nagwaube. v. n. 3.

Look at. He l. at him, it; o-guhnuhwahbumaun, o-guhnuhwahbundaun, v. t. I., VII., (p. c. gan-). He l. at himself; guhnuhwahbundezo, mod. A. He l. at him with anger; o-nishkahbumaun. He l. horribly at him; o-gootaumegwahbumaun. He l. steadily at him; o-kezhegahbumaun. He l. stealthily at him; o-kemoosahbuhmaun. He l. amazed at him; o-mahmuhkauzahbuhmaun, o-mahmuhkausomaun (all v. t. I., inan. -ndaun).

Look behind. He l. b.; ahbuhnaube, v. n. 3.

Look from. He l. from s. wh.; oonsaube, v. n. 3, (p. c. wans-). He l. at him, it from s. wh.; od-oonsaubumaun, -ndaun v. t. I. VII.

Look for. See seek.

Look on. He l. on; wahbunga, v. n. 2. He l. on with anger; nishkaube, v. n. 3. - stealthily; geemaube, steadily; kezhegaube, (p. c. kazhe-).

Look out (watch). He l. out; uhkuhwaube, v. n. 3, (p. c. ak-). He l. out for him, it; od-uhkuhwahbumaun, od-uhkuhwahbundaun, v. t. I. VII. He l. out of the window or door; tuhpequane, v. n. 3.

Look up. He l. up.; dahtuhgaube, v. n. 3. oombishkinzhegwane, v. n. 3. He l. up to heaven; ishpeming enanbe.

Look upon. He l. upon him, it; o-guhnuhwahbumaun, -ndaun, v. t. I. VII. - kindly; o-meno-guhnuhwahbumaun. - with compassion; o-ketemah-gahbumaun. Look -with hope. He l. on with hope; puhgoosahbunga, v. n. 2. He l. to him with hope; o-puhgoosahbumaun, v. t. I.

Looking glass; n. i. waubmochechahgwun, (pl. -un).

Loon (bird); n. a. maung, (pl. -wug).

Loop; n. i. nuhgwahgun.

Loose. He is l.; (free); puhgeje-uhyah, v. n. 1, (p. c. pag-). It is l. (untied); gashahwishkah, v. i. 1. It fits l. on him (clothing); o-gashuhwekaun, v. t. VII. He gets l.; ahbiskootah, v. n. 1. It gets l. (untied); ahbiskookah, v. i. 1.

Loosen. He l. (lets go) him; od-ahbiskoonaun, v. t. I. He l. (unties) it; od-ahbiskoobedoon, v. t. VIII. See slacken.

Loosened. It is l.; ahbiskobeda, v. i. 2.

Loquacious. He is l.; osaumedoon, v. n. 6, (p. c. was-).

Lord. The Lord; owh Tabaningad. Our L.; Tabanemenung. O Lord! O Tabaningayun! Earthly lord; use chief.

Lose. He l. him, it; o-wuhneaun, o-wuhnetoon, v. t. I., VIII. (p. c. wan-). He l. himself; wuhneedezo, mod. A. He l. s.-th. belonging to another; o-wuhnetuhwaun, mod. C. He is sorry to have lost it; o-mindahdandaun, v. t. VII.

Lose a game. He l. a g.; puhkenahjegauzo.

Lose sight of. He l. s. of s.-th.; ungwahbunjega, v. n. 2, (p. c. angw-). He l. sight of him, it; od-ungwahbumaun, od-ungwahbundaun, v. t. I., VII.

Lose time. See waste time.

Lose the way; wuhneshin, v. n. 6. See track.

Loss; n. i. wuhnetausoowin, buhnahjetausoowin. See suffer loss. At a loss; see embarrassed.

Lost. It is lost (not to be found); wuhnechegahda, v. i. 9, (p. c. wan-). He, it, is lost (ruined); buhnahjechegauso, -gahda, v. i 9, (p. c. ban-); buhnahdeze, buhnahdud, v. i. 7. He considers him, it, l.; o-buhnahdanemaun, -dan-daun, v. t. I., VII.

Lots. We cast l.; kid-uhtahdemin, mod. B. He c. l. for it; od-uhtaundekundaun.

Lotion. Same as liniment.

Loud (loudly); anegook.. He speaks loud; kezheewa, v. n. 2. He calls l.; keche-pepahge, v. n. 3.

Lounge. He l.; ketemeshin, v. n. 6.

Louse. See lice.

Love; n. i. sahgeewawin. Mutual love; sahgeedewin.

Love. He l.; sahgeewa, v. n. 3, (p. c. suhyah-). He l. him, it; o-sahgeaun, o-sahgetoon, v. t. I., VIII. He l. him-self; sahgeedezo, mod. A. We l. each other; ke-sahgeedemin, mod. B. He loves him in thoughts; o-sahgeanemaun, v. t. I.

Love (make love). See court. Lover; n. a. suhyahgeewad, (pl. -jig). Love-letter; sahgeede-muhzenuhegun, (pl. -un). Love medicine (a charm employed by Indians); sahgeede-mushkeke.

Loving-kindness; n. i. netah-shahwanjegawin.

Low; adv. tahbushish. It is low; tahbusah, v. i. 1. There is low ground; tahbusahkummigah, v. i. 1. It is low (cheap); wanepuhnud, v. i. 7.

Low (mean). He, it, is considered low; tahbussandahgooze, -dahgwud, v. i. 10, (p. c. tab-).

Lower (put lower). He l. him, it; o-tahbussenaun, v. t. I., VII. (p. c. tab-). See let down, take down.

Lowly. He is l.; tahbussanindezo, mod. A.

Loyal. He is l.; o-sahgeaun enewh keche-ogemaun.

Luck. He has good l.; menwaubemaweze, shahwandahgooze, v. n. 3. He has bad luck; ahnuhwaweze, mussuhgwahdeze, v. n. 3, (p. c. uhyah-, mas-). He causes him bad l.; o-muhsuhgweaun, v. t. I.

Luggage. See pack.

Lukewarm. It is l.; uhbushkoobeda, v. i. 2.

Lull. He l. him to sleep; o-nebaaun, mod. D.

Lumbago. He has l.; dawepekwun, v. n. 5.

Lumber; nuhbuggesuggoog. Lum. business; nuhbuggesuggookawin. So many feet of lumber; dussozid dusswahtig.

Lump; p. n. i. mezewayaug. See piece.

Lunatic (insane by intervals). He is l.; keewuhnahduhpena, v. n. 2, (p. c. kahw-).

Lungs. My, thy, his l.; nepun, kepun, opun.

Lurk. See ambush. Lust; n. i. mujje-nunduhwandumoowin, mesuhwanemoowin. He l. for it; o-mujje-nunduhwandaun, v. t. VII., (p. c. maje-).

Lustre. It has a l. (cloth, &c.); (an. in.) wahsequageze, -gud, v. i. 7.

Lute. See instrument of music.

Lynx (wild cat); n. a. peshewh, (pl. -ug). L. skin; peshewh-wuhyaun, (pl. -ug).

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