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Ojebway Language:

A Manual for missionaries
and others employed among the Ojebway Indians
by Edward F. Wilson, 1874


Part II. Dialogs and Exercises.


V. - In the Bush.

Where is Jack?

Ahneende Jack?

He is gone back in the bush with his gun.

Noopeming keézhah, opaushkesegun kemahjeedood.

Is he gone hunting?

Ke-uhwe-geöosa nuh?

I don't know, he did not tell me.

Anduhgwan, kahween ningeweenduhmahgoose.

Where do you suppose he is now?

Ahneende dush noongoom ayahgwan kede-nandum?

I am sure I don't hnow.


Let us go back into the bush.

Umba noopeming ezhahdah.

This trail leads back.

Goopumo suh oo-oo meekunuh.

I will follow you.


What bird is that calling ? Is it a partridge?

Ahwanan owh penase masetah-goozid? Pena nuh?

No, it is a loon on the Lake.

Kahwasuh, maung suh ween owh ewede keche-gammeeng.

What animals are there about here?

Ahwanan doowuh ahwaseeyug ayahjig omah?

All sorts of small game.

Ahnooj goo doowuh ahwaseensug.

Are there any deer?

Uhyahwug nuh wahwaushkasheyug?

Very few now; there used to be plenty of them.

Ahpeche pungeshawuggezewug noongoom, pahtuhenogwahbun wuhyashkud.

Stop, are we going right?

Pakah, ke-quuhyukooshenoomin enuh?

I see a sugar camp through the trees.

Newahbundaun sinsebahkwudookaun magwayahquah.

The Indians are making sugar.

Sinsebahquudookawug egewh ahnishenahbag.

See, the sap is running.

Enuh, oonjegáhmuhgud sinsebahquudahboo.

Take up a trough and drink some.

Odahpenun oonahgun menequan dush.

Those women are boiling the sap.

Ishkegummesegawug egewh ewade equawug.

Taste the sugar.

Koojepedun sinsebahkwud.

What is it worth a pound? - 8 cents.

Ahneen enuhgindag ningo-tebahbishkoojegun? - Ishwauswe shoomahnekan.

I have no money.

Kahween nind oshooneyáhmese.

How far is it to the shore?

Ahneen apeechaug ewede uhguhming?

About five miles.

Kagah nahnun debahbaun.

Have you shot anything?

Kegenetoon nuh kago?

No, I saw nothing.

Kah, kahween uhweyuh ahwase ningewahbumahse.

Is your gun loaded?

Onushkenuhda nuh kepaushkezegun?

I have powder, but I have no caps.

Muhkuhda suh ninduhyaun, pewesechegunun dush kahween ninduhyahsenun.

That Indian is hunting beaver.

Nundoomiqua owh ahnishenahba.

See, he has his traps.

Enuh, oneeëgune owh.

There is a rabbit caught in a snare.

Enuh, owh wahboos kenuhgwauso.

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