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Ojebway Language:

A Manual for missionaries
and others employed among the Ojebway Indians
by Edward F. Wilson, 1874


Part II. Dialogs and Exercises.


IX. Winter.

Let us go for a walk on snow-shoes.

Umba ahgimoosadah.

Let us talk Indian as we walk.

Ahnishenahbamodah ane-ahgimoosayung.

Let us cross the river on the ice.

Uhgahming ezhahdah kegahbemahduhgahkomin

There is a hole for the cattle to drink at.

Me twahebun ka duhzhe-menequawaud pezhekewug.

Those boys are skating.

Shooshquahduhawug quewezansug.

The trees are covered with snow.

Koonewewug metigoog.

The snow is deep.


There is a crust on the snow.


It is freezing hard.

Keehe mushkuhwuhdin.

How thick is the ice?

Ahneen apeetuhding?

Make a hole and, see.

Twahegan suh chenunduhkekandumun.

There is an Indian coming on the ice.

Peedahduhgauko ahnishenahba.

It is going to snow again.

Menuhwah tahsogepo.

I hear people chopping in the bush.

Mudwaëgawug noopeming.

Let us go to them.


He is chopping down a beech.

O-gúh-wuhwaun ahzhuhwámezhin.

Those men are hewing timber.

Cheegeguhegawug egewh enenewug.

He is chopping cordwood.


How many cords can you cut in a day?

Ahneen menik duhching uhkoosing mesun kakeeshkuhuhmunbun ningo kezhik?

About two cords and a half.

Maungeshuh neezh uhkoosing 'zhe ahbettuh.

Is that axe sharp?

Keenah nuh ewh wahgahkwud?

There come the oxen hauling a sleigh.

Pedausuhmoosawug egewh pezhekewug pemedahbewaud.

There are two horses hauling a saw-log.

Neezh papazhegoonguhzheeg o-peme-dahbahnahwaun metigoon.

Let us take off our snow-shoes.


What trees are there here?

Ahwanan doowug metigoog omah?

What is that tree?

Ahwanan doowah owh metig?

That is iron wood, and there is a maple.

Mahnun suh owh, ewade dush enenahtig.

There is pine on the other side of the mountain.

Shingwaukookah suh ewede uhwússuhjewh.

Let us go home.

Umba kewadah.

There is the track of a mink.

Pemekuhwa emuh shaungwasha.

Let us follow its track.


No, it would be no use, it is getting dark, let us hasten.

Kah, kah kago tahenahbuhdussenoon, kagah suh tebekud, kezheekahdah.

Let us make up a big fire.

Keche pooduhwadah.

Can you play music ?

Kenetahmudwawachega nuh?

1 can play the fiddle.


Tell an Indian story.

Ahpagish ahdesokayun.

Tell us the legend about Nanuhboozoo.

Ahjim owh Nanuhboozoo.

Let us light our pipes.


Give him some tobacco.

Ahsamah suh meezh.

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