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Ojebway Language:

A Manual for missionaries
and others employed among the Ojebway Indians
by Edward F. Wilson, 1874


Part II. Dialogs and Exercises.


I. - Salutations, Weather, &c.

There is an Indian coming. I wonder who it is!

Pedahsuhmoosa ahnishenahba. Ahwagwaneedoog!
Pidasamose anishinabe. Awegwenidog!

He is followed by the woman carrying a bundle.

Onoopenuhnegoon equawun pamewuhnanejin.
Onopinanigon ikwewan pemiwanenijin.

Ah! How do you do, friend, where do you come from?

Ah! Boozho neeje, ahninde wanjebahyun?

Good day, sir, good day! I have just landed at the Point.

Boozho, boozho, neeje! Pecheenug suh ningeguhbah ewede nayaushing.

Is this your wife? How do you do my friend.

Me nuh goo mahbah kewedegamahgun? Ah boozjo ninduhwamah.

Have you come a long distance?

Wausuh nuh kegepeöonjebaum?

Yes, indeed; our camp is three days journey up the counrty.

A kagat wahsuh; nesotebik ningepeguhpashemin ke-pe-pemishkahyaung.

And where are you going to camp now?

Ahninde cheguhpasheyeg noongoom?

Close to the shore, and to-morro we go on to the Bay.

Uhguhming suh, wahbung edush ewede wequadoong ningah-ezhahmin.

Have you any children with you? No

Kegepewejewegoog nuh ahbenoojeyug? Kah.

You left them at home, did you? Yes.

Kegenuhguhnahwaug nuh ewede anduhyag? A!

Will you sit down and rest, before going on further?

Kegah-nuhmuhduhbim nuh uhkuhwa che-aunwabeyag che bwah menuhwah mahjahyag?

Ni, it is already late, we must get on; Come, come (to his wife), let us start.

Kahween, ashegwuh suh ishpekezhegud, ningah mahjahmin suh; Howh, howh, mahjahdah dush.

Well, good bye, I hope we may see each other again.

Ah boozho dush, pagish menuhwah wahbundeyungoobun.

Let me see, ehat is the day of the month, to-day is Friday.

Tuhguh, ahneen andussogoon uhgezhid keezis, me nahnokezhegud noongoom

Last Sunday was the 14th, to-day must be the 19th.

Medauswe 'zhe neeögoon uhgezegobunan keezis ke-uhnuhmeäkezhegud, moomgoom kezhegud dush medauswe 'zhe shaungusso-goon uhgezedoog.

Next week I am going to Sault Ste. Marie, if the weather is fine.

Bahweting suh ningah-ezhah ka-ishquah-ahnuhmeäkezheguk kishpin mano-kezhegudoogwan.

It is very cloudy, I think it will rain.

Ningawahnukwud ahpexhe, tahkemewun nindenandum.

Ir is nearly a year since I was here.

Kagah suh ningo-peboonuhgud kah-uhko-uhyahyaun omah.

It is hot weather.


It is cold weather.


The wind blows.


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