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Familiar phrases
to facilitate conversation in the Indian language.
(Wikwemikong, 1872)


Writing system

Writing system used in this book is the old one used by French. As in Double vowel (Fiero) writing system every letter in it represents only one sound and is not used in any letter combinations, which could change it's pronounciation, except sh and ch letter combinations, which are pronounsed the same way as in English.

Writing system used in this book vs. Double vowel system.

System used in the bookDouble vowel system
aa, aa
ii, ii
oo, oo
There are some differences in consonants and letter combinations, which represent two connected sounds:

Since some Ojibwe consonats are some middle sounds between voiced and voiceless consonats (b-p, d-t, j-ch, zh-sh), in some systems voiced letters are used there where in others voiceless ones stand. In Fiero system voiced letters are preferred, but in old French system - voicelss ones. E.g. where Fiero system uses b, d, j, zh, old French system would usually prefer p, t, ch, sh, etc.


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