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Ojebway Language:

A Manual for missionaries
and others employed among the Ojebway Indians
by Edward F. Wilson, 1874


Examples of Paradigms.
Example of Paradigm VIII.

Indicative Mood
Conditional Mood
Imperative Mood
Periodical Sunbjunctive


Examples of Paradigms. Transitive Verb - Inanimate.
Paradigm VIII. - TOON.

Present Tense.
  It. Them. Negative.
I love it, nesahgetoon, ..nun, kahween ne..tooseen.*
thou lovest it, kesahgetoon, ..nun, kahween ke..tooseen.
he loves it, osahgetoon, ..nun, kahween o..tooseen.
his loves it, osahgetoone,, kahween o..toosene.
one loves it, sahgetoom, ..m, kahween ..tooseem.
we love it (ex.), nesahgetoomin, ..min, kahween ne..toosemin.
we see it (in.), kesahgetoomin, ..min, kahween ke..toosemin.
you see it, kesahgetoonahwah, ..nahwaun, kahween ke..toosenahwah.
they see it, osahgetoonahwah, ..nahwaun, kahween o..toosenahwah.
*Pl. ..toosenun.
Perfect Tense.
  It. Them. Negative.
I have loved it, ningesahgetoon, ..nun, kahween ninge..tooseen.
thou hast loved it, kegesahgetoon, ..nun, kahween kege..tooseen.
he has loved it, ogesahgetoon, ..nun, kahween oge..tooseen.
Future Tense.
  It. Them. Negative.
I shall love it, ningahsahgetoon, ..nun, kahween ningah..tooseen.
thou wilt love it, kegahsahgetoon, ..nun, kahween kegah..tooseen.
he will love it, ogahsahgetoon, ..nun, kahween ogah..tooseen.
Bun Tense.
  It. Them. Negative.
I used to love it, nesahgetoonahbun, ..neen, kahween ne..toosenahbun.
thou used to love it, kesahgetoonahbun, ..neen, kahween ke..toosenahbun.
he used to love it, osahgetoonahbun, ..neen, kahween o..toosenahbun.
we used to love it, nesahgetoominahbun, ..neen, kahween ne..tooseminahbun.
you used to love it, kesahgetoonahwahbun, ..neen, kahween ke..toosenahwahbun.
they used to love it, osahgetoonahwahbun, ..neen, kahween o..toosenahwahbun.
Pluperfect Tense.
  It. Them. Negative.
I had loved it, ningesahgetoonahbun, ..neen, kahween ninge..toosenahbun.

  It. Them. Negative.
I would love it, nidahsahgetoon, ........ kahween nindah..tooseen.

  It. Them. Negative.
love it (or them), sahgetoon, ........ kago ..tookan.
let him love it, ogahsahgetoon, ........ kago ogah..tooseen.
let us love it, sahgetoodah, ........ kago ..toosedah.
love ye it, sahgetooyook, ........ kago ..tookagoon.
let them love it, ogahsahgetoonahwah, ........ kago ogah..toosenahwah.

  It. Them. Negative.
if I love it (or them), sahgetooyaun, ........ ..toosewaun.
if thou lovest it, sahgetooyun, ........ ..toosewun.
if he loves it, sahgetood, ........ ..toosig.
if they love it, sahgetoowaud, ........ ..toosigwah.

  It. Them. Negative.
I who love it (or them), suhyahgetooyaun, ........ ..toosewaun.
thou who love it (or them), suhyahgetooyun, ........ ..toosewun.
he who love it (or them), suhyahgetood, ........ ..toosig.
one who love it (or them), suhyahgetoong, ........ ..toosing.
we who love it (or them), suhyahgetooyaung, ........ ..toosewaung.
we who love it (or them), suhyahgetooyung, ........ ..toosewung.
you who love it (or them), suhyahgetooyag, ........ ..toosewag.
they who love it (or them), suhyahgetoojig, ........ ..toosegoog.
Bun Tense.
  It. Them. Negative.
I who did love it, suhyahgetooyaunbaun, ........ ..toosewaunbaun.
thou who did love it, suhyahgetooyunbun, ........ ..toosewunbun.
he who did love it, suhyahgetoopun, ........ ..toosigobun.

  It. Them. Negative.
whenver I love it, suhyahgetooyaunin, ........ ..toosewaunin.

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