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Ojebway Language:

A Manual for missionaries
and others employed among the Ojebway Indians
by Edward F. Wilson, 1874


The Article.

The definite article, as in other languages, points out a noun, and it is also used with proper names as a token of mark or respect. The animate article owh, plural egewh, is used with animate nouns; thus, owh enene, the man; owh kezha-muhnedoo, God; owh Peter, Peter.

The inanimate article ewh, plural enewh, is used with inanimate nouns, thus ewh múhkuk, the box; enewh múhkukoon, the boxes. (See Demonstrative pronoun)

There is no indefinite article. The object is simply mentioned alone, or with pázhig, one, a cetrain one; thus, a man, enene, or pázhig enéne.

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