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Ojebway Language:

A Manual for missionaries
and others employed among the Ojebway Indians
by Edward F. Wilson, 1874


Part II. Dialogs and Exercises.


VII. - On the Water.

Get into the boat (or canoe).

Poosin cheemauning.

Shove her off.


Two of you take two oars each, and I will steer.

Kenuhwah neezheyag naneezh ahzhaboyaunun odahpenuhmook, neen dush ningah-oodahka.

Pull hard now.

Kuhgátin ahzhábooyag.

There is a steamboat coming.

Peejebeda ishkoota-nahbequaun.

There is a net laid there.

Uhsub emuh uhgwinjin.

The wind is fair.


Put up the sail.

Take in your oars.

Pindoonug uhtoog kidahzhabooyaunewaun.

Draw in that rope.

Weekoobedoon ewh uhsuhbaub.

Let it go; quick.

Puhgedinun; waweeb.

Steer for that point.

Ewede nayaúshing enequaun.

Take the sail down.

Nesenun ewh ningahsuhmoon.

Use your oars again.

Ahzhábooyag menuhwah.

We are going down stream.


I hear rapids.

Mudwajewun bahwetig.

Shall we shoot the rapids?

Kegahnesheboonoomin enuh?

No, it would not be safe in a boat, we must get a canoe.

Kah, tahnahneesáhnud nahbequaunánsing, ninduhwauj wigwaus cheemaun kegah-uhyoomin.

We will borrow this bark canoe.

Kegah-uhtahwaungamin suh oo-oo wigwaus cheemaun.

There are two paddles.

Neezhenoon enewh uhbwin.

We will land on that island.

Ewade menising kegah-guhbahmin.

Are there any fish about here?

Uhyahwug nuh keegoyug omah?

Yes, there are plenty.

Kagat, kegoëkah.

I am going to fish with a rod.


What bait do you use?

Wagoonan wah-uhgookáyeweyun?

Just a worm.


There are speckled trout in this stream.

Maunzhemagoosansekah omah seebeensing.

Are there any pike?

Keenoozhakah nuh?

In the bay there are lots of herrings, and a few white fish.

Ahpeche pahtuhenoowug okawissug wequadoong ahnind kuhya, ahtikumagoog uhyahdooganug.

They are fishing with a seine net.


What have they caught?

Wagoonan kah-netoowaud?

Only herrings and suckers.

Okawissug atuh kuhya nuhmabinug.

How shall we get back up the rapids?

Ahneen ka-ezheokóoduhumung ewh bahwetig?

We must make a portage, there is a trail through the bush.

Kegah-oonegamin suh, meekauns uhyáhmuhgud.

Jack will carry the canoe.

Jack ogahpemoondaun cheemaun.

I am going to bathe.


Can you swim?

Kenetahwahduhgah nuh?

I want to get a shot at those ducks.

Newepaushkeswaug egewh ewade shesheebug.

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