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Ojebway Language:

A Manual for missionaries
and others employed among the Ojebway Indians
by Edward F. Wilson, 1874


Part II. Dialogs and Exercises.


III. - Health, Age, &c.

How are you to-day ? Are you a little better, do you think?

Ahneen ezhe-bemahdezeyun. noongoom? Ashkum nuh kemeno-uhyah punge, kidenandum?

Thank you, I had a pretty quiet night, and slept a little.

Ah megwach enewag ninge-pezauneshin tebekoong, punge kunya ninge-nebah.

What is the matter with him?

Ahneen andid?

He had a fall some three years ago, and received some internal injury.

Kepungeshinogoobun neswe peboon ahzhe, ahkoosedoog dush pinjenuh weeyowhing. How old is that child? Ahneen apeetezid ewade ahbenooje?

Nearly seven years old.

Kagah neezhwauso-peboonuhgeze.

How many months old is your little sister?

Ahneen andussokeeziswuhgezid owh kesheemansim.

She (or he) is only three months and four days.

Nesokeezis kuhya neeögoonuhgeze atuh.

How many months is it since you were here?

Ahneen andusso keeziswuhguk kah-uhko-omah-uhyahyun.

I think it is more than a year.

Ningo-peboon uhwahshema nindenandum.

You were sick at that time.

Kid-ahkoosenahbun ewh uhpe.

What was the matter with you?

Ahneen kahdeyun?

I had small-pox.

Ninge-mahmahkis suh.

Indeed! That is a terrible disease.

Tuhyah! Kagat kuhgwahnesugge-enahpenawinewun ewh.

Yes, I nearly died.

A, kagah ninge-nib.

I barely recovered.

Uhgahwah suh ningenoojim.

Is there much sickness about now?

Ahkoosewinekah nuh noongoom omah kewetuhyeëe?

Yes. I know of five houses where they have hooping cough, and two children have measles.

A. Nahnun wegewaumun ninkekandaunun uhyahmoowaud keche-ososodumoowin, neezh kuhya ahbenojeeyug magwah misquauzhawug.

I cut my foot yesterday with an axe.

Ninge kezháhoodiz pecheenahgo.

I have a bad head-ache.

Ahpeche nin-dawequa.

He has a bad cold.


You should take medicine.

Mushkeke kedah-menequan.

The old squaw gave me some Indian medicine. Here it is.

Owh uhnishenahba mindemoya ningemeenik uhnishenahba-mushkeke. Me oo-oo.

I think he has a good deal of fever.

Enewag kezheso nindenandum.

He is very weak and can scarcely walk.

Ahpeche shahgwewe, uhgahwah okushketoon che-pemoosad.

He has laid many years on his bed.

Nebewah dusso peboon uhpuhna kepeshingeshin nebahguning.

He is very sick.

Keche ahkoose.

I think he will not recover.

Kahween tahnoojemoose nindenandum.

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