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Lesson 31


Aandi etegin gimazina'iganan? - Where are your books?
Aandi gaa-atooyan? - Where did you put it or them?
Adoopowining ningii-atoonan - I put them on the table.
Odaapinan imaa onji adoopowining - Take it or them off the table.
Odaapinan imaa onji - Take it or them from there.
Azha awiya ogii-odaapinaanan - Someone has already taken them.
Awenen gaa-odaapinang nimazina'iganan? - Who took my books?
Aandi eteg nimazina'igan? - Where is my book?
Awenen gaa-odaapinang? - Who took it or them?
Gigii-odaapinaan na? - Did you take it?
Ningii-odaapinaan - I took it.
Aandi ge-atooyan? - Where will you put them?
Aandi waa-atooyan? - Where are you going to put them?
Atoon iniwe mazina'iganan adoopowining - Put those books on the table.
Atoon adoopowining - Put it or them on the table.
Iwedi atoon - Put it or them over there.
Aazha omaa ningii-atoon - I already put it there.
Gaawiin imaa ningii-atoosiin - I didn't put it there.
Awenen omaa gaa-atood mazina'iganan - Who put the books here?
Awenen gaa-asaad omaa bakwezhigan? - Who put the bread here?
Niin imaa ningii-asaa - I put him there.
Adoopowining ningii-onji-odaapinaa - I took him from the table.
Aandi ebiwaad nizigarettimag? - Where are my cigarettes?
Aandi ebiwaad nindasemaasimag? - Where are my cigarettes?
Adoopowining ningii-asaag - I put them on the table.
Ningii-odaapinaag adoopowining onji - I took them from the table.
Aandi ebid nindasemaa? - Where is my tobacco?
Ningii-asaa nindasemaa adoopowining - I put my tobacco on the table.
Awenen gaa-odaapinaad nindasemaa? - Who took my tobacco?
Omaa ashi - Put him here. Put them (animate) here.
Omaa asig - Put him here, you people.
Omaa asikog - Put them (animate) here, you people.
Gigii-biidoon na wiyaas? - Did you bring the meat?
Awenen gaa-biidooyan? - Who brought it?
Wegonen waa-biidooyan? - What are you going to bring?
Omaa biidoon - Bring it here.
Gaawiin ningii-biidoosiin wiyaas - I didn't bring the meat.
Wegonen gaa-biidooyan? - What did you bring?
Bizh asemaa - Bring some tobacco.
Ningii-biinaa asemaa - I brought some tobacco.

New Words:

ate - it is there; it is in a place (vii)
abi - he is there, at home (vai)
atoo- - place it; put it down (vti)
as- - place him; put him down (vta)
odaapin- - accept it; pick it up (vti)
odaapin- - accept him; pick him up (vta)
biidoo- - bring it here; bring it (vti)
biin- - bring him here; bring him (vta)
asemaa - tobacco (animate)
zigarettim(ag) - cigarette
asemaasim(ag) - cigarette


  • The verb 'abi' means both 'be in a certain place (home)' and 'sit in a certain place'. The meaning is usually clear from a context.

  • The verb 'as-' also change 's' into 'sh' giving a command (as 'mawadis-'), but only for you singl. action towards him/them:
    ashi - put him/them down!
    asig - you people put him/them down!

  • The verb 'biin-' change 'n' into 'zh' giving a command to both you singular and plural:
    biizh - bring him/them!
    biizhig - you people bring him/them!

  • asemaa (tobacco) is animate as well as cigarettes! Tobacco is a sacred plant.

  • 'Awenen' and 'wegonen' with vti and vta verbs.

    1) 'Awenen(ag)' is animate so it is always about the person who performs an action.
    2) 'Wegonen(an)' is inanimate - it is always about an object of a vti verb.
    3) A question word for vta verb object is 'awenenan (awenena')' - obviative from 'awenen(ag)'.

  • Niin imaa ningii-asaa - I put him there.
    Niin (I) is used to emphasize a person who did the action, like: 'I, I put him there', or 'it was me, I put him there.'

  • Omaa and ima could be placed both before or after a verb. The difference is in nuances. The first word is more important to a speaker here:

    Omaa ashi - Put him/them here.
    Ashi omaa - Put him/them here.


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