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Lesson 32


Waazhgeshi ningii-nisaa - I killed a deer.
Waawaazhgeshi ningii-nisaa - I killed a deer.
Ningii-nisaa makwa - I killed a bear.
Ningii-nisaa mako - I killed a bear.
Niizh waazhgezhiwag ningii-nisaag - I killed two deers.
Ningii-nisaag niizh waaboozoog - I killed two rabbits.
Niizh waazhgezhiwaa' ogii-nisaa' nimbaabaa - My father killed two deers.
Nimbaabaa ogii-nisaa' niizh waaboozoo' - My father killed two rabbits.
Niswi nimbaabaa ogii-nisaa' waazhgeshi' - My father killed three deers.
Nimbaabaa ogii-nisaa' bezhig moonzoon - My father killed one moose.
Ogii-nisaan makwan - He killed a bear.
Ogii-nisaa' makwa' - He killed some bears.
Awenen gaa-nisaad onowe zhiishiipan? - Who killed this duck?
Awenen gaa-nisaad onowe zhiishiipa'? - Who killed these ducks?
Gigii-nisaag na? - Did you kill them?
Ogowe ininiwag ogii-nisaawaan zhiishiipan - Those men killed the duck.
Ogowe ininiwag ogii-nisaawaa' zhiishiipa' - Those men killed the ducks.
Nishi awe ginebig - Kill that snake.
Nishi igiwe ginebigoog - Kill those snakes.
Bangi eta go ningii-nisaag zhiishiipag - I killed just a few ducks.

New Words:

nis- - kill someone (vta)
waazhgeshi(wag), or waawaazhgeshi(wag) - deer
makwa(g), or mako - bear
waabooz(oog) - rabbit
moonz(oog) - moose
ginebig(oog) - snake


A number is usually placed before a noun, to which it is referred:

Niizh waaboozoog ningii-nisaag - I killed two rabbits.
Ningii-nisaag niizh waaboozoog - I killed two rabbits.


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