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Ojebway Language:

A Manual for missionaries
and others employed among the Ojebway Indians
by Edward F. Wilson, 1874


Part II. Dialogs and Exercises.


II. - Meal-time.

This is good bread.

Onesheshe suh mahbah buhquazhegun.

This is good meat.

Onesheshin suh oo-oo weeyaus.

That soup smells good.

Menomahgwud suh ewh nahboob.

I have no knife.

Kahween ninduhyahseen mookomaun.

We are all very hungry, and want our dinner.

Kuhkenuh anducheyaung ahpeche ninpuhkuhdamin, neweühshummegoomin dush.

Come to dinner all of you; you too, come along.

Umba pe-weseneyook kuhkenuh anduhcheyag, keen kuhya, pewesenin.

There is pork, but no beef to-day.

Kookoosh-weeyaus ahta, pezhekeweweyaus dush kahween ahtasenoon noongoom.

Say grace.

Uhnuhmeätun uhkuhwa.

Give me some potatoes, please.

Uhshummeshekun opineeg.

The child is thirsty.

Kishkuhbahgwa owh ahbenooje.

We used to have mutton last Fall.

Ninduhshummegoomenahbun mahnishtahnishe-weeyaus tuhquahgoong.

Give me a spoon.

Mesheshin amequaun.

A large one, or a small one?

Keche-amequauan kamah agahsaug.

A small one.

Amequaunans suh.

This pudding tastes good.

Menopoogwud suh oo-oo poodin.

Did you ever eat beaver?

Weekah nuh kege-meejin uhmik-weyaus?

No, never; but I had some bear once.

Kah, kahween weekah; ahbeding dush ninge-uhshummegoo muhquáh-weeyaus.

Did you forget to put pepper in the soup?

Kegewuhnandaun enah ewh wahsuhgung che-ge-duhgoonuhmun emuh nahboobing?

The pie is very hot.

Keche-kezhedámuhgud ewh tabahta.

Mind you don't burn your mouth.

Aungwahmezin che-chahgedoonázosewun.

Will you have any more?

Kayahbe nuh kago ke-we-meejin?

No, thank you, I have finished.

Kahween megwach me ahzhegwuh ke-ishquah-weseneyaun.

I have had plenty.

Ninge tabisene.

Please give me something to drink.


There is no cup.

Kahween menequaujegun ahtasenoon.

Do you want tea?

Me nuh uhnebishahbo wahmenequayun?

No, only water.

Kahween, nebee atuh.

Is this fresh water?

Tuhkahgummee nuh oo-oo?

That boy is greedy.

Nebahdeze owh quewezans.

Here is the fork I used.

Me oo-oo ewh pahtuhkuhegun kah-ahbujjetooyaun.

Did the Indians gather these strawberries?

Me nuh egewh ahnishenahbag kah-mahwinezoojig enewh odaëmenun?

How soon will the raspberries be ripe?

Ahneen uhpee ka-uhdesoowaud egewh misqueemenug?

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