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Ojebway Language:

A Manual for missionaries
and others employed among the Ojebway Indians
by Edward F. Wilson, 1874


Part II. Dialogs and Exercises.


XI. Sunday

It is Sunday to-day.

Uhnuhmeäkezhegud suh noongoom.

God forbids us to work or play.

Kegenúhuhmáhgoonaun owh Kezhamuhnedoo che-uhnookeeyung kamah che-oduhmenoyung.

This is the day of rest.

Me aunwabewene-kezhegud noongoom.

The church bell is ringing.

Mudwasin suh ketootahgun.

That is the second bell.

Me ewh neezhing madwasing.

Let us go to church.

Ahnuhmeäwegummigoong ezhahdah.

Take off your hat.

Keesekun kewewuhquaun.

The church is nearly full.

Kagah suh mooshkena ewh ahnuhmeäwegummig.

I will find you a seat.

Kegahmeekuhmoon uhpuhbewin.

Kneel down, rise, (pl.)

Ojecheengwuhnetahyook, onishkaug.

Stand up, sit down, (pl.)

Puhsegweeg, nuhmuhduhbeeg.

Let us pray.

Umba uhnuhmeähdah.

Here beginneth the 6th Chapter of the Book of Genesis.

Me omah mahjesing ewh ishwauching chapter, Genesis aduming.

Here endeth the first lesson.

Me omah wuhyaquahsing ewh natummesing kakenoühmahgooyung.

Let us all repeat this.

Kuhkenuh mahmuhwe ekedodah.

Let us sing the tenth hymn.

Nuhgumoodah suh ako-medáuching nuhguhmoowin.

All sing together.

Kuhkenuh mahmuhwe nuhgumook.

I desire my child to be baptized.

Nenunduhwandum che-seeguhunduhwind nenejahnis.

Bring the child forward after the, second lesson.

Peenik owh ahbenooje ke-ishquah uhgindumaun ewh ako neezhing kekenoühmahgoowin.

Who are his god-parents?

Ahwananug egewh wah-nebuhwetuhwahjig?

Are you a communicant?

Ketebandahgooz enuh shuhkuhmoonindewining?

The Holy Sacrament will be administered next Sunday.

Menuhwah ahnuhmeä-kezheguk tah-shuhkuhmoonindim.

Are you confirmed?

Ahzhe nuh kege-ahnuhmeätahgooz?

Is your son confirmed?

Ahzhe nuh ke-ahnuhmeätahgooze kegwis?

The Bishop is coming to hold Confirmation on the 6th of May.

Owh keche makuhdawekoonuhya we-pe-ahnuhmeätahga ningoodwausogoonuhgezid wahbegoone-keezis.

A Confirmation class will be held every Tuesday and Friday.

Tahmahwunjeähwug egewh wah-uhnuhmeätahgoozejig andusso neezho kezheguk kuhya audusso nahno kezheguk.

Will you let your children come to Sunday School?

Kegah enanemaug nuh kene-jahnesug che-pekekenoühmuhwindwah anuhmeäkezhegukin.

It is good that they should learn to love God while young.

Onesheshin suh chekekenoühmuhwindwah Kezhamuhnedoon chesahgeähwaud magwah ahbenoojeewewaud.

The second service is at half-past three.

Menuhwah uhpe ka-uhnuhmeäung neso-tebuhegun 'zhe ahbittuh.

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