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Lesson 30


Ninoodeyaabaagwe - I am thirsty.
Ginoodeyaabaagwe na? - Are you thirsty?
Ninoonde-minikwe - I want to drink.
Wegonen waa-minikweyan? - What are you going to drink?
Ishgodewaaboo niwii-minikwe - I am going to drink liquor/beer.
Niwii-minikwe - I am going to drink it.
Wegonen waa-minikwed giwiijiwaakan? - What does your partner want to drink?
Doodoozhaabo wii-minikwe - S/he is going to drink milk.
Wii-minikwe - S/he is going to drink it.
Doodoozhaabo noonde-minikwe - S/he wants to drink milk.
Wegonen minikweyan? - What are you drinking?
Nibi na giminikwe? - Are you drinking water?
Nibi niminikwe - I am drinking water.
Nibi eta go niminikwe - I am just drinking water.
Niminikwe - I am drinking (it).

New Words:

noodeyaabaagwe - he is thirsty (vai)
minikwe - he drinks, he drinks something (vai)
wiijiwaakan(ag) - companion, partner
giwiijiwaakan - your partner
ishgodewaaboo - liquor/beer (inanimate)
doodoozhaabo - milk (inanimate)
nibi - water (inanimate)


  • 'Minikwe' is a vai verb. But it is an exception from the rule. This verb can take an object, so it means both 'he drinks/is drinking' and 'he drinks/is drinking it'.

  • Liquids are inanimate nouns; they usually are not used with plural endings.

    Grammar note.

    Vai verb minikwe can take an object.


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