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Ojibwe Drills 2


he sees a house - waakaa'igan owaabandaan
he sees a lake - zaaga'igan owaabandaan
she sees a flower - waabigwan owaabandaan
she sees a door - ishkwandem owaabandaan
he sees a river - ziibii owaabandaan
she sees a cloud - aanakwad owaabandaan

he sees a stone - asiniin owaabamaan
he sees a tree - mitigoon owaabamaan
she sees a cat - gaazhagensan owaabamaan
she sees a dog - animooshan owaabamaan
he sees a horse - bebezhigooganzhiin owaabamaan
she sees a feather - miigwanan owaabamaan

's/he sees ...' for inanimate words is owaabandaan. for animate words 's/he sees ...' is owaabamaan.
animate words used with 's/he sees ...' take one of these endings: -iin, oon, -an, -wan, -n.

* * *

he sees a table. this is a table. - adoopowin owaabandaan. adoopowin wa'aw.
he sees a road. that is a road. - miikana owaabandaan. miikana o'ow.
she sees a chair. this is a chair. - apabiwin owaabandaan. apabiwin wa'aw.
she sees a book. that is a book. - mazina'igan owaabandaan. mazina'igan o'ow.
he sees a window. that is a window. - waasechigan owaabandaan. waasechigan o'ow.
she sees a ball. that is a ball. - bikwaakwad owaabandaan. bikwaakwad o'ow.

he sees a stone. this is a stone. - asiniin owaabamaan. asin wa'aw.
he sees a deer. that is a deer. - waawaakeshiwan owaabamaan. waawaakeshi a'aw.
she sees a wolf. that is a wolf - ma'iinganan owaabamaan. ma'iingan a'aw.
she sees a star. that is a star - anangoon owaabamaan. anang a'aw.
he sees a bird. that is a bird - bineshiinyan owaabamaan. bineshiinh a'aw.
she sees a car. this is a car - odaabaanan owaabamaan. odaabaan wa'aw.

* * *

the book is blue. - ozhaawashkwaa i'iw mazina'igan.
the leaf is green. - ozhaawashkwaa i'iw aniibiish.
the flower is red. - miskwaa i'iw waabigwan.
the shirt is white. - waabishkaa i'iw babagiwayaan.
the bag is a black. - makadewaa i'iw mashkimod.
the jacket is yellow. - ozaawaa i'iw babiizikawaagan.
the pants are brown. - ozaawaa i'iw giboodiyegwaazon.

the bird is blue/green. - ozhaawashkozi a'aw bineshiinh.
the horse is brown/yellow. - ozaawizi a'aw bebezhigooganzhii.
the cat is white. - waabishkizi a'aw gaazhagens.
the dog is a black. - makadewizi a'aw animoosh.
the maple is red. - miskozi a'aw ininaatig.

words for colors are verbs in Ojibwe.

* * *


the table is brown/yellow. - ozaawaakwad i'iw adoopowin.
the ball is red. - miskwaaminagad i'iw bikwaakwad.
the birch bark is white. - waabishkiigad i'iw wiigwaas.
the boat is blue. - ozhaawashkoonagad i'iw jiimaan.
the cliff is black. - makadewaabikad i'iw azhibik.
the rope is green/blue. - ozhaawashkwaabiigad i'iw biiminakwaan.

the tree is green. - ozhaawashkwaakozi a'aw mitig.
the apple is red. - miskwaaminagozi a'aw mishiimin.
the stone is black. - makadewaabikizi a'aw asin.

words for colors sometimes differ depending on material and form of an object.
wooden objects take /-(aa)kwad/ (inan.) and /-(aa)kozi/ (anim.) endings.
ball-like objects take /-minagad/ (inan.) and /-minagozi/ (anim.) endings.
mineral or metall objects take /-(w)aabikad/ (inan.) and /-(w)aabikizi/ (anim.) endings.
string-like objects take /-(aa)biigad/ (inan.) and /-(aa)biigizi/ (anim.) endings.
sheet-like objects take /-egad, or -iigad/ (inan.) and /-egizi, or -iigizi/ (anim.) endings.
boats take /-(oo)nagad/ ending.

* * *


(hope to be continued)


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