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Ojebway Language:

A Manual for missionaries
and others employed among the Ojebway Indians
by Edward F. Wilson, 1874


Part II. Dialogs and Exercises.


VI. - Visiting the Indians.

Is any one at home?

Uhbe nuh ahweyuh?

Yes, we are at home, come in; my father only is not in.

A, ninduhbemin, pindegan; owh suh noos atuh kahween uhbese.

Good day, it is a fine day.

Boozhoo, meno-kezhegud.

Yes, it seems a long time since we have seen you.

A kagat, kuhbaühyee suh enewag kah-uhko-wahbumegooyun.

Yes, I have been away.

A, ninge-oondumishkah.

What is the news?

Ahneen dush enuhkummeguk.

Nothing much. Several of the Indians in the Bay were sick, but they are better now.

Ahkah kago, ahkoosebuneeg ahnind egewh ahnishenahbag wequadoong ayahjig, zhuhyegwah dush meno-uhyahwug.

When are you Indians going to build yourselves houses, such as they have at Garden River?

Ahneen uhpe dush ka-ozhetuhmahdezooyag wahkuhegunun tebishko enewh ketegaun seebeeng ayahgin?

Oh, I don't know, I suppose we are too lazy.

Anduhgwan, nind-osaum-ketemishkemin kuhnuhbuj.

Is this an old pipe?

Kata-uhyuhah nuh mahbuh opwahgun?

Yes. It belonged to my grandfather.

Kagat, nemeshomesebun tebanemahgobun.

And was that his tobacco pouch?

Me nun kuhya ewh o-kishkebetáhgun tabandumoogoobunan?

How long does it take you to build a wigwam?

Ahneen ka-ahpeeohetahyunbun che-ozhegayun?

About an hour.

Maungeshuh ningo tebuhegun.

Some houses in England take three years to build.

Ahnind wegewaumun keche-uhgahming neso-peboon odinduhzheekahnahwaun.

Ah, indeed, that is wonderful, they must be very big.

Tuhyah, kagat mahmuhkah-duhkummig, keche mechahmuhgudooganun kuhnuhbuj.

These trees are the right sort for building a log house, are they not?

Me nuh oogoo quuhyuk metigoog ka-ahbujjeindwahbun che-wegewaumekang?

You could get lumber and shingles at the saw-mill.

Kedah-oondenahwaug nuhbuggesugoog kuhya uhpukoojegunug ewede taushkepoojeguning.

Do your children go to school?

Ezhahwug nuh ke-nejahnesug anduhzhe kekenouhmahding?

Not just now, they have no shoes.

Kahween noongoom, kahween omuhkesinesewug.

You must get shoes for them at the store, when you sell your sugar.

Kegah keeshpen uhduhwahwaug suh muhkesinun ahdahwawegummegoong uhpe ahdahwayag sinsebahquud.

Were you at Church on Sunday?

Kegeühyah nuh ahnuhmeawegummegoong ke-uhnuhmeakezheguk.

No, I was sick, but my husband went.

Kahween, ninge-ahkoos, ween dush newedegamahgun keëzhah.

Well, good-bye, I will come again soon to see you.

Ah boozhoo dush, weebah kegahpewahbumin menuhwah.

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