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Ojebway Language:

A Manual for missionaries
and others employed among the Ojebway Indians
by Edward F. Wilson, 1874


Part II. Dialogs and Exercises.


IV. - Caming Out.

Bring up the things from the boat.

Pegoopewedoon enewh ayaugin emuh chee-mauning.

Where shall we pitch our tent?

Ahneende che-kuhpasheyung?

Is there a clearing?

Mahzheeëgun nuh uhyah?

Let us clear a place here - Where is the axe?

Tuhguh mahzheeëgádah omah - Ahneende ewh wahgahkwud?

Jack will cut the poles and pins.

Jack ogah-keeshkuhaunun enewh metigoon kuhya enewh suhgáhquuhegunun.

Shall I make a fire ?

Ninguh-booduhwa nuh?

Yes, and get a good stock of wood for fuel.

A, nébuhnuh kuhya muhnesan.

Have you a string?

Tuhkoopejegun nuh kiduhyaun?

Lend me your knife.

Uhweëshekun kemookoomaun.

Now cut some fir branches for the floor of the tent.

Umba keeshkowh shingoobeensug che-uhpishemoonekayun.

We will spread our rugs for a carpet.

Kegah-uhpishemoonekamin kekoonausenahnin.

Is the kettle boiling yet?

Ahzhe nuh ke-oonso uhkik.

Where is the frying pan?

Ahneende ewh sahsákooquaun?

You had better fry some fish.

Ninduhwauj kedahsahsákooquahnah keegoo.

I will make some bread.


Jack has cut down a tree, I hear it falling.

Jack oge-guhwahwaun metigoon, nenoonduhwah mudwashing.

Don't let the ashes fall in the frying-pan.

Kago ween tah-pungesinsenoon pingwe sahsakooquauning.

Make the fire blaze up.


Fetch water.

Nebee nahdin.

Get the dinner ready.

Chebahquan che-weesening.

There are no forks.

Kahween ahtasenoon pahtuhkuhegunun.

Wash up the things.


Here is a dish-cloth.

Maunduh keseénegun.

Where is the towel?

Ahneende kesingwaoon?

Let us smoke; Have you tobacco?

Suhguswahdah; Ahsamah nuh kiduhyahwah?

Yes, but I have left my pipe bahind.

A, ningewuhnekanun dush nind-opwahgun.

Can you lend me your pipe?

Kegah-uhwe nuh kid-opwahgun?

The mosquitoes are bad here.

Suhguhmakah suh omah.

The mosquitoes don't like smoke.

Egewh suhguhmag kahween ominwandunsenahwah puhquana.

We must move on again before daylight to-morrow.

Che-bwah wahbung suh kegah-goozemin.

Help me to pack up the things.

Weedookuhweshin che suhguhkenegayaun.

Can you carry that?

Kedah-kushkoondaun enuh ewh?

I want to wash my hands.


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