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Ojebway Language:

A Manual for missionaries
and others employed among the Ojebway Indians
by Edward F. Wilson, 1874


Part II. Dialogs and Exercises.


VIII. Cultivating the Land.

Do you cultivate any land?

Keketega nuh?

Just a little; I always plant some corn and potatoes.

Punge atuh; punge mundahmin ninketegahdaun punge kuhya opineeg.

Will wheat grow here?

Tahmahjeegin nuh mesemin omah?

No one has ever tried it.

Kahween weekah ahweyuh koojejegase.

The land seems very stony.

Ahsinekah suh azhenahgwuk uhke.

Yes, but some of it is very good.

A, ahnind dush ahpeche onesheshin.

When do you plough?

Ahneen uhpe keezis muhyahjepemepoojegang.

In spring, about the beginning of May.

Sahgwungin, ooshkuhgoojing wahbegoone-keezis.

And when do you harvest? Oats are fit in August, and corn in September.

Ahneen uhpe dush kaushkushkezhegayag? Muhnoomin suh meen-keezis uhgoojing, mundahmin dush muhnoomene-keezis.

Do potatoes do well?

Menógewug nuh opineeg?

Do you sow peas?

Keketegahdaunun enuh uhnejemenun?

Have you any cattle?

Keduhyahwaug nuh ahwahkaunug?

I have two cows and a calf.

Neezh equapezhekewug ninduhyahwaug pezhekins kuhya pazhig.

Have you no oxen?

Kahween nuh keduhyahwahsig uhnooke-pezhekewug?

No, I borrow Joe's to do my ploughing.

Kah, ninduhweik owh Joe oduhyaumun chepemepoojegayaun.

Do any of the Indians here keep sheep?

Ahweyuh nuh omah ahnishenahba oduhyahwaun mahnishtahneshun?

No, the dogs would kill them.

Kahween, odah-nesegowahdoganun enewh uhnemooshun.

Why do the Indians keep so many dogs?

Ahnishwin egewh ahnishenahbag keche-oduhyewaud?

I don't know, I am sure.

Anduhgwan (or, nuhmunjeëdoog).

How much land have you cleared?

Ahneen menik kah-mahzheëgáyun?

The stumps are still in.

Kayahbe kishkuhnáhkudookah.

What is growing inside the fence?

Wagoonan muhyahjeeging emuh pinje minchegun.

The corn is in bloom.

Sahgahnequawug mundahminug.

He is digging up his potatoes.


He is thrashing oats.

O-puhgunduhaun muhnoomin.

Is that the fowl house?

Puhkuháhqua-wegummig nuh ewh?

That pig is fat.

Weeneno owh kookoosh.

Have you a scythe?

Kishkezhegun enuh keduhyaun?

Bring your hoe with you.

Pedoon suh ewh ke-pemeje-wahgahkwud.

He is cutting hay.

O-kishkezhaun mezhushk.

What is hay worth a hundred?*

Ahneen enuhgindag mushkoosewun ewh ningodwauk takoobedag?

We will weigh the hay.

Kegahtebahbishkoodoomin mezhushk.

* That is, a hundred bales of 15 lbs.

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