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Lesson 36


Wegonen noondameg? - What do you people hear?
Ma'iingan ninoondawaanaan - We hear a wolf.
Ginoondawaawaa na? - Do you people hear him?
Giwaabamaawaa na? - Do you people see him?
Ma'iinganag ninoondawaanaanig - We hear some wolves.
Ginoondawaawaag na? - Do you people hear them?
Giwaabamaawaag na? - Do you people see them?
Gigii-bii'aawaa na Joe? - Did you people wait for Joe?
Ningii-bii'aanaan - We waited for him.
Aandi gaa-bii'aayeg? - Where did you wait for him?
Bii'ig nimaamaa - Wait for my mother you people.
Aandi ge-bii'angid? - Where should we wait for her?
Gaawiin, ningii-bii'aasiinaan - We didn't wait for her.
Zhiishiibag ningii-waabamaanaanig - We saw some ducks.
Aandi gaa-waabamaayegwaa? - Where did you see them?
Awenen ge-mawadisaayang? - Whom will you and I visit?
Gookom giga-ando-mawadisaanaan - We'll go visit your grandmother.
Giga-ando-mawadisaanaaig gisayeyag - We'll go visit your older brothers.
Giga-bii'aanaanig na giniigiigoog? - Should we wait for your parents?
Aandi ge-bii'aayangwaa? - Where should we wait for them?


Let's look closer to 'we' and 'you plural'.

  • Vti verbs A form affixes for 'we' and 'you plural':

    we (exc)ni-(verb)-aamin/-minni-(verb)-aamin/-min
    we (inc)gi-(verb)-aamin/-mingi-(verb)-aamin/-min
    you plgi-(verb)-aanaawaa/-naawaagi-(verb)-aanaawaan/-naawaan

    B form for 'we' and 'you plural':

     it, them
    we (exc)(verb)-amaang/-yaang
    we (inc)(verb)-amang/-yang
    you pl(verb)-ameg/-yeg


  • Some vta verb forms used in this lesson:
    A form:
    him/her them
    we (exc) ni-(verb)-aannaan ni-(verb)-aanaanig
    we (inc) gi-(verb)-aannaan gi-(verb)-aanaanig
    you pl gi-( verb)-aawaa gi-( verb)-aawaag

    A form negative:
    him/her them
    we (exc) ni-(verb)-aasiinaan ni-(verb)-aasiinaanig
    we (inc) gi-(verb)-aasiinaan gi-(verb)-aasiinaanig
    you pl gi-(verb)-aasiiwaa gi-(verb)-aasiiwaag

    B form:
    him/her them
    we (exc) (verb)-angid (verb)-angidwaa
    we (inc) (verb)-ang (verb)-angwaa
    you pl (verb)-eg (verb)-egwaa

    B form negative:
    him/her them
    we (exc) (verb)-aasiwangid (verb)-aasiwangidwaa
    we (inc) (verb)-aasiwang (verb)-aasiwangwaa
    you pl (verb)-aasiwad (verb)-aasiwegwaa


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