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Lesson 14 - Questions During A Conversation


Aaniin ekidoyan? - What did you just say?
"Wegonen iwe" nindikid - 'What is that' I said.
Aaniin gaa-ikidod awe inini? - What did that man say?
"Ambe omaa" gii-ikido - 'Come here' he said.
Aaniin gaa-ikidoyan? - What did you say a while ago?
Aaniin waa-ikidoyan? - What are you going to say?
Aaniin ge-ikidoyan? - What will you say?

New Words:

omaa - here
ambe omaa - come here


Past and future prefixes in content questions also change their form.
The past prefix gii- changes into gaa-.
The future prefix wii- changes into waa-.
The future prefix da- is used only referring to 's/he' and 'they'. With 'i' and 'you' another future prefix is used - ga-:

da-anokii - he will (definitely) work
ninga-anokii - i will (definitely) work
giga-anokii - you will (definitely) work

In content questions both ga- and da- change into ge-.

When past and future prefixes are used with words, starting in i- or a-, only the prefixes change their form in content questions:

aaniin ekidoyan? - what did you just say? what are you saying?
aaniin gaa-ikidoyan? - what did you say?


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