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Lesson 20 - Where from?


Aandi? - Where?
Aandi onji? - Where from?
Adaawewigamigong - At / in the store.
Adaawewigamigong izhi - To the store.
Adaawewigamigong onji - From the store.
Zaagiing - At Fort Alexander.
Zaagiing izhi - To Fort Alexander.
Zaagiing onji - From Fort Alexander.
Zaagiing nindani-izhi-giiwe - I am going home to Fort Alexander.
Mishgodeng ningii-onji-giiwe - I went home from the prairie.
Gaa-okoteg ningii-onji-giiwe - I went home from Winnipeg.
Zaagiing ningii-bi-onji-maajaa - I left Fort Alexander to come here.
Zaagiing ningii-onji-maajaa - I left Fort Alexander to go elsewhere.
Apatoon adaawewigamigong - Run to the store.
Adaawewigamigong ningii-apatoo - I ran to the store.
Adaawewigamigong onjibatoo - He is running from the store.
Oodenaang bi-onjibatoo - He is running from town in this direction.
Gii-onji-zaagijibatoo adaawewigamigong - He ran out of the store.
Asiniing inaadagaan - Swim to the stone.
Aazhoganing gii-izhi-bagizo - He swam to the bridge.
Aazhoganing onji-bagizon - Swim from the bridge.
Asiniing bi-onji-bagizon - Swim from the stone to this direction.
Aandi wenjiiyan? - Where are you from?
Zaagiing nindoonjii - I am from Fort Alexander.
Nimbaabaa gaye Zaagiing onji - My father is from Fort Alexander also.
Besho na gidayaa? - Do you live near by?
Aandi gibaabaa eyaad? - Where does your father live?
Waasa omaa onji-ayaa - He lives far from here.
Gaawiin mashi ningii-izhaasii adaawewigamigong - I didn't go to the store yet.
Endaayaan daga izhaadaa - Let's go to my house.
Adaawewigamigong nii-izhaa akawe - I want to go to the store first.

New Words:

aandi onji - where from
onji- - from there
izhi- - to there
onjii, or onjibaa - he is from there; he comes from there
mishgode - prairie
Zaagiing - Fort Alexander
Gaa-okoteg - Winnipeg
apatoo - he runs
zaagijibatoo - he runs out
onjibatoo - he runs from
inaadagaa - he swims (there)
asin(iig) - stone
aazhogan(an) - bridge
gaye - and, also
waasa - far
gaawiin mashi - not yet
akawe - first; first of all (time sequence)


  • izhi- and onji- are preverbs, and are added to verbs, not to nouns.

    1) Zaagiing nindani-izhi-giiwe - I go home to Fort Alexander (Fort Alexander 'i-there-to-go.home'.)

    Ani- indicates that Fort Alexander is there and i'm currently not in that place.

    2) Waasa omaa onji-ayaa - He lives far from here. (Far here 'from-he.lives').

  • Onji and izhi may also stand after place names to indicate direction if there are no verbs in the statement:

    Adaawewigamigong izhi - To the store.
    Zaagiing onji - From Fort Alexander.

  • Ojibwe verbs can take lots of different preverbs. The verb apatoo (he is running there) occurs in this lesson with several preverbs, which change its meaning and thus form new words:

    onjibatoo = onji- + apatoo.
    zaagijibatoo = zaagiji- + apatoo, zaagiji- means 'out', 'outside'.

  • onjii - is a verb meaning 'he is from a certain place', or 'he comes from a certain place'.

  • daga (please, come on) it often used with 'let's' in Ojibwe.

    Endaayaan daga izhaadaa - let's go to my house.
    Daga ojibwemodaa! - let's speak ojibwe!

  • nii-zhaa - I want to go, I will go (ni+wii=nii)


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