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Lesson 19 - Where are you going?


Aandi ezhaayan? - Where are you going?
Adaawewigamigong ninizhaa - I am going to the store.
Aandi ezhaad gabaabaa? - Where is your father going?
Aandi ezhaad? - Where is s/he going?
Oodenaang izhaa - S/he is going to town.
Aandi ezhaawaad igiwe gwiiwizenzag? - Where are those boys going?
Aandi ezhaawaad? - Where are they going?
Gikino'amaagewigamigong izhaawag - They are going to school.
Oodenaang izhaadaa - Let's go to town.
Adaawewigamigong izhaan - Go to the store.
Aandi bi-onji-ayaayan? - Where are you coming from?
Aandi bi-odoseyan? - Where are you coming from?
Aandi wendoseyan? - Where are you coming from?
Adaawewigamigong nimbi-onji-ayaa - I'm coming from the store.
Endaayaan bi-izhaan - Come to my house.
Oodenaang na gidizhaa? - Are you going to town?
Oodenaang izhaa nimbaabaa - My father is going to town.
Oodenaang izhaawag nimiseyag - My older sisters are going to town.
Aandi gaa-izhaayan bijiinaago? - Where did you go yesterday?
Oodenaang ningii-izhaa - I went to town.
Aandi eyaad gigozis? - Where is your son?
Aandi gigozis eyaad? - Where is your son?
Adaawewigamigong ayaa - He is in the store.
Oodenaang ayaa - He is in town. 

New Words:

adaawewigamig(oon) - store
izhaa - he goes
gikino'amaagewigamig(oon) - school
onji- - from there
odose - he walks from there; also: ondose
endaayaan - at my house, home
oodena(wan) - town 


  • Aandi in Ojibwe means 'where'. To say 'where from', or'where to', you need to add preverbs:

    aandi bi-onji-ayaayan - where are you coming from? (literally, where here-from-are-you.)

    Bi- (here, move towards the speaker) and ani- (there, away from the speaker) always precede onji- (from there) and izhi- (to there).

    Instead of bi-onji-ayaayan you may say bi-odoseyan. Odose (walk from) already contains 'from' in it.

  • If a verb starts with o- (odose), in content questions o- changes into we- (wendoseyan).

  • An answer could be be just one word:

    Aandi eyaad gigozis? - Where is your son?
    Oodenaang. - In town.

  • Endaayaan - means "at my home". It is a participle of a verb daa (dwells somewhere):

    endaayaan - at my home
    endaayan - at your (singl) home
    endaad - at his home
    endaayaang - at our (exc) home
    endaayang - at our (inc) home
    endaayeg - at your (pl) home
    endaawaaad - at their home


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