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Ojebway Language:

A Manual for missionaries
and others employed among the Ojebway Indians
by Edward F. Wilson, 1874


Part II. Dialogs and Exercises.


XII. - Conversations on Religion.


Do you go to church on Sunday, friend?

Kid-ezhah nuh ahnuhmeäwegummigoong anuhmeäkezhegukin, neeje?

No, I am a pagan.

Kah, kahween nind-uhnuhmeähse.

Indeed! I wish you were a Christian.

Kedabwa nuh! Ahpagish nah uhnuhmeähyunbun.

Oh, Christianity does for white people, not for Indians.

Tuhyáh, ewh ahnuhmeähwin oonjeühyahmuhgud wuhyahbishkewajig atuh, kahween egewh ahnishenahbag.

Indians are no better for being Christians.

Kahween o-menodoodahgoosenahwah ahnishenahbag uhnuhmeähwaud.

Will you let me read God's book to you?

Kegahenanim nuh punge che-uhginduhmoonaun Kezha muhnedoo omuhzenuhegun.

I don't care.

Ahneesh anduhgwan.

Jesus Christ, the Son of God, died for the Indian as well as for the white man.

Owh suh Jesus Christ, Kezha-muhnedoo ogwissun, kahween atuh enewh wuhyahbishkewanejin oge-nebotuhwahseen, enewh suh kuhya ahnishenahban oge-nebotuhwaun.

God wishes all people to be his children.

Nunduhwandum suh owh Kezha muhnedoo kuhkenuh bamahdezenejin ween onejahsenun che-ahwenid.

Do you understand what I say?

Kenesidotaun nuh anenaun?

Yes, I understand perfectly.

A, wawane kenesidotoon.


I am sorry to hear you have been drinking.

Neminjenuhwaz ewh kemenequayun.

Who told you so?

Ahwanan kahweendumook?

That is no matter, but I wish you would give it up.

Kahween ningood ween ewh, ahpagish nah ishquahmenequayun.

It is vain you call yourself a Christian while you drink.

Uhneshah suh ninduh-nuhmeäh kidediz magwah mahmenequayun.

No drunkards can enter heaven.

Kahween uhweyuh kahwushquabishkid tahpeen-degase ishpeming.

God will accept those who truly repent.

Ogahmenoodahpenaun kezhamuhnedoo enewh wawane aunwanindezoonejin.


I did not see you at church last Sunday.

Kahween kege-wahbumesenoon ahnah-meäwegummigoon ke-ahnunmeäkezheguk.

No, I did not go, I went to visit a friend in the Bay.

Kah, kahween ninge-ezhahse, ninge-uhwe-mahwuddesah pazhig neejekewa ewede Wequadoong.

But Sunday is not a day for visiting, it is God's day.

Ewh anuhmeäkezheguk kahween tah-nebwahchewaseem, Kezha muhnedoo suh ewh okezhegudoom.

You do not come to church so regularly as you used to do.

Kahween wawane kepahpindegase uhnuhmeäwegummigoong wuhyashkud ween uhko ezhechegayunbun

Do not let the devil tempt you to give up religion.

Kago enánemáhkan owh mujje-muhnedoo cheëzheik che oonje-poone-ahnuhmeähyun.

In a little time we must all die.

Weebah suh kuhkenuh anducheyung kegah-neboomin.

All worldly plesures will pass away.

Tah-aungomuhguhdoon kuhkenuh enewh uhkeeng duhzhe moojegezewinun.


I was glad to see you at church on Sunday.

Ninge-kecheminwandum kewah-bumenaun ahnuhmeäwegummegoong ke-ahnuhmeäkezheguk.

Yes, I always go to church; those people at the point, are very wicked, they might as well be Pagans.

A, kahgenig nindezhah ahnuhmeäwegummegoong; egewh nayaushing anduhnuhkejig keche mujjeëzhewabezewug, me tebishko anuhmeähsegoog.

I hope you feel sorry for them, and try to do them good.

Ahpagish kesahdanemudwah kuhya menodooduhwudwah.

Oh, they are too bad; they will never be better. I always say my prayers night and morning.

Túhyah, osaum mujjeezhewabezewug; kah-weekah tah-meno-ezhewabezesewug. Neen ween andusso tebikuk kuhya kuhgezhab ninduhnuhmeäh.

That is quite right, but do not only pray for yourself, pray also for your neighbours.

Kagat suh kechequuhyuk, kago suh atuh keen aknuhmeätahdezokan, ahnuhmeätowh suh kuhya kéejeduhnuhkewamahgunug.


How do you do, friend, I have come to read to you a little.

Ah, boozhoo neeje, kegepeuhginduhmoon punge.

Thank you, you are very kind to me.

Megwach, ahpeehe ke-shahwanim.

God is good to you, even though you are sick.

Kemeno-doodook owh Kezha muhnedoo ahnoo goo ahkooseyun.

Indeed, God has been gracious to me, and I thank him.

Kagat ningeshahwanemik Kezha muhnedoo, nemegwachewanemah dush.

Do you think you will get better?

Kedenandum nuh kegah-noojim?

I cannot tell; God's will be done.

Kahween ninkekanduhse, mahnoo anandung Kezha muhnedoo tah-ezhewabud.

I will pray to God for you.


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